Dear Joe

Dear Joe,

Excuse my exasperation and skepticism, but, just what the hell is left for real Americans to hope for when the other side of the pandemic involves:

  • a looming, climate changed, unfit for humankind, scorched Earth
  • mass murderer targeted school houses, houses of worship, etc.
  • police departments seething with bigotry, brutality and militancy
  • the ever-deepening Have-It-Alls and Have Nothings chasm
  • our Supreme/Federal benches overloaded with hardliner rightie judges
  • workers forced to endure non-living wages and union busting
  • free, fair elections mucked up by anti-American state legislators
  • a U.S. Senate hamstrung by DINO’s, the filibuster and parliamentarian
  • the too lenient punishment of the January 6th terrorists / their leader DJT
  • an electorate comprised of up to 75 million who plot to re-empower DJT

Let’s not mince words. The apparently getting off scot-free (AGAIN) Donald J. Trump has a massive ego, which won’t permit him to pass up another bid for reelection and, come 2024, win or lose, he will wield the power to paint the town; paint America blood red.

In Victory: DJT, obviously, will regain command of the military and will wind up seated atop a nuclear arsenal as considerable as his ass, itself; such deadly power proving more than adequate to enforce his “official” overthrow of Democracy; thereby denying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness / the entire American Dream to all (save for himself and perhaps his immediate family).

In Defeat: DJT will, once again, dredge up the trope that non-existent, widespread voter fraud had denied him victory and then, promptly rally / deploy his vast private army of domestic terrorists STAT; send these insurrectionists on a bat-crap crazy rampage / assault that’ll likely dwarf what real America witnessed (and barely survived) back on January 6th.

Mr. President, far be it for this man, who voted for you, to tell you how best to live up to your Oath of Office, but, in my (History) book, this is not a Kumbaya Moment; one where your affable, camp counselor / Mister Rogers personae and gentlemanly demeanor will suffice.

That’s about all the strength this true blue, peaceable, private citizen can muster, today.

I sure as hell hope and pray that, when needed, you can summon whatever it takes to keep the peace; to preserve, protect and defend our beloved America.

Wishing you / your loved ones all the best life has to offer,



P.S. ~ Since early 2020, this is how I’ve been ending all my posts…

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!












Pseudo americans, a.k.a. Trumpers, insurrectionists, cultists,
Klansmen and Nazis, do feel unwarranted, undue reverence
for their Confederate States/Civil War “warriors”; do bow to
their busts and statuary which, truth be told, do prop up the
bigoted, cowardly traitors to America. ALL, who do succumb
to delusion, do go berserk at mere mention that their “icons”,
have absolutely no place within enlightened society, and, as
such, must be razed and dispatched to the nearest recycling
and / or smelting facilities. These idolaters could learn much
from the can-do team spirit of the flying overhead, flocks of
pigeons, who do duly decorate tingod soldiers with doo-doo!




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








Respelling We?


“We the People”, starts the stately preamble
Stated by bygone souls, not prone to ramble
The Constitution, ’twas its framers’ gamble
To strip land free of barbarians’ bramble?

They’d not foreseen despot’s plot; thug who’d scramble
To free folks of freedom, reduce land to shamble
Into each Tweet, bleat and speech, he doth cram bull
“Wee the People”, starts his stupid preamble!







Imagining the Unimaginable?


My long ago, public school system’s American History courses were vulnerable to revisionism. Both teachers and textbooks oft employed “noble” sounding phraseology, such as “Manifest Destiny”, in a feeble attempt to pretty up the aggressive expansionists’ land-grabs (oft involving ownership contested territory), which all but guaranteed battlefields strewn with bullet riddled, blood-splattered corpses.

Additionally, instructors / authors rarely, honestly portrayed North America’s early settlers as the ill-mannered invaders they usually were and conveniently failed to mention how, due to hubris and hostility, these frontiersmen could not, more likely, chose not to peaceably coexist with anyone.

The corroborating evidence is damning, e.g., their unconscionable enslavement of African-Americans, savage massacres of Native Americans and unwarranted internment of Asian-Americans.

More recently, settlers’ descendants, who’ve failed to learn one damned thing from America’s shameful past, opted to extend such indefensible, reprehensible conduct to pointlessly attack Iraq, which resulted in the barbaric torture and genocidal slaughter of Mesopotamian Arabs, inclusive of incalculable numbers of indigenous civilians.

The Framers of our Constitution did hint at the above-mentioned human frailties. Right within the Preamble, there’s mention of their desire to “form a more perfect union.”

And I’d certainly add that, although America remains imperfect, our homeland is still worthy of survival… if for no other reason than to ensure the continuance of our Founding Fathers’ Grand Experiment… to, someday, perhaps, even see it to glorious fruition. Who the hell knows, we may eventually, even get everything right, right?

But that won’t be easy. Americans are now at the mercy of the merciless ogre who has wedged his fat Fascist fanny into the chair behind the Oval Office desk. He’s not only the most undemocratic, most Un-American prez to ever be sworn in (and sworn at), he’s a science denier, to boot. As such, he’d never, ever want to participate in any experiment… grand or otherwise.

Of course, that’s not to say he would not delegate autocracy’s heavy lifting to his insidious, more industrious underlings… and then promptly take full credit for whatever subversive plot these mad scientists concoct to blow up the “science lab”, as it were.

Having such reservations, re that bastard, is why I now find myself fondly reconnecting to my day’s of yore classrooms… recollecting the awe I had experienced courtesy of my mentors’ lectures and my textbooks. After all, not all of my lessons had involved revisionists’ fabrications.

That’s why, I now find tears welling up in my eyes whenever I come to the realization that, while I had been born centuries too late to have ever lived through the Birth of America, I now live at a time where I cannot help but sense that something wicked (and previously unimaginable) is imminent… a far from blessed event, which no one would’ve ever believed possible… not even in our very worst nightmare…

The Death of America.

Election Day 2020 and its aftermath will determine whether or not that nightmare comes true.








A 21 (+ 1) Verse Salute To History

Every now and then I do love to wax poetic. I now invite you to do a little time trippin’ with me. To help keep everyone from straying off course… to this post… I’ve inserted temporal, subheading guideposts.


In the beginning…


The dawn of Earth… our land pristine,

Bright skies of blue… lush fields of green,

Clear crystal streams … air sweet and fresh,

Realms where life teems… fins, feath’, fur, flesh.


By day we toil… oft gather… hunt,

Too soon for words… we blather… grunt,

By night we gaze… at starry sky,

Moon waxes… wanes… we stare and spy.


We seek shelter… from rain… thunder,

Our minds wander… we oft wonder,

Time marches on… each passing year,

We start to ask… “Why are we here?”


As eons pass… our world revolves,

Hard to support… our life evolves,

Hard to deny… the glum, grim truth,

Oft humankind… is cruel, uncouth.


Of course, we do… what we do best,

Poor stewards all… muck up the nest,

We mark our turf… with foul piss,

Reptile brains aim… how could we miss?


Each time our foes… do not Keep Out!

We wage our wars … maim, murder, rout,

Those who feel fright… tuck tail… take flight,

Those who fight back… face deadly plight.


Floods and famines… plagues and scourges,

Minor chorded… gravesite dirges,

Millions perish… deep-six buried,

To Heaven’s gate… souls get ferried?


For those who spurn… “Thou shalt not kill”,

Take headfirst plunge… in Satan’s swill,

To get ensnared… in his dark spell,

Condemns these fools… casts them to Hell.


Dark Ages die… no need to mourn,

To take its place… Renaissance born,

New ways abound… proliferate,

No holding back… minds liberate.


Movers shakers… and inventors,

Robust thinkers… shrewd, sage mentors,

In full bloom… noble notions,

Skyward soar… sail minds’ oceans.


Explorers sail… the deep blue seas,

Find strange new worlds… spread their disease,

Some come in peace… some conquer all,

Some are welcomed… some hit brick wall.


America’s beginning…


America bound… Englishmen flee,

Eschew their roots… brew Boston tea,

Common sense rules… puts up good fight,

New nation forms… by dawn’s early light.


Once more, we do… what we do best,

Can’t coexist… conquer Wild West,

Force Native A’s… off their own land,

Vile facts of how… “We” would expand.


Greed breeds true… retrogression,

Nothing great ‘bout… Great Depression,

Lust for money… bricks of gold,

Stagnates nation… folks’ lives on hold.


World War-II fought… fraught with errors,

Nightmares / horrors… A-bomb terrors,

Clouds of mushrooms… islands torched,

Flesh burnt to crisp… possessions scorched.


Commie witch hunt… McCarthy, Joe,

No need for facts… he says it’s so,

He who disputes… is a dead duck,

Think you can win? Good night. Good luck!


More recent America and onward…


Lessons not learned… new rivers red,

Korea / Nam… soldiers are bled,

Foolish theory… the domino,

Deploys the troops… where they shouldn’t go.


One – Nine – Six – O… the ballots cast,

J.F.K.’s win… doomed not to last,

One – Nine – Six – Three… a bullet blast,

Blew off his head… left us aghast.


Nixon… Reagan… Bush Times Two,

All Autocrats… with scruples few,

Unions busted… Freedoms shredded,

War crimes… torture… got embedded.


No place to hide… Big Brother sees,

We are all watched… by our TVs,

Landlines get tapped… we’re GPS’d,

Mouse clicks get logged… we all get stressed.


In the not too distant future…


In days ahead… deep trouble brews,

If voters vote… for Trump or Cruz,

Chickenhawks both… need I remind?

They lust for war… the nuclear kind.


Post bomb blast scenes… horrific fright,

Crawling amidst… the nuclear night,

The tough old bug… that now encroaches,

Our world overrun… by the cockroaches!