No Love Lost ‘Tween ‘Em (Parable)


Once upon a time a petty, peculiar entity, known as Politically Right, managed to deviously and completely camouflage all of the grotesque aspects of that odious ideology. And, more to the point, did so to conceal these horrifying, severe character flaws from the sincere, ethical entity known as Morally Right.

A whirlwind courtship soon ensued; a chase that had left them both winded. Barely catching their breath, in time, this unlikely couple found themselves at the altar exchanging their wedding vows.

In what had to have been a bad omen, Morally Right could not help but notice how the chapel pews, reserved for Politically Right’s family and friends, had remained vacant; well… uh… unless one had counted the swarm of annoying, buzzing horseflies. How odd, indeed, that was; seeing how, at the time, the nearest barnyard dung heap had been countless kilometers distant.

But, to cut to the chase, the leftover wedding cake hadn’t even had sufficient time to go stale AND the morning after, mild champers hangover had yet to fade when Morally Right already realized this was turning out to be the proverbial Marriage Made in Hell.

Flat-out refusing to take any crap from anyone, Morally Right immediately wanted out of this abusive relationship and, soon afterwards, put Barry Barrister Esq. on retainer. This learned, veteran, divorce attorney, citing the grounds as irreconcilable differences, fought diligently on behalf of his client and, ultimately, won! TA DA!

Alas, this all panned out as the plaintiff’s Pyrrhic victory; seeing how Politically Right (no big shocker) also turned out to be the utterly barren of all conscience, proverbial deadbeat; and more to the point, the quintessential alimony scofflaw. And, when confronted with the all too real prospects of legal garnishment of ill-gotten captal, that tightwad bolted like a bat out of hell; booking a private jet and heading south.

That scumwad’s destination was none other than the oppressively torrid, horrid nation-state, Vulgaria, where autocracy and amorality ruled supreme and the flawed laws had been intentionally, meticulously crafted to attract and harbor the dregs of society.

And, Politically Right, fitting that corrupt characterization to a T, at long last, had found the very partner that all iniquitous dreams are made of. And, albeit not the conventional coupling, this new marriage, too, was made in Hell (not that Politically Right would’ve ever deemed that to be bad).

Epilogue: To this very day, Barry Barrister Esq. continues to battle on. On behalf of Morally Right, he’s been relentlessly seeking extradition of the wayward Politically Right.

Parable Moral: In any War of Words, it is the Morally Right’s duty to verbally assail the Politically Right; and prevail!

Readers, please take note: As is true with many struggles between good and evil, this is far from over. Any new developments will get promply relayed and posted here.

Ergo: Stay Aware… Stay Tuned… and…

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









99 Word Blog (#045) Abusive Relationships


Scenario One… Let’s say your spouse is abusing you. Whenever you confide this to anyone they mindlessly remind…

“Marriage is for better or for worse.”

Scenario Two… Let’s say your nation’s leadership is abusing its citizenry. Whenever you point that out to anyone they mindlessly remind…

“Our country right or wrong.”

Unbending religious dogmatism and uncritical patriotism do very little to improve, respectively, hostile conditions within our home life and homeland.

We must first admit problems DO exist and next raise full awareness. Until that happens the abuse goes unabated.

San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick understands this. Do you?