Roadwork Leads To Roadblocks?


A WordPress friend, who I follow and who follows me, recently mentioned that my posts have not been appearing in her Reader. To an already barely noticed blogger, such as moi, platform failures of that nature can be devastating.

Worthy of mention, too, is the recent, ongoing “roadwork” being done on the WordPress portion of the information superhighway; so far, mere cosmetics to modify, here and there, background hues. Yawwwnnn.

So, might this “roadwork” also be setting up “roadblocks”; such as this Reader issue?

If not, another type of roadblock does come to mind; namely, the intentional suppression of notions, opinions, impressions, feelings, etc.

In one word: Censorship

I do hope that’s not the case, for if so, the follow up questions become:

  • Where does the oppression originate?
  • Within the bowels of an authoritarian régime? Or two? Or more?
  • Or, might this issue be rooted in more localized, virtual soil?

When the free flow of ideas fails to function like an easy access two way street, all sorts of speculation can surface; inclusive of the variety that makes it sound as if each speculator is long overdue for the fitting of his/her tin foil hat.

Hey, it can happen when communication is wanting.

Or more to the point, if there are anticipated, deleterious, technical side effects, why doesn’t the “road work” crew just say so, right?

I mean, this blog site, by it’s very nature, is supposed to be communicative.

Yes? No? Maybe?


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