Yра? Yippee?


So, on this very day, Russians are “painting the town red”; in more ways (and nations) than one.


May 9th is their national holiday known as Victory Day.

What’s it all about?

“The day celebrates the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. It includes military parades in Moscow and more than two dozen Russian cities.

Non-credited Google Search author • posted on 9 May 2022

So far, so good… YET… that fails to tell the whole story / expose the…

Glaring Hypocrisy:

While Russians correctly cry out “Yра!” (translation: Yippee) re the downfall of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, due to their being heavily under the influence of agitatsiya propaganda (agitprop) they also, hypocritically echo that “Yра!” (as a show of support for their resident psycho misleader; Vladimir Putin; aka the Hitler wannabe, who’s been rolling out his attempted (so far, fortunately failed) Nazi-esque, unwarranted invasion, occupation and domination of Ukraine.

Tragic Reality:

On this May 9th (and ever since 24 February 2022) whenever Ukrainians cry out, this, typically, is to express their outrage and heartbreak over Putin deploying his marauding, maiming and murdering troops to repurpose hemoglobin; as a means to paint Ukraine’s towns blood red.

Moral to the Worldwide Masses:

People who utilize their noggins, regularly, respectably and constructively never take the plunge into propagandists’ puddles of anti-democracy diarrhea; the type of $#!+ that’s ceaselessly aired and streamed by Stateside networks such as Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, et al.

Definition of Character:

Propagandist: (improper noun) (humorous?) An anatomical mutant over-endowed with intracranial extra-large intestines; that alimentary canal’s exit orifice located beneath the nose.




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Stay Safe at Home!
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Biden Victorious? Trump Defeated?


Approximately 24 hours ago, my blog, titled, Trump Victorious / Humanity Defeated, concluded:

“About all that’s left, now, is for my prediction to be proven wrong. Will somebody please prove me wrong? PLEASE?”

Well, it’d APPEAR that America’s poll workers may have proven me wrong. After all, the multiple millions of absentee and early voting ballots, which they’ve been tirelessly processing, APPEAR to have changed Joe Biden’s title from Former Vice President to President-Elect.

And, to be proven wrong in this manner, I could not be happier.

I’m particularly pleased that Michigan, my home state, has played a significant role; that by completing and hand delivering my own absentee ballot to City Hall, a scant eight days ago, I had not only performed my civic duty but had actually made a difference, too!

I haven’t felt so good since doing my part to elect / reelect Barack Obama.

Under normal circumstances, there would now be reason to party hearty. Yet, there’s that pesky “A” word, APPEAR, which keeps on cropping up.

Such iffy language APPEARS because, psychotic Donald J. Trump, with desperation and despotism pounding in his mucked up brain and surging thru his arteriosclerosis diseased body, has opted to go on a filing frivolous lawsuits rampage. His M.O. is to keep on flinging his Fascist fecal matter until he gets it to stick. And in the process he’ll stick it to the American people; flat-out defy our ballot box, peaceable ouster.

What remains to be seen is IF “Adolf” will succeed.

Alas, IF could morph into WHEN, seeing how Trump owns and operates corrupt crony judges, who park their worthless behinds behind the Federal and Supreme Court benches; how the vast majority of them are itching to burn up the U.S. Constitution.

Alas, IF could morph into WHEN, seeing how Trump also commands legions of domestic terrorists, who are itching to burn America down to the ground.

Regrettably, it’d APPEAR that Joe Biden’s legitimate rise to power is not, yet, a done deal.

Sorry to say, I now find myself predicting that we may not have seen the last of yesterday’s headline, Trump Victorious / Humanity Defeated; that those very words may need to re-APPEAR atop a future blog.

About all that’s left, now, is for my new prediction to be proven wrong. Will somebody please prove me wrong? PLEASE?


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Then they came for _________ !

What if, worst case scenario (from the perspective of We the Enlightened Inclusive People), Donald J. Trump’s boneheaded bigotry goes full blown Hitler… i.e., he commits genocide and America winds up lily white. Would that mean that he and his Klansmen and Nazi pals… from their perspective of course… could all live happily ever after?

Don’t count on it. If Trump had nobody left to vilify, how would that narcissist ever be able to continue drawing attention to himself / get suckers to suck up to him / get racists to rally around him / maintain his choke-hold on power?

Obviously, he would declare new Enemies of the State to “fine tune” HIS Master Race.

Little doubt he’d next target Democrats, Liberals, Intellectuals, Muslims, Jews, Feminists (and like-minded males), the LGBTQIA’s, the Aged and Infirm, the Left Handed and (factoring in his objectification of women / penchant for porn stars and playmates), perhaps everybody below a C-cup?

Hell, he could even order his underlings to hack into the data bases of genomics and biotechnology companies… i.e. to ferret out anyone who’s not a “perfect” 100% Caucasian?

If you find yourself saying, “Nah, that all sounds too farfetched. It’ll never happen!”… well… let’s just say that were theologian Martin Niemöller, still alive today, he’d shrewdly disagree by saying…

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


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Dumb Donald: Drunk on Power!

For optimal effect, prior to playing back the clip, above, read the set up, below…

From 1973 – 82, long before the Real Donald became a (four-letter) household word, we found the clever (clairvoyant?) Match Game writers submitting Dumb Donald scenarios for emcee Gene Rayburn to recite to the panelists, contestants and all who were playing along in the home and studio audiences… situations such as…

Rayburn: Dumb Donald is soooooo dumb…
Audience: How dumb is he?
Rayburn: He thought Twelve O’Clock High was a movie biography of _____.

Soooooo… just how, pray tell, does Dumb Donald’s dumbness match the Real Donald’s (and vice versa)?

Well, it’s not all that obvious unless one already is… or becomes… familiar with Twelve O’Clock High’s WW-II storyline. Admittedly, as a pacifist, I’m not into flicks that glorify war’s regimented violence… and, for that matter, any other violence!

Nonetheless, I still needed to gain a better understanding re this day’s Match Game subject matter. Ergo, earlier today, courtesy of YouTube, I viewed Twelve O’Clock High, in its entirety. Almost immediately, I became impressed by the narrative’s depth… how this focused more upon soldier burn-out issues and downplayed the actual battle scenes. The screenplay writer even tacked on the dogfight between the U.S. Air Force and Nazi Germany Luftwaffe as almost a film ending afterthought.

Wikipedia, in meticulous detail, tells the rest of the story… e.g., relates how the U.S. Library of Congress considers Twelve O’Clock High culturally, historically and aesthetically significant. That very essay even mentions how the film remains “widely used in both the military and civilian worlds to teach the principles of leadership.”

Soooooo… Voilà! We’ve got a Match!

Real Donald is soooooo intoxicated with power…
How intoxicated with power is he?
He’d not recognize the principles of leadership if
they jumped up and bit him on his fat Fascist fanny!

Real Donald is soooooo headstrong…
How headstrong is he?
His backward emanations mind melded with those
bygone Match Game soothsayers; so much so that…

They created this Twelve O’Clock High scenario which, in turn, showcases the shallowness of both Donalds, which, in turn, cues the celeb panelists’ inebriation-related responses. But, will they match contestant Pat’s response? Let’s scroll up and click playback to find out…


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!


Recommendation: Seeing how pandemic shuttered cineplexes have left us with nothing to view and plenty of time on our hands, why not check out Twelve O’Clock High for yourself?







Much Needed Heroes (Vid of the Day)

Today’s clip features a concluding scene from the TV sitcom Hogan’s Heroes… namely, the Season 2 Episode 1 installment, which is titled, Hogan Gives a Birthday Party (which just happened to air, last night, on the MeTV network). Because of the especially clever plot twists and turns, this episode, in particular, has always been a favorite of mine.

Aside: Ever since the resurgence of reprehensible Nazis, right within my own homeland, I’ve felt a renewed, heightened interest in this TV series, which originally aired on the CBS network from September 17, 1965 ~ April 4, 1971. I mean, it feels so damned good to be witnessing even fictitious characters fighting Fascists rather than watching the all too real Donald J. Trump sucking up to them.

Sitcom Concept: Our main hero, Col. Robert Hogan (Bob Crane), is in command of his rough and ready, Allied Forces special ops unit. They’ve all been captured by the Germans, however, that doesn’t mean they’re out of the action. Together, they fight WW-II right from out of a prisoner of war camp… Stalag 13… right under the noses of the narcissistic / inept Camp Commandant Col. Wilhelm Klink (Werner Klemperer) and the secretly antiwar Sgt. Hans Schultz (John Banner).

Episode Synopsis: Col Hogan kidnaps the Stalag 13 visiting, German General Biedenbender, commandeers his airplane and pilots a makeshift mission to fly over and bomb a German oil refinery. He then turns over command to the two shot down over Germany American pilots (who he’s helping escape back to London). Hogan and his men could’ve even flown back with them… to get back into the war, officially, but, instead, they return to Stalag 13 and parachute just outside the barbed wire fences. And from there, they resume their espionage and sabotage activities.

If I’ve failed to explain things, adequately, check out this Sitcom Link and Episode Link.









Earlier today, while auditioning YouTube clips for my site’s Vid of the Day and Sunday Song Series presentations, I had my sensibilities relentlessly assaulted by a barrage of toxic Trump ads.

And who the hell wants to look at a narcissist who only looks out for his own political posterior… i.e., rather than look out for the best interests of [1] the people he is supposed to serve [2] the nation he’s supposed to preserve, protect and defend and [3] the planet we expect him to save for posterity.

I don’t know why Donny would even be concerned about Impeachment / removal from office, seeing how he has never done even one honest day’s work within that office.

The irony, here, is how he could’ve easily continued collecting his undeserved paycheck for four… hell… maybe even eight years… by merely doing what he does best… [1] pigging out on fast food, cake and ice cream, [2] vegging out in front of his Fox Network only TV screen and [3] trotting out to the links… FORE!!!!

Since Donny’s YouTube noise machine roars on and on, unabated, it’s obvious that CEO Susan Wojcicki has allowed her platform to become but one more slimy, scaly tentacle of the toxic Trumpian monster.

Why would she not take a stand to preserve, protect and defend America… indeed, our entire world… from the greatest threat to liberty, civility and human dignity / rights since Adolf Hitler. She does have the power to flat-out refuse to run any Fascist’s self-serving ads. Since she chooses to look the other way…

I am seriously considering looking the other way, too, by staging my one-man boycott of YouTube. Were that to happen, the only reason I’d ever reverse my decision would be if I needed a video of Donald J. Trump delivering his resignation speech.









“Sell” the “Cl” and “Buy” an “F” (1 Quick Limerick #083)


For those so inclined… today’s poetry requires some active reader participation… 18+ only please. To max out your reading enjoyment, read… word for word… and then follow… to the letter… this blog’s above-headlined Line 4 / Word 4 Instructions.


Trump and his boneheaded, bigoted base,
Plot to reboot Adolf’s Aryan race,
They hanker for “Mein Kamph”, redux,
Amerika Axis! (Dumb Clucks!)
Fighting FOR fascism¹ is a disgrace!



¹ WTF gives anyway? From time immemorial, our fearless ancestors have fought and even bled to death to gain and maintain freedom… each earning the fitting title of Freedom Fighter.

Not even in our worst nightmares could we have ever foreseen the day where once upon a time decent folks are getting suckered into becoming Fascist Fighters… on behalf of some flimflamming, glad-handing, greed driven, bastard, a-hole, autocratic leader, who’ll sell the soul of humanity… bleed humanity dry… even destroy an entire ecosystem… just to get the trains to run on time.

The easily duped can count on having little to nothing to show for their misguided, blind loyalty… other than a dead-end, benefits barren, non-living wage, here today / gone tomorrow, part time, clock punching job. A lousy trade off considering how they’ll be selling their very souls to the bosses from hell… typically the tyrannical, maniacal, sadistic slave-drivers, who’ll get off on watching their workers suffer hourly and drop dead prematurely.






Dirty Harry’s Holocaust


Something I’ll never be able to fathom is how the post-Hiroshima, Harry S. Truman could see the death and destruction he had inflicted upon humanity and, yet, rage onward into Nagasaki… how the post Nagasaki Truman might’ve even said to himself, “What a good little boy am I!”

Only a sociopathic flesh peddler would ever have the audacity to rationalize that the wholesale slaughter of 90,000–146,000 souls in Hiroshima (08/06/1945) AND 39,000–80,000 souls in Nagasaki (08/09/1945) was somehow, someway justifiable???

True… technically speaking… Truman’s WMD had prevented Hitler from developing / detonating his own nuclear WMD. But, it’s impossible to see much difference between these two sickos when neither of them had any qualms about frying humanity.

Little doubt, delusional Harry believed he was nuking on behalf of a noble cause. But would not delusional ‘Dolf have believed the same thing? To fight nukes with nukes to save the world? It’d be a hard sell to convince the hapless, helpless “survivors” that such a madman ruled world is even worth saving.

True… technically speaking… in the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, WW-II did come to an end. But, did it REALLY end? Did anyone ever ACTUALLY win? Once the radioactive dust had settled we were… still are… left with only one, inescapable truth.

Truman’s Two Nukes Did Not Make One Right!

All that micro-brained “prez” had truly accomplished was the establishment of “mushroom envy” amongst the other micro-brained world “leaders” of that era… and every other era ever since. He ushered in a never-ending, global, nuclear arms race, which even now… especially now… the current, micro-brained, “prez” taps into, revels in and escalates (one Tweet / one soundbite at a time).

If/when we, the 21st century nuclear pawns, experience Dirty Donny’s nuclear war, it’d be a misnomer to call it WW-III. In reality, it’d be the resumption Dirty Harry’s 1945 nuclear holocaust.

It’s not too late to put Harry S. Truman, on trial for his crimes against humanity and (posthumously) bring him to justice.


Vid of the Day ~ Thank-you Mr. Colbert!

I found Stephen Colbert’s above video yesterday… mere hours after posting my own blog on the same topic. His echoing and expanding upon my own sentiments has been both a validating and enlightening experience. Hopefully, you will feel similarly.

Although this was Colbert’s Father’s Day message to my homeland and our world, his words need to be heard for as long as it takes for Trump’s diehard supporters to, once again, embrace true American values… to reclaim their minds, hearts and souls.

Regardless of political stripe, everyone must feel horror and disgust each and every time we eyewitness Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions prioritizing… over everything else… their “white bread only world”. Each and every time we eyewitness them trotting out their zero tolerance immigration policy. Each and every time we eyewitness their deployed, uniformed, mindless minions traumatizing immigrant children by wrenching them from their fathers’ and mothers’ loving, hugging arms. Each and every time we eyewitness these innocent kids being imprisoned… maybe forever… within concentrations camps.

What is to happen to these detainees… in particular the younger ones? Will Fascist papa Trump morph them into mercenaries to fight in wars against enemies of his own making? Will these young soldiers help “their Daddy” prop up his scum of the earth, murderous dictator pals? Might First Daughter and Fashionista Ivanka wind up exploiting them as third world sweatshop, slave labor?

Can we not see the historical parallels here, folks? Nearly eight decades ago, the scramble-brained, mad dog Adolf Hitler, also attempted to establish his “master race”, barked out his marching orders to his mindless minions AND backed all that up with gas chambers and crematoria.

Is our world on the cusp of a Holocaust redux? So far… the one missing Trumpian element involves those gas chambers and ovens / crematoria. Of course, seeing how Der Führer did make a 2016 campaign promise to Kentucky and West Virginia miners… his 21st century equivalent will likely be fired up with his “clean” coal.


ADDENDUM: I do thank whoever may’ve clicked by today for both your indulgence and endurance. Believe me I know… first hand… all about debilitating Trump fatigue. I’m fully aware of how difficult it must be for you to be reading such a post. After all, it’s no fun to be reminded of our shared distress. Don’t we all yearn for at least one Trump-free news cycle?