99 Word Blog (#054) Mean Trump Doesn’t Mean It?


During the VP Debate, Mike Pence understated Donald Trump’s intolerant and ignorant stump speeches, interviews and tweetstorms, thusly…

“You know, the words don’t always come out exactly the way he means them.”

Oh really? Are we to believe Pence actually regards Trump’s incessant, ill-conceived rants about foreign and domestic policy… tirades against Muslims and ethnic minorities… blatant birtherism… insensitive body shaming of women… scorn towards LGBTs… dissing the disabled as “mere” slips of the tongue?

Hmm…. if Trump doesn’t always mean what he says, let’s assume he doesn’t really mean it when he says he wants to be POTUS.

99 Word Blog (#053) Pence’s GOP: NOT Really Prolife


During the VP debate, Mike Pence quoted Mother Teresa…

“Society will be judged by how it defends its most vulnerable – the aged, the infirm, the disabled, and the unborn.”

Let’s see if Trump and Pence’s GOP defends society’s most vulnerable.

Republicans plot to end Social Security, Obamacare and Welfare. They don’t even support affordable higher education and collective bargaining, which would ensure a living wage to help extricate folks from poverty. Trump even ridiculed a disabled reporter.

Pence did say we must “welcome children into the world.”

But once they’re born, his GOP no longer cares if they survive.

99 Word Blog (#051) Critiquing The Vice Presidential Debate


During the VP Debate, the evasive Mike Pence and hyper Tim Kaine were far too intent on robotically delivering talking points… and obnoxiously interrupting each other… to pay full attention to moderator Elaine Quijano’s questions. My kudos to her for tactfully telling these combative little boys to grow up… more than once.

Shockingly, Kaine’s Trump-like interruptions didn’t exclude Quijano… and certainly did not win any points with feminists.

While Kaine is not beyond redemption, the same cannot be said for either Trump or Pence. If elected, their GOP, hardcore misogyny could bomb Women’s Liberation back to the Stone Age.