The U.S. Extreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett, the U.S. Supreme Court judge… no, strike that… the U.S. Extreme Court judge, freshly installed by Mitch McConnell’s Republican dominated U.S. Senate, could sure use a refresher course re one of the most recognized, essential passages from the U.S. Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Founding Fathers • Bill of Rights • 1st Amendment • December 15, 1791

Barrett’s inability to recall the specific passage, re the people’s right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” was EITHER due to her anxiety OR her over-anxiousness to strike down that most fundamental of protections. Give her a listen.

One need not possess a sixth sense to know that puppeteer Donald J. Trump’s puppet will be adding her sixth voice to the majority opinion; her ruling that is certain to solidify her boss’s choke hold on civil liberties.

And, in the process, Amy Coney Barrett will be silencing Black Lives Matter protestors; as well as everybody else with legitimate grievances.


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6 of 9 Ain’t Divine


PREFACE: Donald J. Trump contends that his opponent, if elected, intends to “stack” the Supreme Court bench with liberals (via an expansion of the current nine judge “limit”). As for Joe Biden’s actual intent, he has yet to respond with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Of course, thumbing his nose at Donny would be far more apropos, considering the fake prez’s shameless hypocrisy in this very matter. All gestures aside, Joe could easily build a formidable case in defense of “stacking”, thusly…

The evidence is irrefutable. Trump, himself, has been stacking the Supreme Court bench with hardcore conservatives; namely, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and the soon to be installed Amy Coney Barrett.

Once this rookie trio colludes with the inveterate veterans (rightwingers John Roberts, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas), Donny will own and operate 6 out of 9 SCOTUS judges (67%).

One has to seriously call into question the flagrant unfairness of 67% of SCOTUS judges kowtowing to the interests of the 35% of Americans who identify as conservatives; while simultaneously screwing over 65% of Americans who identify as liberals / moderates.

The math, alone, calls for a 67% liberal / moderate Supreme Court bench. Of course, to achieve such a feat would require EITHER firing Trump’s three appointees and replacing them with lefties / centrists OR hiring additional judges who think along these lines. Let’s explore these options further.

Seeing how the Founding Fathers had stipulated that SCOTUS judges are supposed to serve until they either retire or die, that firing action would be actionable. However, since they had never stipulated any specific, set number of judges, that hiring action could easily pass any constitutional scholar’s sniff test.

So, let’s take a whiff of what Donald J. Trump’s Supreme Court stacking has established; how it utterly fails to represent the vast majority of Americans. In essence, he’s forcing liberals and moderates to suffer; i.e., due to his sadistic judges’ saturated with ignorance and discrimination decisions.

More specifically, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and the up and coming Amy Coney Barrett will soon be striking down Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and Labor Unions; gutting the Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, the Rights of Women, Minorities, the LGBTQIA Community, the Aged and Infirm.

This sextet fully intends to muck up fair, free elections, arm homicidal gun nuts, embolden Nazis, Klansmen and other domestic terrorists; prop up corporate personhood and unleash irreversible, catastrophic environmental ruin.

And lest we forget, in unison they’ll also shout out to Dictator Donny, “MORE POWER TO YOU!” and then stand, patiently in line, to each plant a big wet, lingering smooch on his Fascist fanny.

So, here’s were we now stand… correction… where America is about to fall. 6 out of 9 Supreme Court Trump suck-ups and their horrific rulings will continue screwing over 2 out of 3 Americans for up to 3 to 4 more decades.

And to keep it all real, in the long run, they’ll actually be mucking up the lives of 3 out of 3 Americans; eventually negatively impacting all 7.8 Billion souls, worldwide.

And so, I now ask:

WTF would be the harm of the (hopefully) victorious Joe Biden “stacking” the U.S. Supreme Court with lefties and centrists? If that’s what it’ll take to save humanity, would that not be well worth it?

What rational person would ever find fault with that?

Of course, the key word, in play, here, is RATIONAL!


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A Screw-Up’s Nuts & Bolts M.O.

This a.m., I gave a listen to the live coverage of Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing.

From the right side of the aisle, many of her Republican Senator cohorts took to shamelessly, inordinately heaping on their praise; some even going so far as to answer the very questions, which they had prepared for her. It’s as if they had deemed her so incompetent that, sans their help, she’d be at a loss for words? I kept on yelling at my radio,

“Damn it, Mr. Republican, you’re not the one applying for the freakin’ job! She is! Why don’t you just let this book-smart woman speak for herself? America and the rest of the world would rather hear her out!”

Re the left side of the aisle, I can only hope that the Democratic Senators’ oft insightful, people oriented guidance will, someday, help correct her lifeless, blah, corporate myopia; help her more clearly see our Founding Fathers’ vision for America.

To cite one example, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), had expressed his concerns re Barrett’s talks with Donald J. Trump. He then asked, pointedly, if her nomination had been contingent upon her taking orders from the Oval Office.

In other words / my own words…

If confirmed, would Barrett help Dictator Donny subvert the highest court of the land? Flagrantly aid and abet his, reprehensible voter suppression plot? Allow him to stay in power until he’s 100+ years old? Willfully collude to help him burn up the U.S. Constitution and burn down America?

While Barrett did insist that there had been no such discussion, what if Trump had asked her a more… wink – wink… general question; oh, say, “Will you ALWAYS rule in my favor, NO MATTER WHAT?” After all, that would be the ONE and ONLY qualification that’d ever be of interest to him.

Obviously, such a Q would only require her “Yes!”; and with nary a mention of voter suppression, to boot! Furthermore, would that 3-letter, monosyllabic, 1-word reply even qualify as a discussion?

Let’s discuss this more abstractly, too. What about Barrett’s outside the courtroom conduct?

My thoughts now flashback to Barrett’s 09/26/2020 public White House appearance; known to our pandemic experts as a COVID-19 superspreader event; known to off-the-record White House staffers as The Rose Garden Massacre; a.k.a. the suspected ground zero site, where Trump, himself, had gotten infected.

Think of it! Against the backdrop of the worst global pandemic to plague humankind since 1918, Barrett showed up at her White House coming out party sans mask. Granted, she had already been infected with and recovered from COVID-19. Even so, one would think that this debutante would’ve walked away from her sickbed with a newfound concern / respect for the rest of humanity?

Even if grand scale thinking is above her pay grade, could she not localize it? What of her husband and kids? Their extended family? Circle of friends? Coworker networks?

And, to put another legal spin on this, how could a law and order judge, no less, ever be a party to reckless / public endangerment? Depending on the harm done, that crime is either a misdemeanor or felony.

Barrett’s Rose Garden appearance, in itself, attests to her disregard for time-honored science; which, regardless of which courtroom she’ll call “home”, it’ll not bode well re her rulings related to Obamacare, women’s rights, climate change and the pandemic, etc. BTW, when Senator Leahy had asked her how many people, stateside, have tested COVID positive, she couldn’t even ballpark it.

From what I’ve witnessed, so far, I’m deeply concerned about this SCOTUS judge wannabe’s cavalier attitude. But why would that even be surprising to any of us? Just take a gander at who nominated her!

While there’s little doubt that Amy Coney Barrett knows the nuts and bolts of the law, it’ll be her interpretations that’ll screw everything up.

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Amy’s Anagrams

PREFACE: As we know, all too well, the ethics barren, Donald J. Trump has nominated U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett for a position on the U.S. Supreme Court. In a sense, her nomination is akin to the fake prez giving her his (hopefully figurative) hug. As is true with virtually all of Trump’s tyrannical cronies / hacks, she has the preexisting cloud of corruption / conflict of interest billowing above her noggin; the dark storm cloud, which color coordinates with her black judicial robe.

QUESTION: Via the anagram, might Amy Coney Barrett’s very name lend itself to further analysis of this partisan, impetuous, on steroids, politically turbocharged nominating process?

DISCLAIMER: It was necessary to add one, lower case “d”, to facilitate the sentence’s flow.



Yep, with the exception of that (d), that sentence twice spells out AMY CONEY BARRETT!

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And the Fly said, “HELP ME!”

To properly “unpack” the content from last night’s 90 minute long debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice Prez Mike Pence, it could easily exceed 90 minutes. Were that to happen, it’d also turn off you, the reader, who’s likely ISO thumbnail political analysis, STAT! Ergo, I’ll try to mitigate the word count.

Suffice to say, this debate left much to be desired.

For starters, I found it particularly irritating / infuriating how Harris got repeatedly interrupted by Pence, who had deemed it his undeserved, gender birthright to dominate both his opponent and moderator Susan Page.

Also, Harris had missed some key opportunities to more forcefully refute the always running off at the mouth, running overtime, evasive Pence, who was doing little more than regurgitating the paint-by-numbers, hackneyed and (damned near always) disingenuous Trumpian talking points.

To be fair to Harris, this liberated man fully understands how women are harshly and unduly criticized for the same level of assertiveness, which men are complimented for. No doubt, her awareness of this odious bias toned down her debating rhetoric and style.

Seeing how I’d be remiss not to cite at least one specific debating moment, let’s discuss how Pence had, point blank, challenged Harris to state whether or not, if empowered, the Biden Admin would stack the Supreme Court; i.e., via the addition of liberal judges.

Of course, Harris and Joe Biden have deemed it wise to avoid answering yes or no in such forums. Their rationale is sound due to the complexity of this issue. More to the point, it’s damned near impossible to shoehorn any meaningful dialogue into a debate format that’s hindered by time constraints and regimented questions ISO soundbite, catch phrase replies.

Ergo, Harris opted to pivot, instead; point out how the Trump Admin, itself, is all about stacking / loading up the Supreme and Circuit Courts with lifetime appointee ideologues.

Aside: We are talking about judicial hacks who are best described as arch-conservative, under-qualified and oft incompetent.

The Senator’s response was satisfactory, yet, a much better zinger could’ve gone along these lines:

Mr. Pence, tell me, tell all Americans, just how the 67 percent conservative Supreme Court bench, which both you and Donald J. Trump lust for, fairly represents / evenhandedly serves an America that’s ONLY 35 percent conservative?

Reminder: These are my words.

And if time permitted, Ms. Harris could’ve even pointed out that judges are not supposed to be wearing MAGA hats; or for that matter, brown shirts and white Klansman robes / hoods.

Even the fly, which had landed on Mike Pence’s snow white tresses could smell the stench; the white nationalist / Fascist state shit, which, just like a nasty COVID-19 plume, wafts all around the Trump / Pence camp.

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Of, By and For Everyone?


Unless financial wounds are self-inflicted, it’s virtually impossible for multimillionaires / multi-billionaires to ever be harmed. Such individuals could not do perceptable damage to their investments, even were they to pay their fair share of income taxes (which, more often than not, they don’t). They could not, possibly, go broke if, somehow, they could each live out 2 to 10 human lifetimes. Granted, I’m just estimating that “10”; it could be much more than that.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to achieve success beyond one’s wildest dreams. However, what IS wrong becomes glaringly evident once the well-heeled individuals seek / attain high elective office. And that’s akin to our worst nightmares-come-true.

Typically, public service is not their motivating factor. Private gain, to the exclusion of the less fortunate, is their driving force. And that means, instead of working towards the betterment of society, as a whole, they’re spending every waking moment perverting the very Constitution, which their Oath of Office demands that they support and defend.

We’re talking about the very document with the preamble reminder of just who the hell We are and what, as a Nation, We stand for. It’s right there in the opening three words! How could anybody not notice, “We the People”? Let’s review that preamble in its entirety…

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Please note how nowhere within that passage is there even one whiff of a malodorous disclaimer; one which would establish an America that’s government Of the wealthy, By the wealthy and For the wealthy.

Even so, we ARE talking about wealth that’s been amassed so corruptly that “our” self-serving representatives are doing their damnedest to cover their asses, namely, by rigging our Congress and loading our Courts; hell, even subverting our Elections to THEIR advantage; and all with Donald J. Trump’s approval.

Donny’s hijacked and radicalized Republican Party, backed by HIS private army of sycophantic, psychopathic, armed to the teeth, white nationalists, domestic terrorists and voter vigilantes, have all but hammered in the final nail into Lady Liberty’s coffin; all but established a virtually impossible to dismantle, barren of ethics, stripped of oversight, mash-up of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.

What other corroborating evidence does anyone need to support such a contention, other than pointing out how president (in title only) Trump (a.k.a. mister quid pro quo) has ordered HIS owned (in title only) senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to railroad onto the Supreme Court bench HIS handpicked, handmaid nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

How can any fair-minded person reconcile a 67% conservative Supreme Court with a nation that’s demographically 35% conservative? Sure as shit, that stinks like government Of the wealthy, By the wealthy and For the wealthy.


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