My From the Heart Thanks


I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks and welcome aboard to 22 of my WordPress neighbors who, over the course of this summertime (wintertime if you dwell south of the equator), have started following my blog.

I’d also like to wholeheartedly thank, once more, my neighbors, who’ve been paying me virtual visits throughout all the years I’ve been dwelling within this wonderful WordPress community.

My further gratitude to all who’ve been deeming my content likeable and, at times, even comment worthy.

While I’d find it preferable to express such sentiments by connecting to you in an individual manner…

I must also deal with realities, which make it medically unwise for me… actually for any of us… to remain sedentary for prolonged online visits.

And visits can run far longer than expected, too, because I am oft battling daily connection problems… perpetrated by an ISP that feels little commitment to living up to the “P” part of that acronym. Funny how there’s no connection problem when they “provide” me their monthly bill (ha-ha… I think).

Although online related complications can limit me… dictate what I cannot do… it’s my can-do spirit that will never limit my commitment to blogging out informative, useful and, maybe, even entertaining content that will live up to and may, someday, even exceed your expectations.

Since I cannot say this enough… once more… my from the heart thanks to you all.



Mega Thanks To All @WordPress!


1 Year Anniversary Achievement

1 Year Anniversary Achievement


My heartfelt gratitude to each and every WordPress blogger and visitor who opts to click on by… spend precious time out of their busy lives to read my prose and poetry… and listen to my musical BlogCasts.

I extend extra special thanks to my followers. Over the course of this past year, via our posts and comment box chats, we’ve learned much about each other and have become the online equivalent of pen pals.

There’s also a sense of awe whenever I realize our blogged notions and emotions are reaching out… sometimes even half a world away to touch each other’s minds, hearts and souls. Reading your imaginative, informational and motivational posts… viewing your superb, oft breathtaking photography and works of art have entertained, educated, impressed and inspired me… and made me a far, Far, FAR better blogger.

As for the LIKE STARS, which you’ve been awarding my blogs… they’ve all been combining into comforting constellations, which are brilliantly lighting up the darkness that, as of late, has begun to descend upon my day-to-day life and over my once-upon-a-time, free homeland.

With YOU standing by my side… I feel a significant purpose to my existence.

Without YOU… My ideas would forever languish… remain imprisoned within the six cyberwalls of their Word Document cubicles.

Because of YOU… The WordPress Community… I’m looking forward to spending year two with YOU!



Mega Thanks! In Roman Numerals I’m Now @ “C” Level!

100 Follows!


Approximately two weeks ago, WordPress congratulated me because my website has attracted 100 followers. I’ve not mentioned this, up till now, for two reasons…

  1. I don’t like to brag.
  2. Quality is more important than Quantity.

Indeed, YOU really do mean far more to me than the statistics appearing in my Dashboard’s graphs and readouts… reports, which, if taken too seriously, can seem obsessively goal oriented, overly analytical and unduly dehumanizing.

However… my above concerns would never prevent me from liberally expressing my gratitude.

That’s because YOU, the residents of this wonderful WordPress Community, have been taking precious time out of your busy lives to read my blogged prose and poetry and listen to my musical Blogcasts. You’ve been clicking my “Like Stars” and posting comments, too.

When YOU make that “little red dot” appear in my screen’s upper right-hand corner and ring my email chime YOU bring joy into my life.

I’d like to wholeheartedly thank all of YOU for all that YOU do for me, each and every time we enter our shared, virtual, WordPress world!