Postmortem of the Post Entitled “HELP!”

Intriguing how a blog entitled “HELP!”, which hit the www 9 hours ago, has netted a scant 2 VIEWS and 1 LIKE. One would think that an effort to further expose a Fascist’s machinations / intrigue… i.e. his ongoing overthrow of the very nation he took an oath to preserve, protect and defend… would attract, at least, a couple more onlookers?

• Might such an outcome indicate that the Absolute Dictator, in question, has Absolutely NOTHING to worry about?

If so, my homeland’s people have MUCH to fear and worry about!

• Maybe fear accounts for the blogosphere’s roaring silence?

Granted, the actual original blog’s content is not LIKE-able. Even so, one would think folks would LIKE the attempt to dispatch a MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! message across the www.

• Might the world’s freedom loving masses’ silence be akin to this reminder to us / the U.S.?

“When an absolute asshole abuses power, you can expect him to drop his drawers, squat and take a dump. So, don’t come whining to us! You broke your damned nation! You fix it!”

• Obviously, the obscurity of this website, for the most part, is to blame.

Most assuredly, that’s my fault, not yours! Beyond that, I’ve not been sitting here for the past 4+ years deluding myself into believing that much of what I’ve been saying means much of anything to anyone. BTW, that’s my Reality Check… NOT my cue to the tiny violins to add a woe is me soundtrack to this post.

RE the lack of response to “HELP” and the anticipated similar reaction to this follow up Post Mortem post:

• Bitter I am not. Beleaguered would be a more apt term.

If (IF?) the feared overthrow has actually arrived, those who fail to fall in line will incur that cur’s wrath and can expect retribution. Under such grim circumstances, I would not expect to be blogging much longer. Needless to say…

• Dead men do not blog.

• On the bright side, such a death would liberate me from an insufferable autocrat’s Hell on Earth.

BTW, that aforementioned Fascist Bastard is the one who’s ISO mindless praise… not I.

In parting… I take this opportunity to remind all of the liberated people, who may still remain in the world…

• Take a lesson from the once great America… the America now in ruins. Never take anything for granted. In the days ahead, in all of your words and deeds… please… guard sweet freedom with your very lives! Life without Liberty is not Life at all.

One of America’s Founding Fathers, Patrick Henry, summed it up best…

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”







Last Sunday’s Brainteaser Solution


Two days ago, I challenged my socially isolating compatriots (who might be ISO new ways to help wile away the hours) to decode an encrypted adage. As promised, here’s the solution:


If a Priest prefers to preach to pews packed with people, while
a powerful pathogen precipitates and perpetuates a pandemic,
to prevent a premature powwow with Pearly Gatekeeper Peter,
the parishioners should promptly Put the Pastor out to Pasture!


So, did anyone attempt to solve it? If so, did you succeed?







Four Years (So Far)

01/21/16 was my moving day into the WordPress neighborhood.  I no sooner published my first blog than I trashed it and logged out… not to return until 03/03/16, when I posted my second first blog.

That’s why I’m celebrating my 4th Anniversary today.

My eternal appreciation to WordPress (for providing the platform) and to you (for deeming my posts worthy of your attention). 





My Holiday Posting Plans…


Having caught the blogging bug way back in June ’06 (over @Tom Anderson’s MySpace), the only reasons for my not being @WordPress on Christmas Eve / Day, would be [1] tech woes, [2] Orwellian detention, [3] debilitation [4] sudden death.

However, owing to my [1] deference due the Caretaker of the Cosmos, [2] my reverence for the ancient account of Mary and Joseph’s whereabouts / un-stable lodgings on (or around) December 24th and 25th and [3] their purportedly pivotal roles regarding the Blessed Event of any Millennium

I hereby proclaim that throughout tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll be refraining from posting new political content… especially stuff which dwells on the duly disgraced Donny. Oh, I might make an exception if (IF?) he doth something inordinately deplorable and/or dense… i.e., if there’s a tale to tell, which could not possibly “keep” until the 26th.

But… oh… what a wonderful world it would be if, during those same 48 hours, the White House Whiner-In-Chief would refrain from posting political content, too!

Maybe if we hope / pray really hard…

• Trump’s Tweets will not exceed his from the heart (what heart?) “Merry Christmas”… i.e., the very phrase he insists that even non-Christians wish each other.

• Donny will finally spend some quality time to actually get better acquainted with his nuclear family. Hmm… how is it that I can practically envision his spouse and offspring needing to wear those stickers that say, “Hello… my name is ____________!“

So, what would be their chances for a genuine, wholesome, family reunion… ala Currier and Ives… one that the guru of gracious living, Martha Stewart, would endorse?

Alas… to keep this all real, some families are so dysfunctional they ARE beyond repair.

Hmm… perhaps an intervention could do the trick… oh… say… courtesy of a Dickensonian trio of ghosts?







My From the Heart Thanks


I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks and welcome aboard to 22 of my WordPress neighbors who, over the course of this summertime (wintertime if you dwell south of the equator), have started following my blog.

I’d also like to wholeheartedly thank, once more, my neighbors, who’ve been paying me virtual visits throughout all the years I’ve been dwelling within this wonderful WordPress community.

My further gratitude to all who’ve been deeming my content likeable and, at times, even comment worthy.

While I’d find it preferable to express such sentiments by connecting to you in an individual manner…

I must also deal with realities, which make it medically unwise for me… actually for any of us… to remain sedentary for prolonged online visits.

And visits can run far longer than expected, too, because I am oft battling daily connection problems… perpetrated by an ISP that feels little commitment to living up to the “P” part of that acronym. Funny how there’s no connection problem when they “provide” me their monthly bill (ha-ha… I think).

Although online related complications can limit me… dictate what I cannot do… it’s my can-do spirit that will never limit my commitment to blogging out informative, useful and, maybe, even entertaining content that will live up to and may, someday, even exceed your expectations.

Since I cannot say this enough… once more… my from the heart thanks to you all.



Priceless Friendships That Last a Lifetime


I recently became aware of a post bannered with (to say the least) an unnerving headline. It may’ve been clickbait… but… I opted not to click.

Not when that large font lure’s own words were promising methods to “boost your (web) traffic” and “destroy the competition”.

“destroy the competition”

True, I may be unfairly judging the book by the cover, but to take this all at face value…

• Since when has blogging become a cutthroat, crass, what’s-the-bottom-line-here, business venture?

• Why would legitimate businesspersons… either online or brick and mortar… ever deem the hostile takeover approach viable?

• Why would decent webmasters / CEOs ever denigrate their clientele to lowly commodity status?

To momentarily play devil’s advocate… to reduce this down to the so-called almighty buck… considering a WordPress / Interwebs audience numbering in the hundreds of millions, are there not enough “consumers” to go around?  Would that fact, in itself, not assure peaceful co-existence within the business world?

Were I to ever buy into that cold, calculating / conniving “destroy the competition” mindset, I would hope there would be one milligram of decency left within me… that my conscience would tell me it was high time to click my site’s self-destruct button.

I’d never view my readers / followers as mere web traffic and… worse yet… as faceless, stick-figure, held captive consumers. In my head and heart, they shall forever remain breathing, hearts beating, caring, creative, liberated souls. I am eternally grateful that they’re willing to spend precious moments out of their busy day-to-day lives to read, view and listen to my content.

Wealth must never be measured in mere dollars and cents. Be our relationships personal or business, we profit the most in the formation of priceless friendships that last a lifetime.



An Unfinished 47 Movement Sunday Symphony


This post is to shamelessly promote a musical adventure, which began way back on Sunday, September 16, 2018. As a tour guide, of sorts, my premise has been straightforward. To present Sunday titled / themed songs each and every Sunday… music which [1] taps into the vast multitude of human emotions / moods, [2] knows few, if any, boundaries re genres and eras, [3] embraces cultural diversity, and [4] presents both secularism and an occasional, non-preachy religious perspective.

At the outset, I had expected our journey… at best… to last a couple of months. Well… that was 11 months ago. Since a long run had not been my intent, I hadn’t foreseen the possibility of accessibility issues arising.

Ergo, to make locating the Movements to our Sunday Symphony more user friendly, this early Sunday a.m., I decided to take on the tedious tech task of sorting through nearly 700 of my past posts to create an entirely new site category, which I’ve titled:


BTW, my added “1” designation was just to ensure this new category would top off the Categories menu located off to the right side of my homepage.

To all who click onto 1-SundaySongSeries… while scrolling down, you’ll find (in reverse chronological order) a smorgasbord of musically tasty treats to choose from. As of 08/04/2019, here’s a list of each post’s featured recording artist / song selection…

47. David Bowie ~ Sunday
46. Now United ~ Sunday Morning
45. Cosmonauts ~ Party At Sunday
44. Blur ~ Sunday Sunday
43. Harry Roy Orchestra / Marjorie Kingsley ~ Sunday, Monday or Always
42. Ralph Vaughan Williams ~ Seventeen Come Sunday
41. Raconteurs ~ Sunday Driver
40. VALNTN & Naliya ~ Sunday Love
39. Sonic Youth ~ Sunday
38. Vern Gosdin ~ A Month of Sundays
37. Don Henley ~ A Month of Sundays
36. Mannheim Steamroller ~ Sunday Morning Breeze
35. Joni Mitchell ~ Sunny Sunday
34. Jessica Simpson ~ You’re My Sunday
33. Edward Meeker ~ Every Day Will Be Sunday When the Town Goes Dry
32. Dorothy Love Coates ~ Every Day Will Be Sunday
31. Doors ~ Blue Sunday
30. Oasis ~ Sunday Morning Call
29. Foo Fighters ~ Sunday Rain
28. U-2 ~ Sunday Bloody Sunday
27. Kris Kristofferson / Johnny Cash ~ Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
26. Sia (Kate Isobelle Furler) ~ Sunday
25. Peter (Halsten Thorkelson) Tork ~ Pleasant Valley Sunday
24. Doobie Brothers ~ Another Park, Another Sunday
23. Joe Jackson ~ Sunday Papers
22. Neil Diamond ~ Sunday Sun
21. Duke Ellington / Mahalia Jackson ~ Come Sunday
20. Denise Van Outen ~ Tell Me on a Sunday
19. Morrissey ~ Everyday Is Like Sunday.
18. Craig Morgan ~ That’s What I Love About Sunday
17. No Doubt ~ Sunday Morning
16. Velvet Underground ~ Sunday Morning
15. Yppah (Jose Luis Corrales Jr) ~ Never Mess With Sunday
14. Stone Temple Pilots ~ Naked Sunday
13. Blondie ~ Sunday Girl
12. Bat For Lashes ~ Sunday Love
11. Queen ~ Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
10. Maroon 5 ~ Sunday Morning
09. Laura Nyro / Patti Labelle ~ I Met Him on a Sunday
08. Etta James ~ A Sunday Kind Of Love
07. Peter (Asher) & Gordon (Waller) ~ Sunday For Tea
06. Natalie Cole / Nat King Cole ~ That Sunday, That Summer
05. Cashman, Pistilli & West / Spanky & Our Gang ~ Sunday Will Never Be The Same
04. Daniel Boone ~ Beautiful Sunday
03. Peppermint Rainbow ~ Will You Be Staying After Sunday
02. Oliver (William Oliver Swofford) ~ Sunday Morning
01. Carole King ~ Pleasant Valley Sunday





Is That All There Is?


I hesitate to even type in that four-letter-word that begins with “sp”. Suffice to say…

This platform’s bloggers are already all too aware of the “comments” huckstering athletic shoes and Rx drugs to cure ED and nasty infections / STDs. Yet, I’ve got to ask…

1. Are not these products already readily available?
2. Is there really that great a need for this stuff?

If so, that’d certainly paint a bleak portrait of humanity. I mean… there’s got to be more to life than…

1. Jogging to the Pharmacy to buy “get frisky” meds
2. Catching the carnal flu
3. Jogging back to the Pharmacy for the cure





Thoughts While Traveling Down The Internet / “Interstate”


Hey WordPress! You have my gratitude. Why? Because 3+ years ago, you pulled off to the shoulder of the Internet / “Interstate” to offer this ex-MySpace blogger / hitchhiker a free ride and rent free home.

You have my admiration, too (re your survival instincts). It’s a no-brainer. Advertising revenue, alone, cannot fully prop up this platform. Consequently, you must make up for real / anticipated shortfalls by sales-pitching your visibility enhancing site plans / upgrades. In other words… you’ve been asking blogger moochers… such as moi… to show you the moola.

You have my regrets, too. You see, for the moment, I cannot buy into what you’re selling… on two levels…

1. My own survival instincts are telling me to limit discretionary spending.
2. My own common sense is telling me that a blogger, who barely averages one “like” per post just might not have any business being here in the first place.

Let’s discuss this further…

It takes far more than pricey website do-dads, bells and whistles to generate web traffic. To regularly attract the “likes” and comments from loyal readers, a blogger must post life enriching, inspirational / entertaining content.

If those basic benchmarks prove elusive, there likely are more serious problems, afoot, which no mere wave of the WordPress magical wand can ever solve. Sorcery can never pretty up what could very well be banal, boring and even depressing content.

More to the point… why upgrade the crap out of a site, today, if one’s crappy blogs will still be crap tomorrow… unread crap… unliked crap and devoid of comments crap.

Sure, I’d like to believe that my own site’s invisibility is due to being buried, alive, by the other, estimated 70 million per month, WordPress posts (btw, that’s a 2014 stat). But even if that’s my only problem, it would still be a daunting task for the virtual backhoe to dig me out from beneath that virtual Mt. Everest, sky-high “stack”.

Hey WordPress! You have my suggestion. I’m not exactly sure how this would work… or even if it would work… but… perhaps you could figure out some morale boosting freebie plan especially designed to promote promising and faltering bloggers. You could select and prominently feature their posts on a special website (working title?) This Week’s Top 100 Best Blogs That Nobody Ever Sees. Were our popularity to increase, so would consumer confidence. Translation: More moola for you when we respond favorably to your future sales-pitches.

You have my parting commentary, too. My having three decades of retail sales and management experience under my belt, I know what the true entrepreneurial spirit is supposed to be all about. To effectively, consistently sell a product or service, a salesperson must create a real or perceived need in each customer’s mind. However… bumming customers out in the process is a no-no. To be sure, this WordPress sales-pitch is a bummer. Sowing the seeds of blogger discontent in this manner… in this man’s mind… can only mess up my long struggled for and hard won peace of mind. Or, more to the point… you’ve been unduly challenging my long held concession that [1] it’s not always possible for all bloggers to achieve overnight success and [2] some of us never will.

You have my challenge, too. Prove me wrong. While I continue to pour my heart out in my blogs, guide me down to the first toll booth on that “Interstate” / Road to Success. If I’ve got a van full of “passengers”… maybe even one or two more vans tailgating me… I’ll be willing to buy into your visibility enhancing site plans / upgrades.