Sunday Songs Series ~ An Instrumental Instrumental

Week #15 of our Sunday Songs Series has now arrived. This time we’ll be giving a listen to the instrumental track Never Mess With Sunday… as performed by Yppah… a.k.a. Jose Luis Corrales Jr.

That title does sound like some sound advice, too… wouldn’t you agree?

Remaining consistent to his track’s wordlessness… to set up the playback… why not keep the words to a minimum, too. Uh… well… other than to add that, instrumentally speaking, his arrangement reminds me much of a track featured here several Sundays ago… namely… Bat For Lashes’ Sunday Love.

For more Sunday music, meet me back here seven days from now.

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Sunday Songs Series ~ Read ADVISORY Prior To Viewing

If you’ve recently lost someone near and dear to you… regardless of the circumstances… it’d probably be best for you to skip this musical presentation… and return next Sunday when the subject matter will be far less (potentially) disturbing.

To be sure… not all in life is pleasant… especially when loss of life occurs under tragic circumstances… e.g., dying within / near the mangled wreckage of a totaled vehicle… especially when the accident may’ve even been totally avoidable.

To be sure… ever since Jan & Dean first sang of Dead Man’s Curve, the Shangri-Las lamented over the demise of the Leader of the Pack, and the Cavaliers’ J. Frank Wilson sang of his tender, till we meet again in the Great Beyond, Last Kiss shared with his doomed passenger/GF (later covered by Pearl Jam)… traffic fatalities have been a popular staple of pop music.

Even so, such related accounts proved nowhere near as moving as what we experience when being eyewitnesses to Bat For Lashes’ Sunday Love… the featured week-12 video of our ongoing, still going strong, Sunday Song Series. In this clip, English / Pakistani* singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Khan also role-plays the not-quite-yet-widowed, not-quite-yet-bride. Her anguish is practically palpable as we watch her fiancé… the love of her life… levitated from her cradling arms… vanishing into “the light”… a light as vibrantly white as her bridal gown. Even though this is “only” a dramatization, it almost feels as if our condolences are in order.

And… at the risk of now sounding preachy… also seeming to be in order is my message to all concerned folks who hope to steer clear of becoming auto accident fatalities…

First and foremost… don’t drive impaired by either high proof libations or distracted by intense emotions AND… of course… obey all the rules of the road. Due diligence can and will ensure that we can meet back here seven days from now for next Sunday’s new song offering.

Until then… please drive safely!

Bat For Lashes – Sunday Love (Encore LIVE Performance)

* Be sure to follow my supplied Wikipedia link to Khan’s bio… to read of the real world, ethnic discrimination she had been forced to endure.