No, I’ve Not Forgotten How To Blog


Much has changed within our mucked up world since this American blogger first set up his soapbox / podium @WordPress five years ago.

Stateside, alone, well over One Half Million KNOWN Souls (537,000 as of my posting time) have needlessly succumbed to Covid-19. Had Donald J. Trump not chosen to deliberately downplay the pandemic; not politicize / stigmatize masking up, he could’ve prevented much of this heartbreaking, tear-stained, totally avoidable human suffering and death.

Then came Election Day, November 3, 2020. That’s when 74,216,154 cultists / voters (in spite of that death toll) still deemed their brainless, valueless, soulless, shameless, feckless, reckless idol the best man to run the nation; opted to reward that narcissistic bastard for what? A job well done?

Even when we, the 81,268,924 clearheaded voters, duly defeated Drama Queen Donny, his bruised ego would not permit him to believe the elementary school level math. Instead of delivering a dignified concession speech, he threw a squalling hissy fit and deployed a squadron of his unscrupulous mouthpieces to present his flimsy, riddled with flat out lies case; even to judges, whom he had appointed (inclusive of Supreme Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett). In well over sixty courtroom proceedings, these judges all, rightfully so, told him to F off.

Then came America’s darkest day, January 6, 2021. That’s when, in a last ditch effort to fraudulently maintain his chokehold on power / illegally prevent the Constitutionally mandated Congressional Certification of his opponent’s Electoral College victory, Dumb Donald, the President of the United States of America fomented insurrection; publicly ordered his private army of domestic terrorists to attack the United States of America; to go on a destructive and deadly rampage at the U.S. Capitol.

Soooooo,… March 6, 2021 has now come and gone. That was two months, to the day, since Donald J. Trump’s (fortunately) failed coup d’état. In any other time in American History, he’d have not only been instantly impeached, convicted and removed from office, by now, he would’ve also wound up imprisoned or institutionalized.

But, no such punishment has occurred and, in all likelihood, never will. Hence, Trump, the ever-present threat to American Liberty and Democracy, remains free to seek a second term.

So, what now? Throughout insufferable Trump’s four year long term, he had set the POTUS bar so low that it’s doubtful that his successor, Joe Biden (beyond his rolling out of the Covid-19 mass inoculations) will even try to accomplish anything else that’s substantive and enduring. Hell, our new President has already broken / watered down several campaign promises, which, had he kept ‘em, could’ve helped us commoners begin to patch together our pandemic ravaged and ruined lives.

Truth be told, today’s Democrats don’t even know what to do with power when We the People bestow it upon them. So, WTF good is any of that squandered empowerment?

Worse yet, Biden foolishly believes the Bogeyman Trump Strategy to be the best way to frighten voters into keeping the White House, U.S. House and Senate in Democratic Party hands.

Soooooo… what will go down come Election Day 2024? Well, while it’s unlikely that Democrats and Indies will wind up flocking to the polls to reelect Dumb Donald, what will happen is too many of us will wind up sitting out that election cycle and, lo and behold, Dumb Donald will win by default.

And should Trump lose again? Well, we’ve already seen what his domestic terrorists are fully capable of.

In any eventuality, America is heading down the rocky road to ruin. In the words of AC/DC, that’s better known as the Highway to Hell!

While, obviously, I’ve not forgotten how to blog, upon factoring in all the above societal and political concerns, I’m not so sure I even want to slog thru any of this shit anymore.

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!