Your Choice… Hillary’s Haven or Donald’s Dystopia

Folks, if you claim Donald Trump would make America “great”… it’s high time you say, “OH YUCK”, spit out that ORANGE Kool-Aid™, AND elect Hillary Clinton. But, if you’re still swallowing all the lies he’s been feeding you, before you try to elect him tomorrow… pay heed to these 13 ways Trump’s hardcore rightwing BS could adversely affect nearly every aspect of civilized society… for countless generations to come.

  1. Trump would likely get to appoint up to three (or more) U.S. Supreme Court Judges, who’d remain on the bench until the day they died. Whomever he chooses could only mirror his severe personality flaws, ergo, Trump’s time in office would extend perhaps up to three (or more) DECADES beyond his term limited eight years… and the legal precedents set by these judicial hack, Trump clones could inflict damage upon our society that’d be incalculable and irreparable.
  2. Trump would resurrect Reaganomics from the dead (FOR A SECOND TIME), crash the Stock Market (AGAIN) and wipe out every average Jane and Joe’s meager savings accounts / investments (funds, which were supposed last throughout their retirement years).
  3. Trump’s recession would result in massive double-digit unemployment. Folks, unable to pay their monthly bills, would default on their mortgages, thereby changing their forwarding street addresses to whatever freeway overpasses would become the roofs over their heads… to whatever Hoovervilles they’d wind up pitching their tents / unrolling their sleeping bags.
  4. Trump’s lust for economic green, at the expense of environmental green, would increase the smog (inclusive of greenhouse gasses, methane and CO2) AND deplete the ozone layer (all of this compromising our chances for good health). Severe climate change would also unleash unearthly arctic blasts, killer ice / snowstorms, deadly heat waves and freakishly severe hurricanes, tornados and lightning bolts. Biblical proportion deluges would plunge most of our world’s coastlines and island nations underwater. Excessive rains and droughts would, respectively, make swamplands and dustbowls out of once arable farmland… eventually making it damned near impossible for farmers and ranchers to feed America / the world… leading to mass starvation.
  5. Trump rather than intelligently trying to cure Obamacare of what ails it would ignorantly bury it… once again denying Americans the health insurance we deserve.
  6. Once Trump hunts down and deports all Hispanics and Muslims he’d need to find someone new to hate. During the next presidential election cycle, he’d train his crosshairs on any and all non-WASPS. Both Trump and his best bud, Klansman David Duke, would ensure that black lives and the lives of all other minorities don’t matter. Trump would wrongfully deem the aged, infirm and disabled to be akin to court jesters who he’d gleefully mock and laugh at.
  7. Trump’s bad behavior would become the unacceptable accepted paradigm, which municipalities’ city managers, mayors and police chiefs would employ when interviewing and hiring cops. Police forces would wind up with even more power-tripping officers who’d get off on needlessly profiling, stopping and frisking, Tasering and detaining anyone who’d stand still… and blowing away anyone who’d try to run away. Armed vigilantes would further deteriorate and irritate society by gleefully adding their psychotic behavior into this already volatile mix. Trump would be way cool with kangaroo courts… illegal proceedings sans legal defense attorneys and juries… where ugly “judges” get handsomely rewarded when they summarily convict the accused and then cram their prisoners (like sardines) into each and every one of America’s for “fun” and profit, privatized gulags.
  8. Trump would sign into law a congressionally legislated repeal of all gun control measures, creating a fifty statewide warzone… thereby ensuring that every minute of every day, bullets would be ricocheting off of every manmade structure and ripping through the flesh of every God made, hapless human being. The resultant sky-high piles of nameless corpses would get bulldozed into mass graves.
  9. Trump, the misogynist pig and pimp, would have zero qualms about forcing women into prostitution. The legions of young males, whose minds he will have corrupted and molded to conform to his own oinking image, would mutate into marauding rape gangs rendering no female, regardless of age, exempt from being sexually groped, violated and assaulted… and these malefactor males would commit these crimes with virtually 100% impunity. Women would be further objectified and dishonored… reduced to incubator status and condemned to a wretched existence where, throughout their child bearing years, they’d labor on Trump’s baby assembly lines… become the procreators of slave labor who he’d whip into submission… force into performing every disagreeable, degrading task imaginable… inclusive of fighting and dying in his never ending, no-win wars.
  10. Trump would declare wars… perhaps on a monthly basis… against a forever-growing list of his pick and choose enemies, who he’d also waterboard and torture. The only thing that’d stop him from going nuclear would be that it’d all be over way too quickly for his sadistic rapture to kick in.
  11. Trump would arrest and imprison each and every one of his newfound, 2016, political enemies… inclusive of Hillary and Bill Clinton, his victimized female accusers who outed him as a sexual predator AND the fourth estate journalists, who gave them their voice. And, owing to his “spirit of inclusiveness”, bloggers, who he hates, would likely wind up in Donny’s Dungeon, too.
  12. Trump’s propaganda ministers would dominate the broadcast and print media and systematically discredit legitimate journalists who are supposed to keep tyrants like Trump in check. Donald would also block access to any Internet site, which would refuse to stroke and stoke his already grotesquely inflated ego and threaten to expose his fascist plot to overthrow America.
  13. Trump’s gutting of the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights would spare only the Second Amendment. Figuratively speaking, that misogynist would wind up savagely raping and mercilessly beating and battering Lady Liberty to death.

Well there you have it, my  compatriots…

If Donny’s Dystopia is your idea of what America should be, then Trump is your boy. If all the above horrifies you as much as it horrifies me… you’ll join me, tomorrow, as we head to the polls to establish Hillary’s Haven.

99 Word Blog (#067) A Revolting Trump Fanatics’ Revolt?


Donald Trump is easily angered and emotionally compromised.

How would his devotees, sporting similarly unstable dispositions, react to Trump losing and refusing to concede?

Their revolting, pre-Election Day activities provide us clues… e.g., they’ve flaunted their guns to intimidate Democratic Party campaign volunteers, early voters and even… I kid you not… kids.

Worse yet, Wisconsin’s Sheriff David A. Clarke has tweeted that it’s “pitchforks and torches time.”

While we weren’t present to see America’ birth… we just could wind up witnessing its death.

Does my saying so make me a sensationalist or soothsayer? We’ll know soon after Election Day.

99 Word Blog (#066) An Election Day No Win Scenario


Donald Trump… WIN or LOSE… could easily wind up the biggest threat to humankind, who has ever (allegedly) walked on two feet.

If Trump Wins… then a simple majority of simpletons will’ve written a blank check to that morally bankrupt, billionaire bully… empowered a serial sexual predator and Klansman… will’ve unleashed a rampaging political monster who’ll promptly burn America down… to the ground.

If Trump Loses… his heavily armed, sorehead loser supporters could easily go berserk… pour out into the streets on their vengeance seeking, take no prisoners, blood splattering rampage and promptly burn America down… to the ground.



99 Word Blog (#065) SpotOn HuffPo Blogger Lucia Brawley


So… you say you’re voting for Donald Trump?

If yes… read Lucia Brawley’s Blog!

Even if no… read her true blue American sentiments anyway!

If, afterwards, anyone is still hell-bent on empowering Trump… know this…

It’s entirely possible that our Founding Fathers didn’t write sufficient safeguards into our Constitution to protect us/the U.S. from your alarming and appalling lack of wisdom.

In THE END… DONALD TRUMP and YOU would manage to obliterate everything good America represents… would FUBAR our precious nation… would succeed where Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden had failed.

Electing Hillary Clinton is our ONLY hope.


November Blogcast… Music With A Message


Wow… it’s so hard to believe how fast October flew on by. With the arrival of the first day of the new month, that means it’s time for another Blogcast.

I dedicate this music to all who’ve taken the time to stop by… especially to my American compatriots, who’ll soon be heading out to the polls to cast their ballots to culminate our way too long, presidential selection process. To be diplomatic, let’s just sum up what we’ve just endured as uNneRvInG and leave it at that.

And that having been said, it’s now time to ear and eyewitnesses these four jams… each one jam-packed with thought provoking messages and images.

Michael Franti & Spearhead ~ Good to Be Alive Today

Youngbloods ~ Get Together

Marvin Gaye ~ What’s Going On

Dion ~ Abraham, Martin & John

Thank you for tuning into my show. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard, click that “like button”, perhaps leave a comment and be sure to meet me back here for my next Blogcast on December 1, 2016.


Vote For Tim Kaine


One week from today, Americans heading for the polls will be facing down the twin, regrettable realities that Barack Obama’s presidency will soon be in the history books AND his potential successors, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both flawed.

Nonetheless… somebody will still need to show up at the Oval Office next January 20th.

Let’s assess just a few of Donald Trump’s flaws… From atop the stump he has proven himself to be a hardcore Klansman, who might as well don a white-sheeted hoodie and robe. Also, while aboard the Billy Bush bus, he once fessed up to being a sexual predator, who serially violates women.

Let’s assess just a few of Mike Pence’s flaws… Most notably, Trump’s running mate idolizes the sociopathic, sadistic torturer and war criminal, XVP Dick Cheney, who has avoided getting his ass hauled before the Hague to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for his blatant, unrepentant, multiple crimes against humanity inflicted upon Iraq and Afghanistan… many of which he’s publicly and brazenly fessed up to.

That both Trump and Pence are assessing all their flaws as assets is bad enough. Far worse is how their supporters are still swarming all around them… not unlike how flies are drawn to a pile of festering, fetid feces.

SIDEBAR… It’d certainly be an indictment of America… proof of our nation’s vanishing values… were these two political profligates to still amass the 270 electoral votes required for them to take out the White House.

To credit Donald Trump a bit… he’s a fashionably dressed empty suit.

Worst Case Scenario… President Trump would be a temperamental, tweeting tyrant, who’d inflict such massive economic, ecologic, societal and Constitutional damage, he could easily blow the USA right off the map… perhaps even take out the entire world with it.

Let’s assess just a few of Hillary Clinton’s flaws… She used a national security compromising, private email server during her stint as Secretary of State AND then allowed her blind political ambition and CYA attitude to cloud her better judgment… thereby complicating, maybe even obstructing an FBI investigation. She’s since publicly admitted her errors and that’s a good sign… i.e., she’s taken the first step towards self-correcting. Unlike Trump, whose died-in-the-wool racism and misogyny make him beyond redemption, there’s still good reason to believe Clinton is salvageable.

To credit Clinton a bit… she’d bring to the job her staunch belief in America’s core values, which champion inclusiveness regardless of one’s national origin, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity / sexual orientation… her hopes to end the heartless class warfare where the haves ruthlessly shakedown the have-nots … her vision and commitment to protect and save Earth’s fragile environment … her considerable expertise and experience revolving around the complexities of international affairs.

Worst Case Scenario… it’s a virtual certainty that President Clinton would be relentlessly investigated by both the FBI and Congress… to the point where the latter faction would ensure she’d never get anything of significance accomplished towards the betterment of our American and global society. There’d also be a distinct possibility she’d be impeached and kicked out of office… at which point the presidential line of succession would kick in… thereby making VP Tim Kaine the next POTUS.

Conclusion… By now it should be abundantly clear to all thinkers that electing America’s first female president is, by far, the lesser of two evils… that in our limited, two party system, the ONE AND ONLY way to ensure that evil incarnate, Donald Trump, does not emerge victorious next Tuesday is to elect Hillary Clinton.

For anyone who still has a problem with that… don’t vote for her… instead… think of it as voting for Tim Kaine.


99 Word Blog (#063) A Fraught with Probs Figurehead Prez


Donald Trump’s supporters typically appear unfazed about him being unpresidential, undiplomatic, uneducated, unqualified and unseasoned.

They believe presidential advisors could compensate for his deficits.

Let’s face facts. Flawed Trump would handpick flawed advisors. Since they’d likely be sycophants, too, essentially, he’d still be calling all the shots… literally.

Even if they provided sage advice, he’d never listen to anyone anyway.

Even if he would listen, what would figurehead president Donald Trump do if, e.g., during a sudden terrorist attack, all his advisors wound up MIA, incapacitated and/or dead?

At that point Donald Trump would bomb out… literally.

Bye-bye world!


More “Dirty” Limericks re Donald Trump


During Donald Trump’s hot-miked bus ride,

To Billy Bush, he did smugly confide,

How he’ll coax and coerce,

Kiss and grope… do far worse,

To his attacked female victims, worldwide.


To all women, Trump thinks he’s “God’s gift”,

To say the least, his ‘tude makes women miffed,

He forces kisses on mouth,

Violates them, down south,

And once he gets off, he casts them adrift.


To get down to the crux of the matter,

Donald Trump is a crude, smutty sătyr,

That prez wannabe jerk,

Is Not Safe For Work,

He’s risky biz for your on-the-job chatter.


Donald Trump hates all women the same,

He’ll assault, insult and body shame,

They’re to him, cuts of meat,

To abuse and maltreat,

He’s bankrupt, despite his wealth and fame.


Don Trump’s sex assaults / cussing, non-stop,

Present mega-probs for mom and pop,

That sex fiend, so uncouth,

Robs their kids of their youth,

He batters them, with his X-rated slop.


Hey Americans! Don’t sell your souls,

Moral values MUST trump, Don Trump’s goals,

DO NOT let that wretch slaughter,

Your own Mom, Wife or Daughter,

Keep that in mind… as We head for the polls.



99 Word Blog (#061) A Joe vs. Donny Donnybrook?


Last week, VPOTUS Joe Biden… justifiably outraged about sexual predator and misogynist Donald Trump… offered up a 1-2 punch solution.

Firstly, he verbally assaulted deplorable Donny. Secondly, he backed up DEM FIGHTIN’ WORDS by fantasizing about fisticuffs, thusly…

“I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym.”

While rational folks fully realize Joe was merely speaking metaphorically, has Donny now taken the VP’s “challenge” literally? Trump responded

“I’d love that. I’d love that.”

Hmmm… just how would Secret Service bodyguards ever handle such a donnybrook since they’d be duty bound to protect both men?

Spirituality and Patriotism


Most people profess their love for God and country. We’ve seen a lot of these sentiments serve as window dressing to bogusly spruce up one particular 2016 presidential candidate’s campaign rallies (need I even name him?). That said, does everybody actually understand how deep spirituality and patriotism need to go?

To better illustrate this, either actually run this “experiment” or just imagine doing so. First write whatever symbols represent your religion on a sheet of paper. Not to worry… even atheism has its own “logo” and I truly believe folks can still feel love and behave in a spiritual manner even without a Supreme Being entering the picture. Next, draw an image of your nation’s flag.

No need to be concerned if your calligraphy and artistry are just so-so. Of primary importance here is to, first, observe the height and width of everything you’ve written and drawn and, next, view the paper edge on.

If you’ve detected spirituality and patriotism as being only paper-thin, you’ve drawn the right conclusion. Indeed, a more significant third dimension is found only within our minds and hearts.

To add such depth, one must feel respect for humanity… regardless of people’s age, nationality, ethnicity, spirituality, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability and psychological disorder.

We must NEVER worship the almighty (paper-thin) buck… NEVER disrespect Mother Nature… NEVER accept torture, homicide, gun violence, WMD and war.

We must fully realize that, in our world of plenty, no one need ever waste away from nutritional and intellectual starvation. Once stomachs and minds are fed, all industrious individuals should be allowed to freely draw upon their innate talents, become gainfully employed, be granted unencumbered passage on the path to self-sufficiency and prosperity.

Love of God and country have never actually gone away… spirituality and patriotism have just been reduced to paper-thin, barebones symbols and imagery.

The only remaining question…

Is it too late for such a society to self-correct? Your thoughts?