Burger Flippers Get Vetted Better Than POTUS Wannabes


Throughout the primary phase of America’s presidential election year, some voters had become so blinded by Donald Trump’s “DC outsider image” they chose to overlook his severely flawed personality and grotesque ideology. Even worse were the other voters, who actually got turned on by those exact, same, deplorable shortcomings.

Consequently, America is now stuck with a xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic, pornographic, animalistic, psychotic, undiplomatic, un-presidential candidate… a raving, raging tyrant, who says he’ll ONLY accept the Election Day results if the vote tallies indicate he’s the winner.

And worse yet… some of his more militant supporters might even go on a take no prisoners rampage if he doesn’t win.

Reality Check: Donald would’ve still been in the race had Billy Bush’s Access Hollywood video not gone viral. We have the media to thank for derailing Trump’s crazy train.

As for the future, we must ensure no one, such as Trump, ever gets that close to becoming president again. That same sentiment should also apply to any other federal, state and local government office seekers.

Let’s be practical. Anytime anyone anywhere says to us, “Vote for me”, that person becomes a job applicant. We, who vote, become their prospective bosses. As such, we should vet each candidate the very same way fast-food restaurant and retail managers vet applicants.

Let’s insist that all of our political candidates submit to psychological evaluations and physical exams (inclusive of pee in the cup drug tests). Paying visits to their social media sites ISO telltale tweets, comments, blogs and photos would not be a bad idea, either. Other useful tools would include handwriting analysis, voice stress analyzers, polygraph machines and criminal background checks.

Let’s not mince words… until we implement such a stringent vetting process, we’d actually be far safer entrusting America’s nuclear launch codes to a burger flipper.


99 Word Blog (#060) Ta Thai Ta Ta Thai


Donald Trump’s un-presidential campaign has been so depressing I wound up going offline for four days. While I’ve since returned to blog about the third Clinton-Trump debate… the best I can say is…

The Good News… there’ll be no fourth debate!

The Bad News… Trump depressed me… AGAIN!

But… rather than retreating offline… AGAIN… I read Shefali’s blog titled:

“BharataNatyam – Classical Indian Dance”

…where she relates how, at an early age, her mother taught her the fancy choreography. Since Shefali, sharing a portion of her life’s story, helped cheer me up… and could help you, too… Follow This Link!

99 Word Blog (#059) Trump snorted, “Such a nasty woman.”


Donald Trump can differentiate between the political right and left, YET, cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

Since he’s still nose blind to the stench of his dead wrong misogyny he’s offensive to all enlightened women and men.

Case in point… during the third presidential debate, Trump couldn’t resist interrupting, maligning, and mischaracterizing Hillary Clinton with his totally nonsensical non sequitur…

“Such a nasty woman.”

Indisputably, Trump lied when (earlier in this debate) he claimed…

“Nobody has more respect for women than me. Nobody.”

If Donald Trump’s debating goal was to become even more reviled and unelectableMISSION ACCOMPLISHED!



99 Word Blog (#058) A Disorderly Transition of Power?


During the final 2016 Presidential Debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump… for the sake of national unity and out of respect for the orderly transition of power… would he’d graciously concede in the event Hillary Clinton emerged victorious.

Trump replied:

“I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, okay?”

While such evasiveness does arouse suspense… all worrisome… there’s no uncertainty within misogynist Trump’s “mind”.

He’d NEVER accept a woman defeating him.

Could Trump not conceding trigger rage amongst his more militant supporters… send these armed subversives on a rampage all across America?

Let’s hope not!


99 Word Blog (#057) Trump Junkies Go Nuts (Part 1)


Virginia’s Daniel Parks and his buddy, recently demonstrated their undying man crush for Donald Trump and hatred for a woman, Hillary Clinton… by parking their pick-up in front of the campaign HQ of Jane Dittmar (Democratic nominee for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District). For 12 freakin’ hours both ARMED stalkers then strutted around outside… menacingly and creepily glowering at the workers inside.

Parks claimed, “We’re not a threat to anybody, the only threat is ignorance, and ignorance breeds fear.”

Nonetheless, Dittmar volunteers did feel threatened.

To not view his thinly veiled hostility as threatening, Parks is either a sociopath or ignoramus.


99 Word Blog (#056) Billy Bush’s Statement


Billy Bush has released a statement regarding the 2005 conversation where he laughed uncontrollably while Donald Trump vulgarly and lewdly boasted about forcibly groping and kissing women.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago. I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.”

Back in 1966, as a 12-year-old adolescent, I harbored a far greater respect for women and level of self-control.

By comparison…

Back in 2005, Donald Trump and Billy Bush were, respectively, 59 and 33…

Hmmm… do 59 and 33 represent their ages or IQs?


99 Word Blog (#055) Incendiary Inhumane Donald Trump


Empathy barren Donald Trump incessantly, insensitively throws misogyny driven tantrums to lambaste Hillary Clinton because… long ago… she had wrongfully criticized her husband’s ex-mistresses.

Let’s not forget that Bill had lied, convincingly, to deny his extramarital affairs… misinformed his wife that these women were politically motivated liars.

Since Hillary knew Democrat obstructing Republicans are notorious for flat-out lying, it’s fully understandable how she’d erroneously deem Bill’s claim truthful and, consequently, defend him.

Witnessing Trump battering Hillary… exploiting her lingering emotional pain for political gain… proves he’s heartless and soulless… demonstrates what an incendiary, inhumane president Donald Trump would be.



WARNING: NSFW Donald Trump (Profanity Laced Video)


Once again, Donald Trump’s misogynistic attitude and vulgar words have surfaced. Over the course of this past weekend, we heard a recording of his 2005 conversation with Billy Bush. We became ear witnesses to Trump boasting that his fame and fortune give him the right to force himself upon women… kiss and grope them against their will.

At the outset of last night’s presidential “debate”, Trump did tepidly apologize for his unforgivable remarks… but… it all sounded so much like a rehearsed talking point that it’s perfectly natural for skeptics to retain serious doubts about his sincerity… which begs the question…

Has Trump ever been truly sorry about anything?

By now, such serious issues would’ve promptly, permanently ended any other candidate’s campaign… yet in the deep, dank recesses of Trump supporters’ noncritical minds, he is still worthy of receiving their votes. Which begs the question…

How can anyone of good conscience still want to elect Trump?

Because of this misguided, undeserved and undying voter loyalty, defiant Trump has flat out refused to end his campaign. We can expect what’s left of this past weekend’s category four, political storm to blow over long before Election Day. It’s even conceivable that Donald Trump could still become the next POTUS… which begs yet another question…

What would our life our existence be like in America with a male sexist pig president waddling around and muddying up the Oval Office?

No doubt, Trump would view an Election Day victory to be voter validation of his misogyny. Consequently, he’d harbor zero qualms about escalating his war against women.

Trump’s likeminded, lowlife, fellow CEOs would then play Follow the Leader, which would lead to an increase in incidents of workplace sexual harassment and rape. A similar crime wave surge would besiege our public schools and college campuses. This violence against women would work its way outward so, eventually, there’d be virtually no safe place for women to exist.

In the meantime, Trump would be loading up the District Courts, Courts of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court with male sexist pig judges… basing his selection of appointees solely upon which of his cronies could oink the loudest.

The Supreme Court judges, in particular, with their lifetime terms, would, by far, do the most permanent damage to America… for two generations to come… perhaps far beyond that.

Trump’s likeminded, lowlife judges would also play Follow the Leader… consistently steering courtroom trial proceedings so they’d lead to the acquittal of rapists. Since there’d be virtually no convictions, matters would likely deteriorate to the point where the cops would no longer even bother arresting suspected sexual predators.

With Trump’s POV very likely being that rape victims are at fault, any cops who might share his vile attitude, would start arresting and jailing attacked women… bogusly charging them with corrupting the “morals” of their attackers. Women would next, routinely face down trials, convictions and incarcerations while their attackers would get off scot-free.

While my above nightmare scenario might seem a bit extreme today, we’re already seeing the “right is wrong”  attitudinal shift… just ask any rape victim who has ever been asked by a defense attorney about what clothes she had been wearing. Contemptible leaders and judges are already demeaning women… both in the U.S. and other nations.

If elected, Donald Trump would act as the catalyst to make this nightmare a far, Far, FAR worse, everyday, wide-awake reality in America’s not too distant tomorrows.

99 Word Blog (#054) Mean Trump Doesn’t Mean It?


During the VP Debate, Mike Pence understated Donald Trump’s intolerant and ignorant stump speeches, interviews and tweetstorms, thusly…

“You know, the words don’t always come out exactly the way he means them.”

Oh really? Are we to believe Pence actually regards Trump’s incessant, ill-conceived rants about foreign and domestic policy… tirades against Muslims and ethnic minorities… blatant birtherism… insensitive body shaming of women… scorn towards LGBTs… dissing the disabled as “mere” slips of the tongue?

Hmm…. if Trump doesn’t always mean what he says, let’s assume he doesn’t really mean it when he says he wants to be POTUS.

99 Word Blog (#052) What Happened To Debating Decorum?

The lack of debating decorum during this presidential election year has been appalling. We the voters are entitled to something more than each accusation being “refuted” by simplistic, kneejerk NUH-UHs.

Regurgitated talking points are not enough. Without sounding wonky or whacky each candidate should be able to coherently articulate his/her political platform.

Candidates should respond to questions, uninterrupted, within the allotted time, while opponents take notes. At that point, opponents then have equal time to refute… again uninterrupted.

Oh, btw… groaning, sighing, rolling one’s eyes is infantile… as is the notion that whoever can shout the loudest is correct.