What Makes a Man a Man?

Today, let’s start off with a multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanker…

If you hang around a particular, video sharing platform for more than three minutes, tops, you’re bound to bump into an oddball who’s “occupation” is best described as _________:

  • A. adman
  • B. madman
  • C. nadman
  • D. all the above

If you chose “D”, go to the head of the class.

Typically, his insufferable ads begin with him spilling his spiel…

“Testosterone is what makes a man a man.”

Typically, his “well duh” “revelation” triggers my recollection of an apt, bygone, screenplay retort…

“Geeze, you figured that out Sherlock.”

Actor Jack Lemmon • Character John Gustafson • From film Grumpy Old Men

Seriously, what middle school graduate wouldn’t already know that?

This nameless dude (Hey, let’s call him Sherlock) actually considers himself to be some sorta leading authority on… on…

Well, while I won’t aid and abet his con by working his side of the street, suffice to say, he’s been doing his damnedest to sucker in gullible, roly-poly, past middle age guys, who’ve been “hanging” around whatever love nest(s) they’ve been frequenting.

Anyway, Sherlock appears oblivious to how his speaking with authority is only coming across as off-putting arrogance. And, seeing how he neither trots out a medical degree nor, bare minimum, dons a white lab coat, it’s highly unlikely he’s a qualified physician or even a dietician.

Oh, by the bye, his on cam attire is way too dress casual. He’s nearly in the buff (topless) (and no buff bodybuilder is he).

Truth be told, a Saturday Night Live, hilarious send-up could not upstage what he does in dead seriousness.

To keep it all real, Sherlock has been manufacturing a solution to a problem that’s a non-problem. Stripping this down to the bare-bones, Mother Nature prefers her procreators to be physically fit and under age 40. And therein is the main reason why she slows 40+ guys down.

Yeah, sure, most couples do know that it’s not always about making babies; that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with people staying active up till the very end.

Yet, Ma Nature would disagree.

Going beyond that, the way Sherlock demeans the male gender is offensive to me. I do consider myself more than a “Y” chromosome.

In spite of that, what’s truly astounding, here, is how Sherlock has, actually, inadvertently, sleuthed the very, driving force that, from time immemorial, has hammered in needless, incalculable human suffering; the bloody, no-win wars, torture, sexual violence, enslavement, ethnic cleansing, persecution, hyperpartisanship, workplace posturing, road rage, anti-maskism, anti-vaxxism, Trumpism, etc.:

“Testosterone is what makes a man a man.”



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Don’t we all need a good laugh?


Even if your homeland is not as mucked up as mine, most citizens of the world would answer the above, headlined question with an emphatic YES!

Of course, that might lead to these follow up questions…

• Is our above clip’s commercial content merely highly creative or is it genuinely funny?

• If the latter, why is it chuckle-worthy?

• Might a half-years’ worth of social isolating have something to do with it?

• Is it a reminder of our bygone high school/college and/or current workplace lab experiments?

• Does it evoke comparisons to the zaniness of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

• Is it merely all of that slapstickish egg play?

• Why ask why?

• Why not stop over-analyzing and just enjoy the clip at face value?

• While my follow up “thought experiment” / fantasy query, most emphatically, is tongue-in-cheek, if my blogging about Purple® helps their bottom line, should they not, at the very least, offer me a 10% off coupon?

All laughs aside, not unlike my homeland, my own 55-year-old Sealy® Posturepedic® is way beyond shot to hell!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!