Has Joe Made the Grade?


Were I a teacher evaluating President Joe Biden, what would his first Report Card look like? Check it out:

“A” in Science (for his securing and efficiently distributing the COVID-19 vaccines)

“A” in Penmanship (re his signed Executive Orders that dump Trump’s F’d up EOs)

“D” in Poly Sci (re his broken campaign promise to raise the minimum wage to $15)

“I” in Sociology (re the Mexican border mess, which too closely resembles Trump’s)

“I” in Abnormal Psychology (for not consistently demanding gun control legislation)

“C” in Psych 101 (for not reining in the Senate Democrats who act like Republicans)

“D” in Constitutional Law (re his not insisting on the bust up of the Senate filibuster)

[“I” = Incomplete]

Of course, seeing how drop out Donald had set the expectations bar at rock bottom, we’re damned lucky Joe hasn’t opted to just follow in his predecessor’s footsteps; i.e. becoming a golfing, TV binge watching, pigging out on junk food, couch potato who occasionally flicks on the Oval Office light switch and, somehow, refrains from eating paste.

Eating paste? WTF does that mean, I hear you ask?

Well folks (and I swear to God this is a true story) back in the 1960s, my public school system’s kindergarten teachers actually Report Card graded their students on whether or not they scarfed down art supplies. BTW, I never had a taste for paste.

But, all levity aside, were I to suddenly become a school counselor, I’d offer America’s new leader the following advice.

Mr. President, while bipartisanship is admirable, average voters don’t actually give a F if you offend snowflake, obstructionist (f)lawmaker Trumpers. There’s absolutely no point to sucking up to these empty-headed, empty suits, inclusive of the variety who, to this very day, still live vicariously, thru THEIR heroes; the psychotic January 6th insurrectionists; you know, those who figuratively and quite literally shitted up the U.S. Capitol.

These alleged legislators never have and never will see our nation and world through learned, rational eyes. I mean, do you honest to God expect these F’d up F Students, whose denial of Science has, so far, morphed 561,000 Americans into Covid-19 ghosts; whose hatred for Constitutional Law has threatened to burn down America, to gather around your camp fire to tell ghost stories while harmlessly roasting marshmallows?

My gawd, even were they to sing Row Row Row Your Boat in such a venue, that’d be a glaring hypocrisy considering how whatever they espouse can and will leave America up the creek without a paddle!

Joe, you were a U.S. Senator from 1972 – 2008, so you gotta know, fully well, the filibuster must go. Hell, that F-word (backdated to slave nation America and utilized to preserve that grotesquely inhumane status quo) is not (thank God) even part of the U.S. Constitution. The “nuking” of that seething with white supremacy, piece of shit rule is not only long overdue, it’s also imperative; i.e., if you ever want your admin to accomplish anything substantive and enduring.

Look, man, if you possessed just 10% of that Republican “my way or the highway” attitude, you’d rapidly flush all that disgusting fascist fecal matter which Trump dumped into your Oval Office desk inbox. Or, to state that more positively…

You’d soon be enacting vital to America’s survival legislation; laws that would unequivocally stand for liberty, equality, justice, voters’ / workers’ / LGBTQIA rights, a living minimum wage, Medicare for all, gun control (all could live with), unprejudiced cops, humane immigration policies and (last but not least) a cleaner greener world.

That could ALL be for us; for posterity. We could transform our nation into something that’d even exceed our Founding Fathers’ greatest expectations.

Think of it this way, Mr. President…

There are very few average Jane and Joe voters (even inclusive of the Trumpers) who would not reelect you were you to, bare minimum, offer permanent, full-time, living wage jobs with a robust benefits package.

And once the Republican legislators learned from your example; i.e., how to make and keep us, the uncommon commoners, content, instead of your needing to make nice with them, maybe, just maybe, they’d realize it’s high time to make nice with you?

Mr. President, do take to heart all the above.



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