Cannabis Connoisseurs: Heads-Up!

It’s High Time To Vote!


Seeing how…

  • President Biden has freed folks imprisoned for mere pot possession
  • The Stateside 2022 midterm elections are now one mere month off…

That leaves us with these key questions:

  • Will the cannabis connoisseurs’ celebratory clouds clear away in time?
  • At least long enough for this clique to cast their appreciative ballots?
  • More to the point, will they even remember that it’s high time to vote?

In the balance is how Planet Earth and Democracy could go up in smoke!

All wordplay aside…

Be We, the U.S. citizens, voting via either absentee ballot or in person, the deadline for submitting our completed ballots is Tuesday, November 8th. What’s crucial, here / now, is our correctly assessing each candidate’s temperament and intentions.

The Definition of Political Characters:

Lest We ever forget, the two-pronged goal of most Republican candidates (in particular, the peculiar Trumpian tools), is the amassment of untold power and accumulation of incalculable filthy lucre; none of which shall ever be used for constructive purposes; e.g. working towards the prevention… correction… working towards the mitigation of catastrophic environmental collapse. For, indeed, it’s already too late to totally prevent this from going down.

And tho 2022’s Democratic candidates, by and large, frequently fall short of what we do expect… correction… must demand of our leaders, for the time being, they’re all we’ve got left; and as such, they must emerge victorious.

Here’s why…

Post 2022’s Election Day: IF Trumper Republicans manage to TAKE OUT both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, for the next two years, bare minimum, Biden can count on his vetoing pens constantly running out of ink.

Even worse… Joe’s foes are already chomping at the bit to trump up charges against him; to hand him his political ass on a platter; to boot his butt out the White House rear door (and they’ll likely ditto this impeachment / removal process re VP Kamala Harris, too); such unnecessary, unjustifiable ousters all downward spiraling to…

Post 2024’s Election Day: The above-mentioned machinations will facilitate Donald J. Trump’s re-entrance (from stage far, Far, FAR RIGHT) into the world’s spotlight. And once he TAKES OUT the White House, again, whatever is left of America will rapidly degenerate into HIS intolerable theocratic, fascistic régime.

Post (Future) Election Days: HUH? What Election Days? Seeing how Trump had flat-out refused to accept that We the People of the United States of America had, rightfully so, handed him his sorry ass, we can assume that he’ll never, ever accept the U.S. Constitution’s two presidential terms and out stipulation.

Even worse… It’d be Trump’s own MAGA minions’ domination of the U.S. House, Senate and Supreme Court, that, in THE END. would crown him an irremovable tyrant; allow him to oppress the masses even once his throne eventually morphs into his death bed. And even then,, we could not totally escape that ass’s asphyxiating chokehold; i.e., seeing how, by then, he’d have bastardized the presidential line of succession; thereby empowering his bloodline, exclusively.

Such a sucky outcome would render the key question:

Sans a freedom-based America, how long will our global family be able to thrive, let alone survive?

The utterly unlikable answer:

Once Trump copycats, worldwide, hold up MAGA america [sic] as their paradigm EITHER their myopic politics / economics OR Climate Change catastrophes will lay waste to their homelands (whichever disaster overcomes humanity first).

Today’s message, especially to my voting Stateside compatriots…

It’d appear that (within our regrettable two party ONLY system) Democrats, flaws and all, are our only hope to resuscitate / reinvigorate Mother Earth and Lady Liberty.




Be humans Vaxxed OR Unvaxxed, We
can still shed and spread the batcrap
crazy contagious coronavirus which,
in turn, spawns new variants; which,
in turn, could, eventually, render the
available vaccines worthless; which,
in turn, will drag out the pandemic’s
needless suffering, illness and death!

HENCE… this easy as pie, cover your
nose and pie-hole/hole-up heads-up:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







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