99 Word Blog (#035) A Hypothetical Scenario



WHAT IF, in the not too distant future, U.S. intelligence revealed that Scandinavian terrorists were planning a 9/11-magnitude attack against America? That 20 longhaired blonde women were about to go on a rampage?

WHAT IF President Donald Trump’s preemptive response incorporated many of Ann Coulter’s anti-Muslim intolerant notions into his likeminded foreign policy?

THEN he’d likely…

FIRST: attack Scandinavian nations, take out their leadership and dye all blonde females’ hair brown.

NEXT: confine all blonde American females in barbed wired, guard-towered concentration camps.

Hmmm… I wonder… would Coulter cozy up to that?

Oops… almost forgot… she’s a longhaired blonde!

99 Word Blog (#034) Ann Coulter’s Callousness


Dear Ms. Coulter,

Please don’t deem this a compliment. Your branding Khizr Khan “a snarling Muslim” (during your Andrew Bolt interview) makes you out to be a mean-spirited, savagely partisan, opportunistic, stick figure entity.

FYI… the Khan family is still grieving. Their young son, Humayun, died heroically in W’s fraudulent, unwarranted Iraq war… defending an America where Muslims constantly live under unfounded suspicion’s dark storm clouds… clouds roiled up by xenophobic, haughty, insensitive ingrates… such as you.

RE your private little wittle war… stand down… stop verbally abusing Khizr Khan and his family… they’ve already suffered too damned much!