Dubya Owns the Afghanistan Debacle


My bygone, middle school’s Social Studies instructor, H.M., taught me how critical thinking, in part, depends upon one’s ability to accurately sift thru the cause and effect aspects, of the situation at hand.

As of late, the media analysts / would-be strategists (of all political stripes) have been rehashing Afghanistan’s downfall. Considering these talking heads’ inconclusive hand wringing and worthless finger pointing, it’s my conclusion that their difficulties, in part, are based upon their inability to grasp how cause and effect actually interact. Let’s dig deeper.

Twenty Augusts ago, on the 6th, (then president) George W. Bush, (purportedly) took a gander at his Presidential Daily Briefing; that PDB ominously titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US”; that very document even envisioning commercial jet hijackings!

As everything eventually panned out, the recently installed prez had been granted / gifted an ample five week long heads up; i.e., to prepare in a prompt, proactive manner; to protect and defend the United States of America; to, ultimately, prevent needless human suffering and death.

Did W even lift a pinky finger to do so? NOPE! By the time 9/11 had rolled around, W’s leadership vacuum had managed to suck 19 of Osama bin Laden’s box cutter wielding terrorists into America’s airports and comfortably seat them aboard 4 jetliners. If things had been any worse, he probably would’ve served ’em breakfast, too.

Ergo, ObL’s predicted attacks wound up catching W with his Commander-In-Chief pants down, all of which horrified his handlers. However, it was not the attacks, themselves, which had formed worry lines on their mugs. What actually sent them reeling in panic mode boiled down to the Q:

How will we ever be able to cover our boss’s sorry ass; firm up his politically flaccid image?

Their eventual, concocted M.O. amounted to a diversionary scam. They’d instruct bush-leaguer W to, FIRST, fearmonger the gullible, non-critical thinking public and, NEXT, dupe these sheeple into blind acceptance of his vengeance seeking, “smoke out” Osama bin Laden (dead or alive), willy-nilly, batshit crazy crusade.

One wonders if they had ever considered flying a more brains over brawn approach up the flagpole; i.e., something akin to Operation Neptune Spear, which President Barack Obama would eventually approve (come 2011); the meticulously orchestrated, regimented operation, where U.S. Navy SEALS were able to finally track down and obliterate bin Laden (not that his death did much of anything to win W’s no-win War on Terror/make our world a safer place).

Anyway, seeing how W’s “smoke out” plan was never anything more than a CYA smokescreen, he had never actually intended to bring 9/11’s architect to justice. All his wranglers did manage to accomplish was snagging their boy his coveted second term. And, as is true with most other cookie cutter Republicans, clutching to power (and amassing obscene wealth) is all that ever really matters to them.

Alas, throughout W’s eight year reign of terror, he exploited the Afghans as his political pawns; used them as his punching bag; even waterboarded / tortured suspected enemies of his own making; while trying to cover it all up with his euphemistic catchphrase, “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

Abroad: W was, still is, guilty of [1] needlessly slaughtering 241,000 people, 71,000 of them civilians [read it and weep article located here], [2] stifling / snuffing out that nation’s culture, and [3] blasting the real estate / infrastructure to smithereens.

Domestically: To this very day, W’s fear generated, U.S. Patriot Act still bulldozes and buries our once-upon-a-time Constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms and has pissed away TWO TRILLION FREAKIN’ DOLLARS; revenue that would’ve been far better spent on domestic programs to vastly improve Americans’ quality of life.

As bad as all of that already sounds, the repackaging and rebranding techniques, which served to refurbish W’s image, long ago, became canon within the Republican Party’s mucked up, political playbook.

You see, what those wranglers / spin doctors learnt during W’s Era, is that IF they could so readily groom an asshat, such as the ne’er-do-well George W. Bush; morph that imbecile into a pseudo conquering superhero, THEN such a coat of whitewash can also be easily slapped onto any subsequent, political wannabe stumblebum.

Case in point, in preparation for the 2024 Presidential Elections, image makeover (con) artists will be able to easily groom elitist Donald J. Trump; morph that insurrectionist fascist freak into a fake founding father figure.

Bottom lining it, George “Dubya” Bush’s negligence was, still is, and shall forever brand him the CAUSE of the EFFECT; better known as the War in Afghanistan! Dubya flat out owns that godforsaken debacle!

Had Dumbass Dubya properly and promptly reacted to his PDB’s dire warning and thwarted the 9/11 attacks, his pre-existing leadership vacuum would’ve never been strong enough to suck America into that two decades too long, no-win war! Hell, that war would’ve never even existed!

Regarding Bush’s dreadful character faults and deplorable deeds, be these mentioned above or not, on behalf of America, my heartfelt apology to all Afghans. I know what I’m about to type will be of no consolation to either you or me, but say it I must:

I never voted for him!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Yearning for a 9/10 World


Tomorrow it’ll be 18 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks… since nearly 3,000 souls needlessly perished. What that breech of national security had actually proven is that who sits behind the Oval Office desk really, Really, REALLY does matter. Let’s explore this further by time tripping back to events circa the early 2000s.

• George W. Bush ascends the throne, owing to a corrupt rightwing Supreme Court majority ruling, which flat-out denies presidential wannabe Al Gore his legal right to a Florida ballot recount.

• In the role of the illegitimate prez, W soon realizes that his desire to be POTUS pales in comparison to his lust for that title.

• With such a lousy, lazy attitude, W totally flips off his August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing. What part of its dire, alarming, headlined warning does he not dig? Check it out…

Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in U.S.

• The ne’er-do-well prez proceeds to squander five weeks… doesn’t even lift a pinkie finger to beef up homeland security.

• The post 9/11 prez… in political panic mode… on the pretext of capturing ObL… plods onward to wage two, too little, too late, in the wrong “theater”, no-win wars. Along the way he even resorts to torturing / waterboarding the enemies of his own making.

• Next, W and his like-minded, legislative, fascist cronies… on the pretext of beefing up homeland security… all conspire to trot out the U.S. Patriot Act, which, like a vampire, promptly sucks the lifeblood from the body… i.e., the body of the U.S. Constitution.

• W’s legacy in the making? At home we witness the loss of Americans’ precious, sweet liberty. Abroad we discover the stench of war crimes / crimes against humanity and genocide… as well as the oceans of spilt red blood and red ink to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq… battles that do not even bring ObL to justice!

• So successful are W’s handlers that, in the “minds” of too many voters, they deem the dullard / coward incumbent a hero… so much so… they foolishly grant him a second term while denying his opponent… genuine war hero John Kerry, his victory.

For them to have bogusly deemed W to be presidential, only proves that some Americans can be groomed into accepting / empowering any disreputable, deplorable dunce imaginable. To prove my point, one need not look any further than the present-day Oval Office.





Musings While Fireflies Flicker and Crickets Sing

The overnight hours of late summertime can provide a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the mysteries of our vast universe… thoughts which surface just as the Man in the Moon ducks behind a passing cloud… while the fireflies flicker and the crickets sing their timeless, one note song.

Yet, understanding the cosmos almost seems like child’s play when compared to our attempts to fathom the chaos of the Trumpian Universe… a sphere overpopulated with multiple millions of his diehard supporters.

As of late, I’ve actually begun to feel sorry for them. NO… my compassion is not inclusive of allowing them to have their way / reelect their hero. But still… they are suffering from a form of mental illness and somehow, some way, someone must come up with some therapy… provide them the compassionate care they so desperately, urgently need.

It’s nearly impossible to fathom how anyone could go through life with so little intellectual curiosity… be so utterly unable to understand the cause/effect relationship. About all they are capable of is stubbornly refusing to accept the fact that nearly everything they believe is in error. Further complicating their problems is their deplorable POV… tainted with their white nationalism, demeaning sexism, pseudo-evangelism and mutilated patriotism. All things considered, one has to accept the possibility that Donny’s Diehards just might be beyond any help, whatsoever.

I had originally planned to feature a Donny’s Diehards vid to prove my point… but…

Why humiliate them any further than they’ve already humiliated themselves?

Of course, my following typed out transcript could still showcase one man’s flawed reasoning… yet preserve his anonymity. And believe it or not, that dude, when compared to his peers, was one of the more lucid case histories. Here’s the verbatim account of that vid’s Q & A “oral exam”…

Donny Diehard: Barack Obama had big [sic] part of 9/11.
Interviewer: Which part?
Donny Diehard: Not being around. Always on vacation. Never in the office.
Interviewer: Why do you think Barack Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office on 9/11?
Donny Diehard: That I don’t know. I’d like to get to the bottom of that.

I suppose the Interviewer could’ve reminded Donny Diehard why Barack Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office on 9/11… i.e., mainly because 9/11 had occurred on G.W. Bush’s watch… more than seven years prior to Obama becoming president… BUT… would any chronic, Trump supporter have ever accepted the factual, historical timeline?

To award Donny Diehard some partial credit on his “oral exam”… he did ALMOST get it right. That bit where he had said, “Not being around. Always on vacation. Never in the office.” did perfectly sum up the pre-9/11 G. W. Bush’s asleep at the switch / slacker MO. All of that unpresidential sloth in spite of the fact that W had multiple warnings that Osama bin Laden’s attacks on American soil were imminent!

If you’d still like to see Donny Diehard themed vids for yourself, COPY the search parameter “Trump Supporters Say The Darnedest Things” and PASTE it over at YouTube. WARNING: If you’re not careful, you might wind up binge watching these clips for at least an hour.



9/11’s Wars Only Filled Coffins and Emptied Coffers


On this 16th anniversary of 9/11, America’s darkest day in recent history, it would’ve been far too easy for this blogger to extensively lambaste America’s alleged ruler of that era… fault him for ignorantly or indolently or intentionally failing to heed a key intelligence briefing… one which would’ve provided him five full weeks to try to thwart that terrorist attack.

That squandered opportunity resulted in nearly 3,000 dead and over 6,000 injured on 9/11, itself, and, subsequently enabled war profiteers to make a killing (both figurative and literal) once the U.S. got entangled in two, ill-conceived, unwarranted wars. By some accounts both endless, never to be won battles, to date, have slaughtered 1,000,000 innocent souls… while bleeding humanity and the U.S. treasury dry. In other words…

All we have to show for the war on terror are filled coffins and emptied coffers.

Now, if you think my three above paragraphs are too strong and too long, you should’ve seen my three-pager word document, re this same subject matter, which never hit the www on this day!

Just so there’s no misunderstanding… I totally despise all terrorists especially ISIS, al Qaida, the Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. However, we can never expect conventional wars to ever combat and conquer any of these deplorable insane, intracranial ideologies. Indeed, terrorism’s specific latitude and longitude cannot be found on any world map, which makes the boots on the ground approach obsolete… which makes a damned fool out of any leader, who’d ever declare a war on terror.

The best way to thwart terrorism is to end nutritional and intellectual starvation wherever it’s found in our world… to see that everyone makes full use of their God given (or if you’d prefer) their innate talents… to not stand in the way of every industrious individual’s progress. When nearly everyone has a purpose in life… feels fully contented with their lot in life… it will become nearly impossible for any terrorist recruiter’s sales pitch to ever gain any traction.

True, that’s a tall order to fill and will take considerable time and effort… but that’s true of all worthwhile endeavors. And the sooner we, as a society wise up, the better.