July Musical BlogCast ~ Pleas For Freedom

Welcome to my July BlogCast. In a land called America (soon to celebrate its 241st birthday) there is supposed to be liberty and justice for all.

How shocking it is that such age and wisdom do not walk hand in hand. How appalling that still unresolved ethnic, religious and gender issues sow the seeds of deadly oppression and hate crimes.

Where all people are not allowed to be free there can be no true, free society.

Each of this month’s recording artists have so powerfully presented their appeals for freedom that there’s absolutely no need for any further DJ type set up.

Let’s let the music speak for itself…


Beyoncé ~ Freedom

Ardee ~ #BlackLivesMatter (Freedom)

Pharrell Williams ~ Freedom

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Four-Play (Week #11) (Dedicated To All Bullying Victims)

Welcome to my eleventh Internet Blogcast. Duly saddened by recent events where cyber bullies have been attacking the defenseless, four-year-young Blue Ivy… daughter of Beyoncé… and in consideration of the fact that, with September upon us, the new school year is starting for millions of kids… this week I’m featuring four anti-bullying themed tracks.

As a “survivor” of five years worth of self esteem obliterating, grade school bullying… well… I think you can understand my motivation for utilizing music to set the record straight re this societal scourge. I won’t get into the details of my own horror stories since I’ve already blogged about them HERE.

As a DJ, I realize that most of us desire music, which provides escapism from life’s problems. However, considering that there’s little to no escape for bullying victims, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we all give these tracks the attention they truly deserve. Hopefully this music will raise awareness of the problem be you a parent or a school kid… or “just” someone who really gives a damn.

Since the song lyrics speak for themselves… that’s my cue to shut up and deliver the goods… well… except for performing some routine, blogcast housekeeping duties…

I’m now down to two remaining programs in my experimental 13 week run. I encourage you to give me a listen again… you never can tell what you’ll be hearing seven days from now.

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Mark Wills ~ Don’t Laugh At Me

Rachael Lynn ~ Dare To Be Different

Keenan West ~ Never Ever

Michael & Marisa ~ The Same


99 Word Blog (#032) Blue Ivy Is Beautiful

Anti-social media cyberbullies have been acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy… verbally attacking Beyoncé’s defenseless, 4-year-young daughter, Blue Ivy.

Twitter user/abuser Keltheyrich tweeted thusly…

“So are we all just supposed to pretend that Blue Ivy isn’t ugly as hell forever?”

Regrettably, such unwarranted, mean-spirited, ego-bruising assaults are hardly new. In 1998, misogynist Senator John McCain told his malicious “joke” where he called 18-year-young, First Daughter Chelsea Clinton ugly.

The actual ugliness, here, involves NOT the attackees’ faces but actually resides between the ears of the attackers, whose narrow definition of beauty is as narrow as their ugly minds!