Abby’s Day (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to our ongoing journey thru the vast realm of Sunday titled songs. Our Week #107 stopover meets up with this day’s tour guide, Ms. Abby Travis, who’ll be filling in all the pertinent lyrical / philosophical details to Sunday is the Day for Love.

A few fun facts, courtesy of her YouTube channel’s About Section…

“Abby Travis is an American musician, songwriter, and performer. In the 1990s Travis began working as a touring bass player. She has worked with The Go-Go’s, The Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, The Bangles, KMFDM, Beck, and Elastica. Abby’s first solo record was released under the moniker The Abby Travis Foundation; the rest have been under her own. To date she has released at total of four solo albums: The Abby Travis Foundation, Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop, GlitterMouth, and IV.”

Visit her Official Website, too!

If you’d like to check out our next destination, let’s meet up back here seven days from now. Till then…


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A Hazy Shade of Winter’s Vid of the Day

Our featured clip, a Hazy Shade of Winter, is a nod (my begrudging nod) to the Northern Hemisphere having slipped into its winter solstice mode (mere hours ago). While we are linked to both Simon and Garfunkel’s original acoustic rendition and the Bangle’s rocked up cover… well…

It’s when Kirsten Knick presents her own synthed interpretation, above, that this ode to wintertime becomes her stunningly dramatic work of performance art