Meet Mr. Greedy, Mr. Grimy & Mr. Groper (99 Word Blog #075)


Once upon a time King Grump conferred with his royal advisors… Misters Greedy, Grimy and Groper.

Mr. Greedy advised Grump to continue wallowing in dirty money generated by his dirty corporations.

Mr. Grimy counseled Grump to continue dirtying up his kingdom with the dirty, pollutant byproducts generated by his dirty corporations.

Mr. Groper recommended Grump indulge in some “playtime”, too… keep on being a dirty old man, who degrades and objectifies every woman, whose life (and body) he touches.

Eventually, this greedy, grimy, groping, male chauvinist King irreparably mucked up his entire empire’s economy, ecology and society.

The End!


History’s New Dividing Line… B.T. & A.T. (99 Word Blog #074)

My encyclopedia publisher sells yearbooks to update my 25-volume, A-Z set. However, their 2016 edition, which should’ve been shipped out in March ‘17, arrived before ‘16 is even over.

This book’s content confirms they’d gone to press mere days after America’s November elections!

Disappointed with this ten-month “yearbook”, I could’ve returned it but, instead, mailed in my payment. Why?

Because, intentionally or inadvertently, the editor has brilliantly established history’s new dividing line thusly…

Before Tyranny | After Tyranny

BTW, I won’t be buying future yearbooks. Why not?

There’ll be no future once tyranny’s chokehold devastates America and our world.

Oh… To Be Multilingual! (99 Word Blog #073)

As public school first grader, I had the honor and privilege of being taught by a woman who not only spoke fluent English and Spanish but also was eager to teach both languages to everyone in her classroom.

At my highly impressionable age, my wide-open mind was soaking up her every word.

When the closed-minded, local Board of Education caught wind of this, they were outraged… said they…

“Americans only speak English and we don’t need no one [sic] confusing our students.”

Regrettably, these ignoramuses rendered me monolingual… now prevent me from enjoying WordPress bloggers posting in languages foreign-to-me.

Lean ‘n’ Mean Tweets (99 Word Blog #072)

This ten-year blogging veteran realizes short posts are more popular. Via my 99 Word Blog experiment, I’ve been striving to use the least words to say the most.

I wouldn’t dare attempt this within the constraints of 140 character Tweets.

Regrettably, Tweets are one particular demagogue’s MO.

While finding common ground with him re political, socioeconomic, scientific and ecological issues is virtually impossible… can’t we agree that Twitter is NEVER the proper forum for him to be engaging in nuclear saber rattling?

At best, Twitter is merely the venue to draw attention to one’s lengthier, more judiciously worded posts.

Guess Who (99 Word Blog #071)

Once upon a time there lived a small, closed-minded boy. Although fully aware he’d soon be expected to pass the most arduous tests he’d ever been confronted with, he flipped off dozens of brilliant, worldly tutors, who were all eager to share their wealth of wisdom.

Rather than study, he squandered his time. He morphed into a hypercritical, bleary-eyed zombie, who binged watched late night TV… ceaselessly vented his psychotic outrage in cyberspace over trifling matters… staggered aimlessly about his homeland ISO the adulation of likeminded, mindless folks.

Come the day of the tests he flunked out.

The End.

Article 5 Could Deep 6 U.S. Constitution (99 Word Blog #070)

The rightwing-dominated media has brainwashed whatever voters have yet to succumb to apathy. These “voters” then foolishly elect Republicans, who (to ensure the GOP’s power proliferates and metastasizes) continue gerrymandering (redrawing) state legislative district boundaries… making it damn near impossible to elect Democrats and Indies.

2016’s elections have ratcheted up their subversive plot… netted Republicans a Federal chokehold (Executive – Legislative – Judicial branches) and granted them ownership of 32 state legislatures and 34 governors’ mansions.

A couple of election cycles from now, the GOP could reach Article V’s threshold of 38 states required to amend kill the U.S. Constitution.

Nobody Will Be Minding The Store (99 Word Blog #069)

Considering how America’s prez-elect has been selecting from the dregs of society ISO asses, who’ll be warming the departmental chairs of his totally inept and corrupt administration… this raises one key question.

Why bother?

Since he doesn’t shive-a-git about maintaining world peace, cleaning up the environment, keeping Wall Street banksters in check, stopping hate crimes, maintaining Americans’ health, educating our young… neither will his appointees.

Doncha get it?

There’d be very little difference between his appointed cronies showing up for “work” and nobody showing up at all.

The elimination of their titular positions could at least save tax dollars.

Yo Donald! Please Deport Me, Too! (99 Word Blog #068)


ATTN: Mister Trump!

My parents’ parents immigrated to America… Mama’s folks were Yugoslavians… Papa’s folks were Croatians.

That makes my parents only first generation, born and raised Americans… makes me only a second generation, homegrown American.

There’s also reason to believe some of our ancestors were of the Jewish Faith… had passed themselves off as Christians to avoid the persecution of boneheaded bastards… such as you.

Now… getting to the whole point of this open letter…

After Inauguration Day… once you start purging America of folks who clash with your Master Race motif… would you please deport me, too?


99 Word Blog (#067) A Revolting Trump Fanatics’ Revolt?


Donald Trump is easily angered and emotionally compromised.

How would his devotees, sporting similarly unstable dispositions, react to Trump losing and refusing to concede?

Their revolting, pre-Election Day activities provide us clues… e.g., they’ve flaunted their guns to intimidate Democratic Party campaign volunteers, early voters and even… I kid you not… kids.

Worse yet, Wisconsin’s Sheriff David A. Clarke has tweeted that it’s “pitchforks and torches time.”

While we weren’t present to see America’ birth… we just could wind up witnessing its death.

Does my saying so make me a sensationalist or soothsayer? We’ll know soon after Election Day.

99 Word Blog (#066) An Election Day No Win Scenario


Donald Trump… WIN or LOSE… could easily wind up the biggest threat to humankind, who has ever (allegedly) walked on two feet.

If Trump Wins… then a simple majority of simpletons will’ve written a blank check to that morally bankrupt, billionaire bully… empowered a serial sexual predator and Klansman… will’ve unleashed a rampaging political monster who’ll promptly burn America down… to the ground.

If Trump Loses… his heavily armed, sorehead loser supporters could easily go berserk… pour out into the streets on their vengeance seeking, take no prisoners, blood splattering rampage and promptly burn America down… to the ground.