America’s Return To Normal

Of late, my homeland’s head of state has been scratching his head; wondering: Why do so many (too many) Americans continue to flip off the proven SAFE and EFFECTIVE, absolutely FREE OF COST, Covid-19 vaccines? Why do they so easily rebuff the aired and streamed, slickly crafted / choreographed, smiley faced, Public Service Announcements, which are supposed to sell the BIG PROMISE; namely,… cue the drum roll / rim shot…


Admittedly, there’s been insufficient time, wherewithal and staffing to comprehensively psychoanalyze the crap out of vaxxing’s paradoxical, flummoxed state of affairs. Ergo, at best, any attempts to do so will be limited to our gut trusting abilities. With all that in mind, let’s try running the following theory up the flagpole to see if it’ll fly…

• Could vaccine hesitancy, in part, be contact traced to the BIG PROMISE, itself?

These days, just WTF does “normal America” stand for? Alas… long exasperated sigh… in part…

• The (so far) too little / too late attempts to rein in climate change; the consequent destructive, deadly, frequently freakish weather patterns. Left unchecked, as early as 2050, such forces could render our world uninhabitable.

• The autocratic, avaricious Trumper Republicans; who only rise and stay in power due to their validating their base’s bigotry and enacting / enforcing illegal voter suppression laws (Jim Crowism, Gerrymandering, etc.)

• A gilded government of, by and for the obscenely wealthy; all at the expense of the middle class which has been rapidly plunging into poverty; the already impoverished class which has been getting their virtual atoms ground into the asphalt.

• An armed to the teeth, gun sick society; inclusive of seething with racism, swaggering with power, judge, jury and executioner cops slaughtering anyone with a melanin content exceeding lily white AND psycho snipers hellbent on shooting up houses of worship, school houses, workplaces, etc.

• The freak show cult, which still believes snowflake / flaccid Donald J. Trump’s flat-out, unsubstantiated lies about widespread voter fraud; namely, his domestic terrorists, who, back on January 6, 2021, on his behalf, had attempted to overturn free, fair elections and, in the process, overthrow the United States of America and forever install DJT’s fascistic régime. Left unchecked, at the mere drop of a red MAGA hat, these traitors will attack again.

Well, folks, a return to normal, SUCH AS THAT, will never serve as the impetus for folks to vaxx up. The need to do so will have to come from within each of us. Granted, long sigh, my parting pep talk will come across as simplistic, even a bit corny, but, the oft paraphrased maxim, “Where there’s life there’s hope” can become decent folks’ rallying anthem.

And speaking of decent folks, even the late Stephen Hawking incorporated that wisdom, thusly…

“However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

Hey, even unspoken, such a sentiment did serve as the January 6th phrase that pays.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!