The Pattern Should Be Self-Evident


Nearly everyone who has ever suffered thru public school bullying is amply qualified to weigh in whenever they become eyewitness to the onset and metastasization of similar sickening scenarios.

In my own case, from fourth thru eighth grade (inclusive), my public school system’s principals and teachers unwittingly(?) indulged my tormentors; hell, even laughed off my reports of their verbal and physical assaults; pooh-poohed all of this antisocial behavior as what? A mere extracurricular activity? An acceptable rite of passage?

My gawd, one teacher, Mrs. L., in lieu of sternly lecturing and punishing my tormentors, even had the freakin’ gall to suggest that I was, somehow, at fault; hence her dismissive, unsympathetic admonishment, “It takes two to make a fight.”

The one and only thing that these “educators” had taught me was how incredibly simple it had been for nearly an entire, overly impressionable, sycophantic student body to mutate into a bully idolizing, private army that was ready, willing and able to always do their ringleaders’ bidding; i.e., attack me.

By the by, that I have been able to make it nearly two hundred words into this post without typing the worst obscenity known to humankind, namely, Donald J. Trump, does not diminish, in the least, the existential threat that effing bully is to my homeland and our entire world.

The pattern, here, should be self-evident, namely, how incredibly simple it has been for nearly one half of an overly impressionable, sycophantic voter base to mutate into a bully idolizing, private army that is ready, willing and able to always do ringleader Trump’s bidding; i.e., attack America.

While the following conclusion doth qualify as a “well duh” moment, it is still worthy of mention.

Every time an insufferable bully goes unpunished, he becomes further emboldened.

In Trump’s case, his base simply laughs off his indecorous, barbarous, felonious and treasonous conduct; e.g., his 01/06/21 deadly, destructive and disloyal act of fomenting insurrection. His ongoing stranglehold on nearly 1 out of 2 members of the American electorate, is all too real and that doth not bode well. The resultant, perhaps irreparable, psychological damage he inflicts could easily batter society into submission.

Unless / until citizens wise up, rise up PEACEABLY to flat out defy Donald J. Trump, and I mean damned soon, I can only question whether or not my blogging here, at WordPress, is even sustainable any longer.

Why bother when such pleas for help go unheeded, or worse yet, get laughed off?


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Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!