“Exhuming” E-Buried Time Capsule Blogs


One reality, common to most blogging platforms, is everything gets archived chronologically. That means that, unless visitors have tons of time to browse, extensively, through a site’s archives and/or categories sections… far too often, a blogger’s favorite past posts do wind up languishing in obscurity. That’s akin to burying blogs in a time capsule.

True, WordPress does make “re-blogging” possible… but why take up the extra space?

My solution is to add a new category. I’m labeling it “A-Graded Past Posts”. Admittedly, to have thunk up such a title may suggest there’s an inflated ego in play. Even so… nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that since everything winds up in alphabetic order, too, to situate this new category’s title near the top of my list, it needed to start with an “A”.

My game plan involves perusing my two years+ “deep” archive… to locate the blogs I wish to add to my new category.

If you wind up reading this blog within minutes of my posting time, you might only find this post. But rest assured, within the next ten minutes, you will find at least one past post… and I will be adding a few more in the days and weeks to come.

My launch of this new category will not only “exhume” my favorite blogs but make them more readily accessible to you… saving you considerable time… time better spent actually reading them!

As always, I am humbled by the mere notion that… with each click of that rectangular shaped, aqua hued PUBLISH button... my outward rushing thoughts attain the speed of light to span the globe… to interact within the minds of readers who I’ve already met… and readers who I’ve yet to meet.

I appreciate and welcome you all!




Pathetic PR Produces PO’d Patrons 


Incident #1: Bad Automotive Motives! Two decades ago, my car’s AC had conked out. Fortunately, one of the dealership’s mechanics, a man named Art (who could’ve been a member of an Indy 500 pit crew), quickly got me back on the sweltering, summertime road. Unfortunately, upon closer examination of my bill, I discovered I’d been charged for TWO hours of labor even though I knew fully well the mechanic had taken only half that time.

Suspecting a clerical error, I returned to have a talk with the service manager, who explained that… Art’s efficiency notwithstanding… it was customary to assess labor charges based upon the industry-set standards. This was so wrong on at least two levels.

[1] Art wasn’t idle during that hour he had saved for his boss. He promptly moved on to his next repair assignment, and that customer also got overcharged… and so on and so on. [2] The dealership’s swindle the customer policy was thumbing it’s collective nose at loyal customers. Case in point… my father, sister and I had purchased a total of five cars from them.

Even though this dealership has since changed ownership, whenever they service my car, my mind automatically flashes back to this incident. The only reason I go back there stems from my suspicion that auto repair ripoffs are also an industry standard.

Incident #2: Toxic Radio-Activity! Ten years ago, my local NPR affiliate had entered the final hour of their weeklong, fall pledge drive. Their station falling tens of thousands of bucks shy of their goal, the on air staff had promptly gone into panic mode… their fundraising tactics devolving into tackiness and offensiveness. They were practically equating non-contributers to lowlife deadbeats. True, nobody had actually uttered that D-word, BUT, their implication hadn’t even needed their transmitter to be heard loud and clear.

What they had failed to realize was how they were begging for money against the backdrop of 2008’s global, financial meltdown… while many of us were prIoritizing our own bottom lines over a public radio station’s. Since they had implied I was unwelcome… well… for the longest time… their guilt trip had caused me to totally stop listening to them.

Another thing they had failed to consider was how economic woes oft, eventually, go away. And then what? Would the listeners they had told to get lost even be around to hear their future pledge drive appeals? One wonders, too, whether or not the folks they had intimidated into contributing were even able to make good on their pledges?

Incident #3: WordPress Peer Pressure! Recently, a fellow blogger began bombarding his followers’ Readers with his posts offering his FOR A FEE, Mr. Know-It-All / Mr. Fixit services. His claims were that [1] once we ponied up, we’d soon attract multiple thousands of adoring followers and attain the blogosphere straosphere AND [2] sans his help, we’d remain clueless flounderers. Folks… NOBODY… and I mean NOBODY… not even a masochist… ever wants to be demeaned in that way… especially on a daily basis.

To sum up these three incidents… savvy businesspersons ISO $$$ understand that [1] they (literally) cannot afford to offend either actual or potential consumers… [2] people never take kindly to shoddy treatment… [3] pissed off people have long memories… and oft take to the www / log in to social media sites… to vent their grievances… as my post amply demonstrates.


Mountaintop Blogging Gurus (Part 2)


While this blog can stand on its own two feet, if you’d like to read the original, related post click here.

Something happened this morning that I’ve never done on WordPress. I un-followed someone. But not just an ordinary “someone”.

Purportedly, he is one of those walk on water, “blogging gods”. As such, within each of his posts, he incessantly brags that multiple thousands of followers are finding his website irresistible. He then attempts to capitalize on his status as the means for selling his services to his followers. Reading in between the lines of his sales pitch, he’s practically saying…

You are in the presence of god’s gift to the blogosphere. Cough up your hard earned money and you, too, can achieve that exact, same ‘eat my dirt’ status.

While I wish most online businesses prosperity, I find unabashedly boastful proprietors to be irritating… and unworthy of my patronage. Bragging is only acceptable when it takes on the form of genuine, unsolicited, clientele testimonials… i.e., when… IF… a businessperson has actually bettered a customer’s life.

While every blogger does hope for success, I find that dwelling excessively upon achieving such a goal counterproductive to the true blogging spirit. It robs all the joy and fun out of the entire experience.

Of course… one does have to wonder… beyond the cold, impersonal data found on the WordPress statistics page… is that man’s blog site really flourishing?

Additionally, how can he reconcile his success story with one of his other, oft repeated posts…

Ever since his computer has died, he’s been presenting his “oh woe is me” blog where he’s holding out his virtual tin cup and begging everyone to buy him a new one. Yep, he’s been shamelessly asking for donations from his followers (“even if it’s just one dollar”).

While I could accept such an appeal from starving musicians, authors and artists… and more importantly… from charitable causes… e.g… those which feed the starving and/or provide aid to the infirm… I do draw the line at con artists.

Of course, whether or not he actually is a con artist… well… whether or not he realizes it… his tactics to do tend to paint that portrait of him.

Even if he’s unworthy of that characterization, this still raises the questions…

Is he not concerned how his panhandling could easily undermine his “as good as gold” image?

Can website businesspersons even claim modest success if their fees cannot cover their operating expenses… inclusive of buying new equipment whenever needed?


Mountaintop Blogging Gurus: Sagacious or Avaricious?


Perhaps my 4 websites and 12 years, to date, blogging creds don’t qualify me to comment… especially since I’m still an obscure blogger… BUT… what the hell… somebody has to call into question the motives of the so-called, robed, living in rarefied air, mountaintop, blogging gurus… i.e., those who claim fame can be well within our reach… uh… for a “nominal” fee!

Indeed, these pros don’t even bother to hide the dollar signs flashing in their eyes. Their typical sales pitch goes something like this…

If you pay them “X” amount of bucks, you will be entitled to participate in their boot camps… where they will unlock all the mysteries of the blogging universe… whisper into our ears the secrets to attaining the blogosphere stratosphere… lecture us from a slew of their “how to” manuals, which will teach us HOW TO blog… HOW TO overcome writer’s / blogger’s block… HOW TO choose appealing topics… no doubt… even HOW TO properly dust off the screens of our devices and manicure our fingernails!

If they’re providing spelling, grammar and punctuation tutorials, I suppose that could be helpful. But, what about what truly matters… e.g., creativity and passion? That comes from the head and the heart… that comes from life experiences… none of which can ever be drilled into you by any boot camp, drill sergeant / commandant.

Even if you’re not finding blogging easy, don’t give up. In the immortal words of NIKE™, “Just do it!” Blog only one paragraph…. even one sentence… hell, busy WordPress readers oft prefer brevity. Just keep on posting and maybe, someday, you’ll find your niche… maybe you won’t. There is no right or wrong here.

Bottom Line Time… succumbing to the materialistic, regimented HOW TO approach can only suck the life force from bloggers… and worse yet… suck the money from wallets, too.

Folks, instead of pissing away your hard earned bucks on some boot camp, why not invest that money on some fun, real world experience and then blog about it!

Sans any robe and mountain top perch, I’m now going to share some observations… and I won’t even charge you one penny. What makes a website popular oft defies logic. I’ve heard of people flocking, in droves, to a long ago webcam website… just to track the daily progress of a growing cornfield. As for what makes a particular blog popular? Beats the hell out of me! In my own experience I’ve even received 3 Likes for THIS BLOG… and my readers… that’s three more LIKES than on many of my other posts… many of which I’ve spent far more time on.

There is one inescapable truth. The blogosphere is so vast that it’s inevitable that millions of us… through no fault of our own… will never achieve fame and glory.

And you know what? In spite of my past posts where I’ve groused about the lack of blog response, I’ve now gotten to the point in my life where I don’t give a damn anymore! If fame happens it happens… if it doesn’t it doesn’t.


Hello… Is there anybody out there?


Greetings and welcome to my blogging home. So, what type of blogger am I?

Well… ofttimes, my prose, poetry and musical BlogCasts address society’s urgent need to establish human dignity and equality, honest even handed governance and solid environmental stewardship. If we are to survive as a species, all of these components must become integrated into our hometowns, homelands and entire home world.

Of course I’m not locked into this serious MO, exclusively. There are times I can and do blog just for the fun of it.

Either way, my writing typically features strong lead sentences so… regardless of whether you’re surfing/searching, scrolling and/or selecting from my specific menus… you’ll be able to quickly determine whether you wish to continue reading… or not.

If you happen to find my content likable, click onto those “Like” and “Follow” buttons and, if so motivated, post your comments, too. Your interaction and honest, constructive evaluation are vital. How else will I ever become a better blogger?


Thank-You WordPress Followers!

200 Follows!


In the Grand Scheme of Life, Quantity is not all that meaningful.

Quality IS what makes both the WordPress and Real World go ’round!

You, my 200 WordPress followers are the personification of Quality.

I see this Q-force in all your posts, too!

My heartfelt Thank-You to you all!

My Thanks, too, to those who check out my posts but don’t follow! 

In the days ahead, I’m sure the limitless power of that Q will apply to all who I’ve yet to meet, as well.

While I wish this blog’s companion video could’ve been a bit less gender specific, the overall sentiments of gratitude are what really matter.

Thank-You India! Thank-You Everybody!

I could not let one more day pass without thanking all of my friendly, www readers / followers, who’ve been taking precious time out of their busy lives to check out my blogs.

While you do have my undying gratitude… wherever you hail from… in this post, I’ll be shining my spotlight directly upon those who call India their homeland.

Hence, my reason for honoring you with that above video… one which features a superbly sung rendition of your emotionally moving National Anthem. btw… everyone else is welcome and invited to continue reading.

You see, throughout the 2+ years that I’ve been blogging @WordPress, it’s been your presence (at the considerable sum of 924 visits), which I’ve found stunning. This means that ONLY one other nation… my American homeland (to the tune of 2,575 hits) is… statistically speaking only… ahead of you. And even that latter figure is likely exaggerated since I’m reasonably sure that my own visits are getting included in that tally.

Even though I don’t normally obsess over cold, calculating WordPress provided data, these numbers have given me cause to pause… to reflect and expand upon them. There IS a far deeper significance here… the inestimable power of our www connected lives.

My having been born decades before the birth of the Internet, for the first 50 years of my life I would’ve never believed it possible that this injury sidelined, financially fettered American would ever be mind melding with so many people… so far away.

Perhaps younger generations might take all of this for granted? Maybe even good-naturedly chuckle over someone being so easily impressed? Nonetheless this “old geezer” is WOWED and believes, with all his heart, that my one click away, high velocity, virtual travels… to whatever destinations I choose within our vast world… have been… and shall continue to be… an extraordinary life experience… a journey I hope to continue until the day I take my last breath.

And I do want you, the good people of India… as well as anyone, anywhere else, who may’ve stuck around… to know that I also deem the information superhighway to be a two way street. I’ve been immensely enjoying my visits to your websites, where I can count on finding a robust, culturally diverse, mind melding, soul touching wealth of your inspirational prose, poetry and other works of art.

I could go on but… as I did mention at the outset of this post… your time is precious. Ergo, I now close out this post with my simple, but sincere, Thank-you India! Thank-you Everybody!