It’s Gonna Be a LONG 9 Months…


Right from the get go, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment were destined to fall on deaf ears… fail to pry open hopelessly, chronically closed minds. Any realistic person already knew the outcome… namely… that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s throng of totally corrupt, Trumpian suck-ups would totally, corruptly exonerate the totally corrupt fake prez.

In essence, We the People have nobody else to blame but the spineless, feckless, reckless McConnell, who has now granted Trump absolute power… crowned the Fascist bastard King Donald I.

And as John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton warned us long ago…

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

As we’ve already seen, right on cue, the Trumpster has been wallowing in his ill-gotten victory like a squealing pig in a puddle of mud and feces. He’s surging with unlimited, unchecked power, that, for the next nine months, will send him rampaging up and down the campaign trail, spreading his corrupt, disingenuous, mucked up message to the starstruck, overly impressionable, gullible, low-information masses.

This will be tantamount to Donny whipping out his Sharpie™ to deface the U.S. Constitution with his scrawled filthy, Fascist “amendments”! He could easily take out what little might remain of our Founding Fathers’ Vision for America.

Now, come Election Day 2020, it TRULY IS up to Americans to use our ballots to convict and oust Trump… for Kentuckians to deny McConnell his seventh term, too!

Right from the get-go, we already know Trump will be doing his damnedest to corrupt America’s free elections… to do whatever it takes to re-install himself into the Blight House for a second term… to, perhaps, even establish a nasty dynasty.

As we know, it is elections that result in “too close to call” vote tallies, which invite / involve the most corruption. So it is up to all of us decent Americans to stage such a massive surge in voter turn-out, that Trumpian fraud will become impossible.

Looking further down the road to the White House / the path back to sweet Freedom…

If we do manage to take back America, it’d be advisable for the “housekeeper” techies to rapidly change the nuclear launch codes and conveniently forget to tell Donny about it. And it wouldn’t hurt to roll out the tanks over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… uh… just to remind the Trumpster, “HEY, DON’T BE A SORE LOSER!” Who knows? That little boy / chickenhawk, who feels perverse rapture at the mere sight of military might, might even get off on taking a gander at such war machines?

Hell, if we present all of this to Trump correctly… really hit him with the hard sell… oh… say… employ language that’d refer to him as “stately, noble, courtly, majestic, distinguished, proud, august, lofty, exalted, regal, lordly, imposing, impressive, grand; solemn, serious, grave, formal, proper, ceremonious, decorous, reserved, composed and sedate”, he might feel good enough about himself to buy into vacating the presidential palace sans a fight.








A Golden Trump Tower in the Sky?


During yesterday’s U.S. House of Representatives floor debate leading up to last night’s impeachment of Donald J. Trump, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) compared the fake prez to Jesus Christ. Said he (uh… Barry… NOT Jesus)…

“Before you take this historic vote today, one week before Christmas, keep this in mind. When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity to face his accusers. During that sham trial, Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than Democrats afforded this president in this process.”

Hmm… might fear of Jesus Trump’s Daddy (God?) account for Republicans’ reluctance to oust the sham prez?

Hmm… let’s break this down, thusly…

The Impeachment Hearings’ “Methodolgy”

• How could Trump possibly face his accusers when he flat-out refused to even show up to testify on his own behalf?

• Is it not true that the truth shall set you free? And if Trump is as “perfectly” truthful as he claims to be, what would he have had to fear, huh? Even if he believed the House to be stacked against him, he knew he could always count on U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bogusly acquit him… i.e., to whitewash / absolve “Jesus’s” White House sins.

The Impeachment Hearings’ “Theology”

• Based upon Loudermilk’s blasphemous tirade, I suppose we could, momentarily, play the Devils Advocate. Barry seems to be intimating that Donald Trump’s middle initial “J” now stands for what? Jesus? And by extension, that’d mean that his Daddy is God, right?

• Hmm… that doth sound a bit odd. I mean, someone of Donny’s “magnificence” would NEVER, EVER settle for second banana / Jesus Christ status. No, my readers, that megalomaniac would always deem himself entitled to godhood / top billing… seeing his name in flashing lights.

Hmm… I don’t know about you… but… if this is, indeed, the afterlife hierarchy that awaits us all, when I die, I’ll forgo that upward escalator ride to that golden Trump Tower in the sky. Instead, I’ll be opting to spend eternity in Satan’s Damnation!





I would like you to do us a favor, though (Take 2)

One of the problems with Donald J. Trump’s trying to shake down Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, is this issue does not resonate well with average Americans… i.e., it does not “hit home” close enough.

Seeing how Robert Mueller left it up to Congress to punish Trump for hobnobbing with Russians, and how Donny assumed (correctly) that nobody would dare to even try, he also took that to mean that he could do whatever he damned pleases. To that end… in no time flat… he was on the phone with Zelensky.

Now, seeing how he’ll likely wind up Impeached by House Democrats and Exonerated by Senate Republicans… well… he WILL Quid Pro Quo again… and Again… AND AGAIN.

And let’s say his next dirty deal (attempt at extortion) does hit home… and hit hard, the average people (like you and me). Check out this sadistic, domestic, purely HYPOTHETICAL scenario…

PREFACE: Meet the pharmaceutical pioneer, Doctor Adam Zellweger (no relation to actor Renée) who, following decades of painstaking research and clinical trials on volunteer human test subjects, has discovered the most efficacious drug ever conceived by humankind… i.e., the miracle medicine that’ll instantaneously wipe all Cancer off the face of the Earth. The FDA is mere moments away from approving this wonder drug when…

Donny, ravenous for campaign dollars (to fund the unconstitutional bid for his 2032 reelection), picks up the phone to make his congratulatory call to Zellweger.

Trump: I’m calling to applaud you Dr. Zellweger. What you’ve done is tremendous, almost as tremendous as my attracting the largest applauding Inauguration Day crowds in American History in 2017, 2021, 2025 and 2029. Now, I do know you’re still in need of FDA approval for your tremendous drug… and I do have the power to speed up that process.… but… uh… I would like you to do us a favor though.

Zellweger: And what might that be?

Trump: Initially, you are to donate a $100 million lump sum to my campaign, so I can run for a tremendous fifth term as your tremendous president. And then, once you get FDA approval, once the billions of bucks start rolling in, I’ll start siphoning off your profits. Now, as your tremendous president and benefactor, I believe my tremendous services to you… my yuge influence in this matter… is worthy of a split of the profits… oh… say… 90/10.

Zellweger: So, let me get this straight. No FDA approval till I agree to your terms? I’ll bet that 90% will be your cut, too, huh?

Trump: Take it or leave it Doctor Z.

Zellweger: Do you realize that your causing the FDA to drag its heels will subject millions of cancer patients to needless agony and death?

Trump: Hey, that’d be all your fault, not mine. To save their lives, all you need do is do us that favor.

Well, my readers, what if Dr. Z opts not to knuckle under to Trump’s pressure? And what if, someday, it will be you, me or one of our loved ones lying, crying and dying in that hospice bed?

Today’s hypothetical scenario could easily become tomorrow’s life or death, reality show.

Such a story amply demonstrates why a House Impeachment and a Senate Conviction / Ouster is in order… and long overdue.