Fortune Cookie Blog (Bulwarks? Bull!)


Holier-than-thou, conservatives do frequently claim they’re
the bulwarks of morality; the saviors of traditional marriage.
Yet, they’ll thumbs up the ideological orgy; be cozily in bed
with the unholy alliance of Big Biz, Big Gov and Big Church.






Fortune Cookie Blog (Stewart Knew-It!)


Back in 1964, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart described his threshold
test for obscenity as “I know it when I see it.” Hmm, one wonders how he’d
view today’s XXX-Rated ménage à trois re Big Biz, Big Gov and Big Church?







Fortune Cookie Blog (ancient starlight)


Emblematic of Big Biz’s sphere is its 24/7, godless, garish, grotesque glow.
These self-proclaimed Tin gods flat-out refuse to let celestial wonders up-
stage them. To that end, it is their Mercury / Sodium vapors and Neon gas
that emblazon dark skies with faux daylight; their intent being to forever
deny human eyes the arrival of humbling, awe inspiring, ancient starlight.





Off in the Land of Milk and Honey

Avarice Adulterated Altruism


My local supermarket chain’s owners, at present, are extending a helping hand to their customers, who are having a tough time making ends meet. At the checkout lanes, their cashiers will be asking people to donate one gallon of milk. Even better, is the owners’ dollar for dollar match… to the tune of $20,000.

While such altruism is always admirable, why is it that this very same store’s prices… nearly item for item… typically range 50 cents to $1 higher when compared to their competition?

Why would anyone… even the wealthy folk…. not be feeling the same as poor little old me? Why would we not all be fleeing out of town, to patronize the more reasonably priced stores? I know I am!

True, such a glaring price disparity might be easier to buy into if… IF… it involved ONLY their gourmet product line… i.e., the type of food / libations that their more affluent customers typically toss into their shopping carts. However… this business’ godforsaken price gouging runs both store wide and yearlong.

The truly altruistic store owner would own up to the fact that poverty is a year round prospect and that fair pricing would go much further towards, ultimately, eliminating this problem.

When any business makes its fortune at the expense of the less fortunate, this is akin to…

Milking the poor people dry.