Next Sunday (Sunday Song Series)

If you’re into Americana, Folk and Country music, you’ve arrived at the right site at the right time. As we continue to track through the vast territory of Sunday titled songs, we’ve now arrived at Week #88, where we’ll be crossing paths with singer / songwriters Laura Rogers and Lydia Slagle (née Rogers). These actual sisters, who hail from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, record as the Secret Sisters.

And while it’s no secret that they’ll be performing Next Sunday, you need not wait till next Sunday to give this track a listen (sorry… I couldn’t resist the wordplay).

To briefly “roll” the Next Sunday credits… uh… today…

T-Bone Burnett: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Zachary Dawes: Bass
Jay Bellerose: Drums
Keefus Ciancia: Keyboards
Gabe Witcher: Mandolin:
Jack Ashford: Tambourine
Laura Rogers / Lydia Slagle: Vocals

Be sure to pay a visit to the Official Secret Sisters Website. There, you can check out more of their videos, as well as get on the inside track to their 2020 album, Saturn Return. Be sure to peruse their bio / recording history over at Wikipedia.

I thank you for you clicking by and cordially invite you back for our next Sunday song. In this instance, you will need to wait till next Sunday.








The “Heads I Win/Heads I Win” South Dakota Coin Toss

Blog Subtitle: Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?


Musical interlude time! First, give this catchy li’l tune a listen… then we’ll chat…


Say you and a buddy need a quick way to decide something… it matters not what. So… what options are at your disposal? In no particular order, here are several recommendations…

  1. High Playing Card Draw
  2. Rock – Paper – Scissors
  3. Eenie-Meenie-Miny-Moe
  5. Coin Toss

If you’re opting for #5, do exercise a reasonable amount of caution. Be you an American or a stateside tourist (unaffected by the unamerican [sic] travel ban), when fishing out your pocket change, make sure you closely examine your 25¢ pieces!

In the spirit of fair play, if your quarter is part of the America the Beautiful commemorative coin series, avoid the one featuring South Dakota! Why?

Well, unless you call the toss, “heads”… most assuredly…


You see, to the best of this numismatist-blogger’s knowledge, ever since it was minted in 2013, that particular, peculiar coin became…

America’s, first ever, heads on both sides, legal tender quarter!

On the obverse, per usual (ever since 1932), appears President George Washington… BUT… on the reverse… well… that’s where we discover a zoomed-in, partial image of Mt. Rushmore where not only does gentleman George reappear but so does President Thomas Jefferson!

I do hope this heads-up (not meant to be taken totally serious) blog has helped everyone make heads or tails out of the chancy, “Heads I Win/Heads I Win” South Dakota Coin Toss”. The fate of the entire, decision-making free world just might, someday, hang in the balance??? 😉 (JK)




1 Considering how five of those nine SCOTUS judges (the Floundering, UnFounding Fathers / muthas) are legislating from the bench… i.e. are hell bent on green-lighting all signed into law, U.S. Constitution gutting legislation… especially (f)laws, which deny average Jane and Joe citizens our freedoms… they would be far too busy to ever help us settle any garden-variety issues. Oh, btw… if you opt to watch this footnote’s linked video, you can save a bit of time by fast forwarding to the juicy details starting at 5:26.