Dear Joe

Dear Joe,

Excuse my exasperation and skepticism, but, just what the hell is left for real Americans to hope for when the other side of the pandemic involves:

  • a looming, climate changed, unfit for humankind, scorched Earth
  • mass murderer targeted school houses, houses of worship, etc.
  • police departments seething with bigotry, brutality and militancy
  • the ever-deepening Have-It-Alls and Have Nothings chasm
  • our Supreme/Federal benches overloaded with hardliner rightie judges
  • workers forced to endure non-living wages and union busting
  • free, fair elections mucked up by anti-American state legislators
  • a U.S. Senate hamstrung by DINO’s, the filibuster and parliamentarian
  • the too lenient punishment of the January 6th terrorists / their leader DJT
  • an electorate comprised of up to 75 million who plot to re-empower DJT

Let’s not mince words. The apparently getting off scot-free (AGAIN) Donald J. Trump has a massive ego, which won’t permit him to pass up another bid for reelection and, come 2024, win or lose, he will wield the power to paint the town; paint America blood red.

In Victory: DJT, obviously, will regain command of the military and will wind up seated atop a nuclear arsenal as considerable as his ass, itself; such deadly power proving more than adequate to enforce his “official” overthrow of Democracy; thereby denying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness / the entire American Dream to all (save for himself and perhaps his immediate family).

In Defeat: DJT will, once again, dredge up the trope that non-existent, widespread voter fraud had denied him victory and then, promptly rally / deploy his vast private army of domestic terrorists STAT; send these insurrectionists on a bat-crap crazy rampage / assault that’ll likely dwarf what real America witnessed (and barely survived) back on January 6th.

Mr. President, far be it for this man, who voted for you, to tell you how best to live up to your Oath of Office, but, in my (History) book, this is not a Kumbaya Moment; one where your affable, camp counselor / Mister Rogers personae and gentlemanly demeanor will suffice.

That’s about all the strength this true blue, peaceable, private citizen can muster, today.

I sure as hell hope and pray that, when needed, you can summon whatever it takes to keep the peace; to preserve, protect and defend our beloved America.

Wishing you / your loved ones all the best life has to offer,



P.S. ~ Since early 2020, this is how I’ve been ending all my posts…

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Relighting America’s Beacon ~ Vid of the Day


Programming the human brain is not unlike programming a computer…

Garbage IN = Garbage OUT

Even though the un-American, fake prez has a head that’s akin to a massive landfill… a wasteland overloaded with ideological garbage… he’s still fully aware of that above equation. As a garbageman / programmer his singularity of purpose is to install malware… e.g., his zero tolerance immigration policy.

He ceaselessly exploits / plays into his constituents’ preexisting unreasonable and unfounded prejudices and phobias. And just prior to clicking onto “restart”… just to further fan the flames of their racial bias and fears of cultural differences… his programming also involves his BOGUS claim that undocumented immigrants are “stealing” employment opportunities from Americans.

Hmmm… let’s update our minds, instead, with the installation of this reality based “software” (version 6.20)…

Job loss is far more about bad business practices such as the upward redistribution of wealth, outsourcing and automation… far more about bad governance, which perpetuates the abysmal status quo… e.g. the sky high cost of higher education.

In the end, our undereducated society is ill prepared / ill equipped to apply for and fill the high tech and highly specialized job openings of the 21st century.

In short… it’s far easier for reckless businessmen and feckless, elected leaders to blame illegal immigrants than to offer up meaningful societal changes. To further clarify this, let’s also install this IF/THEN scenario…

IF avaricious CEOs (playing out their real life game of Monopoly) weren’t demanding exorbitant annual salaries and obscene perks… IF they truly believed in providing pleasant working conditions and paying a living wage / offering vital benefits to each and every industrious, average Jane and Joe worker… IF affordable college education and vocational training were both readily available…

THEN a symbiotic relationship would develop between labor and management…THEN full employment would become possible… THEN poverty would be eradicated… THEN immigrants would be welcomed… THEN political, emotional, ideological and national boundary lines would first blur… next vanish… THEN a genuinely global society / community could bloom and flourish.

THEN Neil Diamond’s America would become far, Far, FAR more than exquisitely delivered, pride inspiring song lyrics. As I type… as you read the final four lines of this post… keep in mind this song’s repeated, spirited, joyous rallying chants of “TODAY!”


Let’s restart our minds! “TODAY!”
Let’s restart our search for benevolent leadership! “TODAY!”
Let’s restart America! “TODAY!”
Let’s restart our entire World! “TODAY!”



DANGER! Trump, Ryan, McConnell & Roberts’ One Party Rule

Politically speaking, I know the difference between right and left. As the grown-up here, it’s abundantly clear to me that, on Election Day, the children on the right threw a tantrum and wrongfully elected Donald Trump as our their president.

Morally speaking, I know the difference between right and wrong. As a respectable adult, I’m fully aware that I must reject Donald Trump as our their president.

Because I’ve honored the U.S. Constitution’s stipulation calling for an orderly transition of power, I’ve done my patriotic duty… and that’s as far as I’ll go. I must draw the line somewhere! And that means I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT compromise my ethics the same way Trump and his supporters flip off theirs… that is… if they ever had any true patriotism and solid scruples to begin with.

Under normal circumstances, we, who voted for Hillary Clinton, would mourn for awhile and then shrug off her defeat by saying, “Oh well… better luck next time”… BUT… it’s not as easy as that.

How so?

Mere days ago, the voters did absolutely nothing to safeguard America (and the world) against madman Trump’s wrecking ball. And I’m not being melodramatic when I point out how Dangerous Donny made campaign promises, which will batter, objectify and subjugate women, discriminate against LGBTs, fan the flames of racial and religious intolerance and mock disabled folks… which showcased his ill-conceived plans to plunder our economy and lay waste to Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

These voters cleared away all Constitutional impediments from Dangerous Donny’s path by granting him solid Republican Legislative Branch majorities and, as soon as he fills the vacant seat on the SCOTUS bench, he’ll have a 5-4 Republican majority within the Judicial Branch, too.

Under normal circumstances, even one party rule would be tempered by checks and balances, where (in this instance) the Republican majority… both legislators and judges… would consistently prioritize their patriotism over partisanship.

In other words, IF WHEN Trump does something wrong… they’d fearlessly call him out as flat out wrong.

But, such patriotic and moral traits… such political mettle… NEITHER accurately characterize Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts NOR their sycophantic rightwing colleagues.

So, I can only counter the folly of my American compatriots, who’ve elected Donald Trump… and, worse yet, have granted him absolute power (which will corrupt absolutely) by saying…

My rock solid patriotism and moral compass guide me on the high road.

I will NEVER march in lockstep, alongside them, down their low road… down Donny’s low road, which is strewn with the craggy rocks and boulders of insanity, profanity, stupidity, bigotry, misogyny and gluttony.

Although they are oblivious to the grave reality of the situation of their own making… they have buried America.

After only four years hours of Donald Trump in the Oval Office, for average Janes and Joes (and yes, ironically, that’ll include Trump’s supporters), the American Dream will come to an end… the American Nightmare will begin. As for the phrase, “Oh well… better luck next time”…

Oh well… better luck next time.