Not Catching that Bug and Buzz


Here in Michigan, it’s Primary Election Day. It’s also the first time I won’t be showing up at the polls… i.e., seeing how I had already hand delivered my absentee ballot to City Hall this past Friday.

While I am relieved that I won’t have to show up at my precinct’s… YIKES! NO MASKS REQUIRED!… polling place during a global pandemic… where I’d risk catching that nasty COVID-19 bug…

Nonetheless, I will be missing the physicality of it all… the process of signing in… standing in the fast moving line… being seated at the partitioned voting table… catching that national community buzz.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






One Helluva Message


Yesterday, my need to turn in my absentee ballot and post a utility bill payment required my reluctantly emerging from my pandemic cocoon, revving up my 21-year-old vehicle and tooling around town.

Under normal circumstances, on such a balmy, bright, midsummer afternoon, I would’ve found myself happily hoofing it to City Hall and the P.O., but…

Ever since science denier Donny allowed Corona-V to go on its sickening, deadly rampage, I’ve been witnessing this dramatic upsurge in pedestrian traffic… unmasked traffic. True, “they” claim the Trumpian Flu’s out-of-doors transmission is rare, but…

Seeing how “they” may not always be telling us the truth… in part… because nobody yet knows Corona’s whole truth… in part… because my homeland’s “leader” is utterly incapable of ever telling the truth…

This means the weight of pandemic management now rests squarely on each individual’s shoulders. Since I now own THAT, it means I make the damned rules!

And my Rule #1 is to hope for the best, yet, plan for the worst. If that necessitates driving when I’d much rather be walking, so be it.

It might interest Delinquent Donny to know that the more he dumps his non-delegatable work on us, the more we realize, WE DO NOT NEED HIM AT ALL!

For someone, who’s lusting so ferociously for reelection, that’s one helluva crazy message to be conveying to the electorate!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!





Absentee Candidates


With COVID-19 concerns in mind, I made damned sure to prepare, well in advance, to vote by absentee ballot in Michigan’s upcoming, August 4th primary election. So far so good. However, ever since I received my ballot, not all has been going well.

With only two commendable exceptions, the candidates’ silence has been deafening.

True, many of their candidacies are uncontested. Still, a constituent should expect at least one flyer and/or robocall from each of them… you know… just to reassure voters that their hearts are really in it… and more to the point… that they’ll be fully engaged, on OUR behalf, should they wind up victors next Tuesday and in the general election come November 3rd.

Perhaps they are taking for granted that we’re all internet connected? Technically speaking, by and large, they’d be correct. Yet, I’m sure few of them have ever been forced to endure the shoddy “product” my ISP foists off on their customers. Hell, they don’t even know the meaning of “S” in that ISP acronym.

More to the point… I was damned lucky that my connection, this early evening, lasted long enough to check out these absentee candidates’ websites. My having to do their work for them makes me wonder if they’ll be doing any work for us? Needless to say, they do not inspire much voter confidence.

Passivity… not even sending a small post card which says “Vote for [insert name here]”, is a helluva way to run for… correction… stumble into high elective office.


Stay Safe and Vote at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






Toddler Trump

Toddler Trump will deny he has mucked up everything, but we, the grown-ups in the room, all know better.

The gall of him to still believe he’s entitled to a 2nd term… a 2nd chance to further destroy our homeland and home world.

The horrifying numbers to date… nearly 2,000,000 Americans sickened… almost 112,000 sickened to death… amply demonstrate that, in spite of the multiple warnings from the medical community re the coronavirus, Donald J. Trump flat out failed to act proactively, promptly and purposefully to prevent this highly contagious pathogen from going on a rampage.

Come Election Day 2020, We the American voters must deny him that second chance.


Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…