Donny’s Donnybrook: The Day After


I’ve heard that Donald J. Trump didn’t prepare much for his first debate with Joe Biden.

Then again, why would he even need to?

Not when he’s got a lifetime of bullying experience to draw on. Hell, bullying is likely a dominant gene that gets backdated to the toxic Trump family’s earliest knuckle-dragging caveman epoch. You know, when his militant, mutant ancestors were swimming in the gene pool’s shallow end; sloshing around in the spoiled, stale, leftover primordial soup. But let’s not digress excessively.

Since the know-nothing / do nothing worthwhile / good-for-nothing Trump has been running roughshod over America, right from the onset of his odious admin, why would anyone expect him to treat Biden any differently?

Seeing how Donny could not even begin to wrap his warped mind around the relevant to voters issues; could not tackle such problems, instead, he opted to tackle Joe.

Consider Biden’s Catch-22 options last night…

• If Joe allowed his opponent to monopolize the debate, Trump campaign ads would portray Biden as beta male or worse; e.g., feebleminded, timid and unable / unprepared to lead.

• If Joe walked off the stage, early on, opportunistic, deceitful Donny would’ve spent the remaining time mutating his abysmal job performance and lack of leadership into an asset; a free of charge, campaign ad. And the Trump campaign ads to follow would portray Biden as cowardly; (once again) unable and unprepared to lead.

• And seeing how Joe DID fight back; even told Donny to “shut up”, Trump campaign ads WILL portray him, at the very least, as argumentative and disrespectful.

Looking back, my being a “survivor” of grade school bullying, I do know, from first hand experience, what I’m talking about.

Looking ahead, I don’t believe there’s much to be gained from Joe debating Donny a second and third time.

Even so, Biden must show up anyway. Must never give Trump, the bastard bully, the satisfaction of bogusly and smugly declaring himself the debate stage “conquering hero”!

In spite of the fact that all wise, rational critical thinkers already know otherwise.


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Donny’s Donnybrook (Part 2)


The 1st “debate” between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump has now been over for about an hour. And, in this man’s opinion, the grotesque spectacle of Trump’s unpresidential meltdown could not end soon enough.

The fake prez’s conduct was so immature that, exasperation caused my parental instincts to kick in; so much so that I wound up shouting at my TV, “SHUT THE F UP”; did so, so loudly here in Michigan, that my voice may’ve even been heard in Cleveland, Ohio (the debate locale).

I’m now 100% certain that, if we vote to hire Joe / fire Donny, Trump will not accept that outcome, under any circumstances, and will flat out refuse to leave at high noon on January 20, 2021.

Between November and January, Donny will be egging on his legions of gun toting goons; ordering his paramilitary force to burn down America. At that juncture, that’ll be his “perfect” excuse to declare Martial Law; thereby nullifying Biden’s victory “.” or “?” (not sure, yet, which punctuation would be correct here)

If Trump attempts to roll out the tanks, it’d certainly be a tough call for American generals. I mean, would the top brass use military might to enforce the wishes of the estimated 62 million (or more) Americans, who elected Biden. or side with the Trumper tantrum throwing, tyrant tyke? We can only hope they wouldn’t opt for the latter.


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Donny’s Donnybrook (Not a Debate)


This blog is my in real time reaction to the 1st Debate between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump is an obnoxious brat, who believes whoever shouts the loudest will be perceived as being truthful. And Trump is not being truthful when he’s shouting down Joe Biden. Trump lies so much that even he believes his own lies. Trump cannot face the truth that he’s totally incapable of telling the truth.

Every time Joe Biden is trying to make a point / speaking truth to power, Trump flat-out refuses to shut up. Hell, Trump will not even shut up long enough to allow moderator Chris Wallace to regain control.

What needs to be done? The next time Trump and Biden “debate”, lodge each of them in a soundproof booth. When it’s Biden’s turn to speak Trump’s microphone should be shut off and vice versa.


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