Smooth Jazz (Sunday Song Series)

There’s one driving experience that seems to be as universal as the red octagonal stop sign. That’d be our winding up behind the Sunday driver, who’s going 32 kph (20 mph) below the posted speed limit. And all the while that ol’ double yellow line just keeps on reminding us that we’re navigating an “interminably” long stretch of winding, mountainous terrain.

Of course, were we to have Motown Moe’s smooth jazz playing over the auto sound system… oh… say… finding his aptly named track, Sunday Driver, adding some stress mitigating ambiance to that above paragraph’s scenario?

Well… would we even mind taking life at a slower pace… for awhile… be it on a Sunday or any other day?

Sunday Driver appears on Motown Moe’s May 2020 released album, The New Normal. And, btw, it’s a.k.a. our Week #106 stopover during our ongoing journey thru the vast realm of Sunday titled songs.

If you’ve found this week’s travels enjoyable, how about headin’ back here… seven days from now? Till then…

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Honest Indie-Pop (SundaySongSeries)

Our Week #105 stopover, within the vast world of Sunday titled songs, finds us visiting “The Big Apple”… East Love’s home base. Today these recording artists will be performing the aptly titled Sunday Afternoon. Their website will fill in more details re the musicians and their music.

“East Love is an indie-pop group based in New York City. Band members include Lukas Effman (lead vocals), Rob Fink (guitar, vocals), Alex Goldstein (ukulele, bass, vocals), Andy Koehler (keys), and Austin Deyo (drums). Lukas, Robbie, & Alex Goldstein have been playing together since their high school days, and they all teamed up to form East Love when they moved to New York City in late 2012. East Love is focused on writing, recording, and performing honest music – both from a lyrical and instrumentation standpoint. The band weaves in pop influences, but always keeps the music grounded in real instruments and lots of vocal harmonies.” [More Info Here]

Our musical journey resumes 7 days from now. Hope you’ll be back at that time. Till then…

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Sunday Song Series’ 2nd Anniversary!

Surfaces, fronted by founders Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki are at their Sunday Best whether they’re performing, on stage, at Seth Meyer’s NBC studio 8G or in their official music video.

As seen in our clip, above, this electro-pop ensemble made their 03/02/2020 late-night television debut on Meyers’ talk show, scant days before the pandemic became everybody’s worst nightmare come true.

As for our clip, below, YouTube posted on 07/10/2019, keep an eagle eye as the 1:50 mark nears… the workplace break room scene… where the refrigerator magnet held sign is titled: “Stop the Spread of Flu”. Talk about foreshadowing, huh?

Within the vast realm of Sunday titled songs, Sunday Best has been our Week #104 stopover; which also means that our ongoing musical journey has just reached its 2nd anniversary! Year 3 begins 7 days from now! Till then…

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CC’s 3-D POV (Sunday Song Series)

Without coming across as inordinately preachy, Canadian country music songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Chris Cummings, repeatedly, cleverly, lyrically laments about an issue, which few theologians seem to ever openly address… namely…

How attendees of memorial services, at times, don’t really know why they’re there. Some don’t even know that they don’t know. As such, would they even have a prayer of ever finding out?

Today’s selection, Sunday Best, is a.k.a. our Week #103 stopover within the vast realm of Sunday titled songs.

Our musical journey is far from over. I hope to welcome you back, here, seven days from now.

Till then…

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Sinatra’s Week (Sunday Song Series)

He’s Sinatra. What else need one ever add, save to say, his rendition of Sunday aptly becomes our Week #102 stopover within the vast realm of Sunday titled songs… and…

Our next musical destination awaits us… seven days from now…



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R.I.P. Trini Lopez (Sunday Song Series)

Singer / guitarist / recording artist Trini Lopez, 83, passed away this past Tuesday, August 11, 2020 (due to COVID-19 complications). His professional career had spanned 1959 thru 2020.

I first became aware of his limitless musical artistry, proficiency and energy… way back in 1963… when radio jocks were playing his lively, chart topper hit interpretation of If I Had a Hammer… courtesy of station CKLW’s (Windsor, Ontario), 50,000 watt, broadcast tower.

Mr. Lopez’s cover of the Manos Hadjidakis compostion, Never on Sunday (first sung by Melina Mercouri in the film of the same name), becomes our Sunday Song Series’ Week #101 selection… now playing out in this BlogCast and beaming all across the www… courtesy of WordPress’ powerful blogging platform.

Although music aficionados, worldwide, feel saddened, we can take comfort in knowing that the vast discography, which superstar Trini Lopez has bestowed upon humanity, will shine on in perpetuity.

You’re cordially invited back for our next Sunday Song… seven days from now.


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Ordinary Things Mean So Much (Sunday Song Series)

Preface: To give full credit its due, the above headline abridges just one of many lyrical sentiments, which breathe life into this day’s featured musical selection. Such well chosen words emphasize the value of The Ordinary during the extraordinary times we’ve been trying to survive.

Scant days ago, Brett Eldredge, released Sunday Drive, which, in turn, now becomes our musical tour’s Week #100 stopover.

To assist our exploration within the vast realm of Sunday titled songs, composers Barry George Dean, Don Mescall and Stephen Paul Robson will guide us through Sunday Drive’s passage thru time where, ultimately, we’ll witness (for some of us re-witness) the heartwarming, inevitable, intergenerational baton hand-off in the relay race of life.

Can’t speak for everyone, but, never before, have I so strongly identified with… been so thoroughly moved by such storytelling. Our music video’s sights and sounds unexpectedly teleported me back to my own bittersweet memories of family Sunday drives through our rustic hometown… memories of the cranked down windows’ whooshing gusts almost palpable. I commend my father for doing his very best to utilize his 1953 Ford as “the vehicle” to scare off the boredom and blues, which oft travel hand in hand with a bare bones way of life.

That bygone era’s 30¢ per gallon gasoline had certainly made our bonding experiences a bargain and well worth the trip.

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Augustana in August (Sunday Song Series)

How apropos to feature San Diego, California’s Augustana, on this first weekend in August. Even though the etymological connection is hazy, at best, at least the wordplay is cool.

Much cooler, is this band of indie rockers’ mellow track, Sunday Best, composed by Daniel Layus, Jared Palomar, Josiah Rozencwajg and Justin South. This selection is a.k.a. the Week #99 stopover on our musical journey through the limitless, diverse realm of Sunday titled music.

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Welcome to Jess Ray’s World (Sunday Song Series)

The opening scene from Jess Ray’s video, finds the singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist situated out-of-doors, where she’s making her motionless, silent stand on the shoreline… riveting her far off gaze into infinity… perhaps, seeking some meaning to humankind’s recently redefined existence.

These days, it’s safe to say, most of us can empathize tout de suite.

And then…

Just like Jess, with nowhere else to go, we, too, find ourselves resuming the shelter-at-home mode which, for now, is our one best hope for saving humanity. We, who wait patiently, know that the clear, secure and permanent path back to our once-upon-a-time, semblance of normalcy will appear… someday…

Till then…

Let’s virtually invite Ms. Ray into our homes to perform Sunday Afternoon… track #11 from her February 2019 album, PARALLELS + MERIDIANS… which is a.k.a. Week #98 of our genre spanning, virtual, veritably limitless, exploration of Sunday titled songs.

If you should find this day’s journey to your liking, rest assured, if the keeper of the universe permits, we can and will travel down this road again… seven days from now. *

Till then…

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Sunday Postmeridian Post (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to Week #97 of our ongoing journey into the world of Sunday titled tracks. This week, singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Rachael Yamagata, via voice and strings, unpacks her views re her not so sunshiny, Sunday Afternoon life.

The above clip showcases her performance. However, via the linked, somewhat lengthier clip, we can all virtually share in her wilderness trek / Sunday drive out to the middle of nowhere… join her as she searches for a good place to forget the bad place, which she hopes to leave behind.

If we all manage to return, in time, to our own unenviable realities, we can meet up back here for yet another musical journey… 7 days from now…


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