Mere Stickers / Masks Trigger Right


Hey everybody, let’s all set a spell to spell out the prob; i.e., call out a particular, peculiar, persnickety, pissed off x-prez’s pernicious plot to promote propaganda that’ll prop up the programming of his patsies.

Wow, there’s so much “P” in that lead paragraph, perhaps, we should go the urinalysis route?

Anyway, we are speaking of that palavering putz who’s prone to preen before his boudoir vanity’s luridly illuminated looking glass; i.e., the distorting carnival mirror situated dead-center within his very own, self-made, mucked up multiverse.

Yep, ever since Election Day / Night 2020, that has-been has been fabricating fake news, which (as I type and you read these words) is still persuading his pawns, puppets and pigeons to go-off-the-deep end; to giddily take the plunge into his disgusting, dystopian cesspool.

Q: So, what’s the more sensible bystander to do?

A: Well, for starters, we must better understand how our persevering (albeit precariously) hinges upon presenting / prolonging our own low profiles.

Q: How low must we go?

A: In actuality, we’ll be going the high road route. Unless we’re “reading” the duped as hardcore, powder kegs, simply humoring simpletons can work wonders.

Q: How so?

A: Be aware of the visuals which, typically, trigger their rage.

Q: Such as?

A: Stunningly, it’s oft the teensy tiniest of issues; the type that require only easy-peasy remedial actions; to flesh all that out…

PROBLEM #1: This encompasses Donny’s ongoing Big Lie; i.e., his barren of all evidence, sorry-ass allegations that absentee ballots led to widespread voter fraud; thereby denying him reelection. His not being (unconstitutionally) reinstated as prez can only further upset them.

SOLUTION #1: We must never revel in American Democracy; i.e., don our “I Voted” and “I Voted Absentee Ballot” lapel stickers to remind Donny’s dense devotees that Democrat Joe Biden, fair and square, won the presidency.

PROBLEM #2: Those of us who are still wearing our pandemic masks to help save the lives of our world’s billions of still unvaxxed souls (btw, be we vaxxed or unvaxxed, we can still shed and spread the coronavirus and its variants).

SOLUTION #2: It’d behoove us all to to brush up on our self-depricating humor. Let’s say that a forever Trumper goes ballistic. We should trot out our own Big Lie such as this one-liner:

  • Hey, I’m simply beautifying America by not exposing my ugly mug.

If that one falls flat on its face, try uttering this utter nonsense.

  • Hey, you gotta agree that masks make it tougher for dem damn Dems to identify us.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!