Hey… it could happen…


While fake prez Donny’s recent bullying, of the educational community, has certainly increased and intensified the K-12, in-person vs. online learning debate, no one (who I’ve heard about), has addressed the issue of disciplinary problems.

What about the students with serious emotional issues… or for that matter… even those who just happen to be having the rare bad day?

Suppose a teacher punishes a misbehaving kid who, whether sick with COVID-19 or not, reacts by whipping off his mask to snarl, “If you don’t shut up and get outta my face, I’m coming over to cough right into your face!”

Hey… it could happen…


Stay Safe! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!




And the Children Shall Lead

It would appear that Donald J. Trump’s abusive policies do not stop at separating immigrant families and caging their children.

Now, the man-child prez practically threatens to hold his breath if every last damned public / private school, spanning America, has not flung their doors, wide open, by September. Indeed, that imbecile now vows to cram pack every U.S. family’s kiddies into their classrooms by the fall and, in the process…

• Dispatch some of these soon-to-be COVID-19 infected students into hospital, ICU detention and/or to an early grave… regardless of their ethnicity.

Now, if that’s that sicko psycho’s twisted notion of what constitutes a take-charge president / champion of inclusiveness, let him continue rotting away his worthless, riddled with racism carcass while lollygagging on his golf courses, pigging out on junk food and/or vegging out before his big screen TV (while overdosing on his propaganda ministers’ incessant flattery).

Mister Anti-Science’s problem is how, even when he’s staring at the alarming, American COVID-19 death toll of 134,000 (and still counting)… OF HIS OWN MAKING… he still cannot fathom how insanely contagious coronavirus actually is.

Worse yet, in his mucked up head, the pandemic is already over… even though that pathogen is still rampaging all across America… as well as within every other nation misled by an anti-science, avarice driven, asshat autocrat.

As such…

• The tantrum throwing Trump… the man-child who never, ever learns from his mistakes… is doomed to continue flunking out in Pandemic Management 101.

• America can expect dinner table transmission of COVID-19… the all too predictable outcome when the children bring home far more than their homework assignments.

• The children shall lead the way… usher their moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and everybody else they come into contact with to their early graves.








Educating Betsy? (One Quick Limerick #027)


Dense Education Sec. Betsy DeVos,

Re-rapes rape victims! Betrays!! Double Cross!!!

The vile rapists she’ll coddle,

Share with her, a role model,

Her damned deplorable crotch-grabbing boss.


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