Pas une coïncidence (Haiku X 2)


Googled French proverbs
Now, Cours de français adverts
Show up on YouTube


Googled French proverbs
Now adverts for French lessons
Show up on YouTube


Watch what you Google
Interweb interlopers
Watch us too closely




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










Watch Whacha Read Write View, Too?


Upon reading a rather lengthy, dystopian article, which exposes how intrusive law enforcers have been interacting with their individual community’s K-12 public school systems’ administrators, I became duly alarmed. You see, these entities have been [1] profiling and psychoanalyzing undisciplined students, [2] stigmatizing and classifying them as pre-criminals and [3] ordering officers to visit and snoop around their suspects’ homes (all sans probable cause and search warrants).

This deplorable practice, in a nutshell, is known as Predictive Policing and such overkill does warrant the following key questions…

• Are not seething with bigotry, itchy trigger fingered, deadly force inflicting cops busy enough, already? (<– btw, that’s blistering sarcasm).

• Is not needlessly pigeonholing kids as irreparable lawbreakers tantamount to a self-fulfilling prophesy?

• What ever happened to trusting the time-tested, parental intervention route and/or even permitting the accused youngsters to self-correct all on their own?

• Just how much farther off the rails could law enforcement’s crazy train possibly get?

And moving on to yet another, related issue…

• Once bored with hauling in / criminalizing the kiddies, where will the power junkie cops cop their next “buzz”?

Needless to say, there’s plenty of “low hanging fruit” to be plucked from society’s forest.

• What about the authors / readers of murder mysteries. Should the thought cops charge all the non-guilty parties with the non-crime of being the protagonists’ non-accomplices?

And, to explore this matter less generically…

• Avid fans of the X-Files will recall the spin-off series, The Lone Gunmen; the TV drama, which centered around the life and times of the three truth to power, off the beaten path, underground newspaper publisher-reporters; namely, John Fitzgerald Byers, Melvin Frohike and Richard Langly.

While the program run lasted only 13 weeks, its pilot did make for one helluva TV network debut on March 4, 2001. How so?

Well, this episode’s four writers (Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz) wound up with a screenplay that had dispatched a hijacked commercial jet (electronically commandeered from an on the ground secret base) and sent the aircraft on a collision course with the World Trade Center Twin Towers! Remember, that all went down six months PRIOR to 9/11!

To say the least, these visionaries had wowed us with their authentic, sit-on-the-edge-of-yer-seat plot climax. I won’t reveal further details, in the event some of you may opt to purchase the series DVD or plan to track down an online viewing. Of course, for those who wish to check out the storyline synopsis, in text format, first click onto SPOILER ALERT and next scroll down to 9/11 Synchronicity.

And so, the final Q’s become…

• Might the thought police, someday, wind up accusing Carter, Gilligan, Shiban and Spotnitz of being al Qaeda terrorists and lodge them within some Abu Ghraib type horrific, inhumane torture chamber / gulag?

• Might this debut episode’s original, 13.2 million viewers (and the countless others who’ve subsequently viewed it), someday, even wind up branded and jailed as terrorist sympathizers?

• What can we expect next?

• Perhaps we should ask our Big Brother?



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Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








Susanne Scherer Shares a S&G Song

Preface: Bold font denotes paraphrased and quoted lyrical passages.

Susanne Scherer and Thomas Kolbin front MoonSun; which they describe as a Symphonic Power Metal Band.

Their usage of stunning orchestration and visuals further dramatize the dark, creeping, lyrical visions planted by Paul Simon within his composition, Sound of Silence; originally released back on 09/12/1965.

Simon emphasized / MoonSun reemphasizes how little good can ever come of a society when human rights (among them, freedom of speech) get sickened by a cancerous silence; when the people have “bowed and prayed to the neon god they made”; especially when that neon is a garish ORANGE!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






A Poetic Acrostic (One Quick Limerick #028)


Observe Der Führer bleat / let his Tweets fly,

Frothed with news-speak, bald-faced lies, fierce outcry,

Un-invites / ousts lib press crews,

Calls their whole truths the “fake news”,

Key free speech / press rights he’ll condemn / defy!


You can access more original limericks, poetry and lyrical parodies by clicking onto my poetry category.



Rush’s Hot Air Rushes Don’t Ease Global Warming


Just in case there might be one or two of you, out there, who may not have heard (or heard of) that archconservative, broadcasting blowhole, Rush Limbaugh, here’s the skinny…

Limbaugh is a pathetic, stick figure quasi-human being… a deplorable, unconscionable, unprofessional phone-in, talk show host… no strike that… parasite. He’s a professional media whore who shills for / sucks up to each and every one of his kindred spirits… i.e., the ghoulish, gluttonous, Orwellian corporate “johns” who pay him, handsomely, to (figuratively?) drop his soiled, bunched up / loaded up drawers.

These “johns” will stop at nothing to grant that self-aggrandizing, propagandizing warper of public opinion ceaseless, limitless, national level, media exposure… allow him to fully expose himself… i.e., to indecently expose mindboggling levels of his ignorance.

To that end, Limbaugh routinely takes to the airwaves to incessantly bleat out his unintelligible, screeching, grunting, oinking noises. In a nutshell… that nut rails out against common sense… spits, claws and fights, tooth and nail, against mental health… especially his own.

More to the point, as of late, he’s been throwing around his considerable rhetorical and actual weight while… pulling out from his ass… his fiercely biased and uniquely ignorant notions about hurricanes and climate change.

In the wake of hurricane Harvey and while hurricane Irma is presently raging away in the Caribbean… check out how the climate change denying, know nothing, know-it-all Limbaugh recently raged on…

“Here comes a hurricane, local media goes on the air, ‘Big hurricane coming, oh, my God! Make sure you got batteries. Make sure you got water. It could be the worst ever. Have you seen the size of this baby? It’s already a Cat 5. Oh, my God, oh, my God, it’s bigger than the island of Haiti. Oh, my God.’ People run to the stores, they stock up everything, and they hoard. And they end up with vacant stores, nothing there. And it’s a big success. TV stations got eyeballs, the advertising businesses have sold out of business, gotta restock and the cycle repeats.”

“You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don’t need a hurricane to hit anywhere. All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more dangerous, and you create the panic, and it’s mission accomplished, agenda advanced.”

So there you have it… in one breath… Rush (likely intentionally) further fuels the already existing public panic. He lambastes the media, meteorologists and climate change scientists as if what? Any attempts at protecting the public and saving lives is a bad thing? As if what? He believes such reports muscle in on his absolute blackout of information? OMG, must his monopolization of the media be inclusive of no weather warnings, too?

Would it surprise anyone if… with his very next breath… while airing / airing out his rank sponsor’s commercials… we’d find the off microphone, giddy, greedy, opportunistic Limbaugh placing an on the QT phone call to his Wall Street broker… bleating buy orders for mega-shares of Eveready™, Duracell™, Evian™, Figi™, Perrier™, etc.? You know… for the express purpose of fattening up his already obese portfolio.

Stunningly, Limbaugh actually did make one spot-on comment…

“I wish that not everything that involved news had become corrupted and politicized, but it just has.”

What a pity that, all the while he’s been tirelessly working towards the wholesale detriment / destruction of our global society, Rush Limbaugh has been oblivious to the fact that it’s HE, who has been corrupting and politicizing damned nearly everything!


Еще четыре года? (Translation: Four More Years?)


DISCLAIMER: Google’s online English to Russian translator is responsible for my above headline… I hope it’s correct.

Historically speaking, the GOP’s evil elite has long resorted to the gerrymandering of legislative district boundary lines to make it difficult, if not impossible, for Democrats to win elections. These Republicans also resort to vile, voter suppression tactics to disenfranchise minorities who typically vote for Democrats.

That “1-2 punch” means far too many Americans no longer have any say in who will represent their best interests… while ironically… Russia’s cyberattacker, Vladimir Putin, gets to freely choose who will represent his best interests (e.g. #45).

Elections devoid of ethics and ethnic diversity are what conspired to establish last November’s one party rule… i.e., the GOP domination of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Republican legislators, now drunk with absolute power (which corrupts absolutely), have marginalized and muzzled their Democratic counterparts to the point where the latter party might as well not even show up for work anymore.

Liberal lawmakers can expect whatever valuable input they have to offer to get summarily rejected by conservatives who’ll flat-out refuse to even take sixty seconds to hear them out. If things were any more petty than they already are… well… here’s a for instance…

If a Democrat were to ever exclaim, “Wow! What a beautiful sunshiny day it is!”… even when there’d be irrefutable visual evidence that the sun was indeed out… a Republican would still snarl, “Oh shut the F up! It’s raining outside because I say it’s so!” And he’d next likely further punctuate that by sticking out his tongue, thumbing his nose and/or whipping, upward, one or both middle digits.

Hmm… hardly seems fair when we consider how liberals comprise roughly half of the electorate. In other words… no one is representing us… addressing even the tiniest of our concerns, anymore.

Since Inauguration Day, #45 and his team of coconspirators, in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights’ 1st Amendment have been skulking off in the shadows and working overtime to intimidate and muzzle liberal investigative journalists, bloggers and protestors who, after all, are “just” doing their patriotic duty.

“The Admin” has also been plotting to expand the radius of the rightwing propagandists… namely, via repeal of the Johnson Amendment to the U.S. Tax Code which prohibits all 501(c)3 non-profit organizations (e.g. churches) from endorsing or opposing political candidates. If successful, “preachers” (without losing tax exempt status for their respective churches) could legally use their pulpits as bully pulpits.

The net effect… rather than theologians lecturing on spiritually uplifting topics such as peace, love and tolerance… a.k.a. brotherhood… their Big Brother dictated “sermons”, would become the echo chambers for the FOX “News” / noise machine. Parishioners would be forced to earwitness preachers pontificators delivering seething, scathing tirades that’ll unjustly slam the more cogent, fair-minded Democratic agenda, while, simultaneously, promoting rightwing greed, environmental terrorism, racism, misogyny and intolerance towards non-Christians and the LGBTQ community. No doubt these religious charlatans will also be donating a hefty percentage of each Sunday’s collection plate… not to help the hungry and homeless… but to reward the already wallowing in wealth, Godless, GD GOP!

Oh, btw… a heads up for Americans… (in violation of the 1st Amendment) expect church attendance to become mandatory… after all… Big Brother would never permit anyone to escape hearing his “alternative facts” and other such crap.

Perhaps the most disheartening and horrifying aspect of America’s downfall is the total disconnect we’ve been hearing whenever some broadcaster shoves a microphone in front of the mouth of any of #45’s diehard supporters. Just the way they invariably gush forth their absolutely indefensible, unshakable and amoral adulation for him, it’s obvious how they’ve become oblivious to all the (perhaps) irreparable damage their “king” is doing on their behalf.

Seeing how nearly half of our electorate is aboard #45’s crazy train… and with all due respect to true Americans who’ve been protesting with words and deeds… in their attempts to derail it… it would appear that #45’s overthrow of America has far deeper, freedom choking ramifications than many liberals have even begun to suspect.

Within our near future, that is, if #45 doesn’t first Tweet the U.S. into a nuclear war, ONE of these THREE outcomes to occur…

  1. He will so thoroughly muck up domestic and international affairs that he’ll tuck tail and run like hell for the nearest exit signs… after which the GOP will gladly dump the whole disgusting mess unto a Democrat’s Oval Office desk (a situation akin to how President Barack Obama wielded a pooper scoop to clean up after W’s herd of stampeding elephants).
  2. He will run for reelection in 2020, at which time we can expect the cheering, “Four More Years” Putin to “vote” AGAIN! At that point, if truly patriotic American liberal dissenters have not all been rounded up and imprisoned in his concentration camps, a second American Revolutionary War may be the only way to restore the vision of America’s Founding Fathers.
  3. My predictions will prove to be dead wrong. America’s Founding Fathers will have written sufficient protections into the U.S. Constitution so, in spite of the current crop of political sots, We The People will be able to sober them up, survive and “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

Let’s “Play” Let’s Say


The following discussion is based on the premise that Democracy, by its very definition, means that the People are the bosses of their leaders… and NEVER vice versa. Via the ballot box, the People are supposed to wield the hiring and firing power over said leaders… HOWEVER

Let’s explore the wide awake nightmare that could become reality when some low information people get brainwashed into hiring a charismatic entity who harbors materialistic, narcissistic and sadistic tendencies… one who is hell bent on selling out the economy and ecology to the highest (lowlife) bidder?

Let’s say… soon after HIS ascending the throne… HE flat out demands absolute, no questions asked loyalty from everyone HE lords power over? That’s a hell of a lot to expect from folks whose day-to-day lives HE is needlessly and ceaselessly ruining… would you not agree?

Let’s say human nature causes most self-respecting folks to react by instantly going into KMA mode?

Let’s say that HE then overreacts by ordering all such dissidents to shut the F up and apologize? APOLOGIZE? Those, who HE attempts to dominate are supposed to do what? Suck up HIS abuse and say they’re sorry for legally exercising their rights to reject his obnoxious personality and odious ideology?

Let’s say, that the oppressed folks, who, ironically, are HIS bosses, refuse to kiss HIS ass… and HE then decides to punish them mercilessly? To that end HE deploys the troops and rolls out the tanks… commands HIS army to go on a rampage throughout the land… gleefully instructs them to kick down doors and round up every last suspected political dissident?

Let’s say that, sans any due process, HE locks them all up, throws away the key and then tortures them… uh… pardon the “erroneous” terminology… subjects the subjugated to “enhanced interrogation techniques”?

Let’s say… just to further tighten up HIS suffocating chokehold on power… just to muzzle any reporters and bloggers who may’ve slipped through HIS nationwide dragnet… HE decides to hit the “kill switch” to the Internet?

Just how, then, would the oppressed masses ever be able to legally exercise their freedom of speech… their freedom of the press… their right to peaceably assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances?

Where could the citizenry turn when their best available outlet for presenting the grim facts-of-oppressed-life to their compatriots becomes inaccessible? Uh… that’d be going on the assumption there’d still be enough bold citizens who’d still be willing to actively speak up… or for that matter even passively listen?

At that point, all petitioners would be forced to go underground… and the need for anonymity would be paramount.

Let’s say such surviving dissenters then opt to petition their “government” by using old school printing presses? STRIKE THAT

Not when online newspapers and periodicals have driven much of this equipment into obsolescence and/or oblivion… not when whatever presses may still survive are at the mercy of HIS brown shirted, goon squads with standing orders to demolish this machinery with sledgehammers.

Let’s say whatever dissenters remain then crank up their computers’ laser and inkjet printers? STRIKE THAT

There can be no anonymity when such devices are actually spying on everyone… when each and every page contains difficult to see yellow dot encoding, which deviously reports the printer’s brand, serial number and date of printouts… as well as the owner’s ID, zip code and phone number.

Let’s say dissenters, as a last ditch effort, resort to publishing handwritten newsletters and flyers? STRIKE THAT

HIS handwriting analysts could easily expose and “incriminate” them. Furthermore, sans the ability to easily and anonymously generate multiple thousands of copies, protest movements would quickly languish.

Now… let’s say that the People are too smart to ever hire a leader whose evil intent is to severely betray them?

Uh… too late… better STRIKE THAT too!

X P.M. John Howard’s Dystopia

Yesterday, I blogged re the 20th anniversary of Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre and how, in the 1996 aftermath, (then) Prime Minister John Howard had ushered in strong gun control laws… those efforts creating a dramatic reduction in mass shooting incidents.

Originally I had (naïvely) thought, “Wow… what a great man!” I mean what could be more dramatic than ZERO such incidents over the past two decades?

Well… long sigh… as it turns out… re Howard… there IS a lot of drama… and none of it good. More about that in a moment.

The first order of biz, this day, is my shout out to a fellow blogger who hails from Australia. His comment on yesterday’s posting alerted me to the fact that gun control is the ONLY good thing Howard ever accomplished during his tenure as P.M.

As for the second order of biz, I decided to dig deeper into Howard’s ideology. And, folks, unless you’re in the habit of inviting Big Brother over for a political cup of tea, I strongly recommend that you have an airsick bag within reach.

While you’re readying that receptacle… check out this video…

Political analyst Tony Kevin now adds his voice:

“I have a bleaker view of the Howard years. Only time will tell if my case is overstated. I see Howard as a disruptive and dangerous national leader. His rule is steadily degrading the values of our society and corrupting its political institutions. The longer he stays in power, the more the checks and balances of our society will crumble. We will continue our slow slide towards an Australian model of fascism.”

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why checks and balances are crucial to the health of democratic systems. They are the grit in the gears of government machinery, preventing excessive concentration of power.”

The 10 Specific Lowlights to John Howard’s Dystopia…

1. Howard exploited the war on terror just like George W. Bush had… fear mongered his people into xenophobic paranoia. Since he kept these citizens in the dark and fed them a ton of BS, one Deputy Prime Minister referred to this as “Howard’s Mushroom Club”.

2. He deployed Australian troops to fight in W’s (provoked on flat out lies) Iraq War. Just like W, he posed in photo ops with soldiers for political gain.

3. Howard jailed innocent women and children refuges behind the barbed wire of Hell-hole concentration camps and deported Australians. His “One Australia” had been mere window-dressing for his vile white-supremacist movement. He enforced social and cultural conformism… denied Aboriginal people their universal land rights. Indeed… in his narrow vision… only those who did not clash with the bleak, homogenized Howard motif need “apply”.

4. He called all the shots… decided what issues would / would not be brought up for national debate. Dissenting Parliamentarians risked ending their carriers. He also stacked the court system with likeminded, mindless, spineless, political hack judges.

5. Howard dispatched thought police to quash the freethinking nature of universities and think tanks… marginalizing any and all voices of differing POVs.

6. He dominated the actual police forces and bestowed totalitarian powers upon them… with zero oversight they could not / could never be reined in by anyone. All department whistle blowers were vulnerable to punishment… naysayers escorted to the exit signs. Career advancement was based solely on being a good little toady.

7. Howard allowed only token dissenters to maintain the illusion of a fair and balanced MSM. With everyone else on board with tapping into Orwellian concepts, mendacity ruled.

8. He went on expensive overseas junkets while excluding the press corps from his aircraft.

9. Howard busted up labor unions and dismantled the eight-hour day, pensions and other benefits.

10. He implemented teach to the test and “values” lessons within public schools (an idiotic lesson he had also learned from mentor/moron W).

You can read more in depth about those above 10 items…

Check out the blogs by political analysts John Pilger and Peter Charlton ~ Tony Kevin.

Now, to once more quote Kevin…

“Here is the real story of the Howard years. We no longer live in a healthy, self-correcting democratic system, but in an expanding, albeit still “soft-authoritarian”, system of corporate national power. While leading elites remain mostly quietly complicit, dissenters look on in horror as our national pride is devalued and our freedoms are dismantled.”

About all I can add to those sentiments…

That Howard put an end to mass shooting incidents is to be commended. True that has saved lives… but it can also be argued… and I might add convincingly so… that those who remained alive were not / are not really living. To quote Randy California’s song lyric…

“Just where will you be when your freedom is dead?”

To tap into that lyrical Spirit… hear out the rest of California’s sentiments…

A 21 (+ 1) Verse Salute To History

Every now and then I do love to wax poetic. I now invite you to do a little time trippin’ with me. To help keep everyone from straying off course… to this post… I’ve inserted temporal, subheading guideposts.


In the beginning…


The dawn of Earth… our land pristine,

Bright skies of blue… lush fields of green,

Clear crystal streams … air sweet and fresh,

Realms where life teems… fins, feath’, fur, flesh.


By day we toil… oft gather… hunt,

Too soon for words… we blather… grunt,

By night we gaze… at starry sky,

Moon waxes… wanes… we stare and spy.


We seek shelter… from rain… thunder,

Our minds wander… we oft wonder,

Time marches on… each passing year,

We start to ask… “Why are we here?”


As eons pass… our world revolves,

Hard to support… our life evolves,

Hard to deny… the glum, grim truth,

Oft humankind… is cruel, uncouth.


Of course, we do… what we do best,

Poor stewards all… muck up the nest,

We mark our turf… with foul piss,

Reptile brains aim… how could we miss?


Each time our foes… do not Keep Out!

We wage our wars … maim, murder, rout,

Those who feel fright… tuck tail… take flight,

Those who fight back… face deadly plight.


Floods and famines… plagues and scourges,

Minor chorded… gravesite dirges,

Millions perish… deep-six buried,

To Heaven’s gate… souls get ferried?


For those who spurn… “Thou shalt not kill”,

Take headfirst plunge… in Satan’s swill,

To get ensnared… in his dark spell,

Condemns these fools… casts them to Hell.


Dark Ages die… no need to mourn,

To take its place… Renaissance born,

New ways abound… proliferate,

No holding back… minds liberate.


Movers shakers… and inventors,

Robust thinkers… shrewd, sage mentors,

In full bloom… noble notions,

Skyward soar… sail minds’ oceans.


Explorers sail… the deep blue seas,

Find strange new worlds… spread their disease,

Some come in peace… some conquer all,

Some are welcomed… some hit brick wall.


America’s beginning…


America bound… Englishmen flee,

Eschew their roots… brew Boston tea,

Common sense rules… puts up good fight,

New nation forms… by dawn’s early light.


Once more, we do… what we do best,

Can’t coexist… conquer Wild West,

Force Native A’s… off their own land,

Vile facts of how… “We” would expand.


Greed breeds true… retrogression,

Nothing great ‘bout… Great Depression,

Lust for money… bricks of gold,

Stagnates nation… folks’ lives on hold.


World War-II fought… fraught with errors,

Nightmares / horrors… A-bomb terrors,

Clouds of mushrooms… islands torched,

Flesh burnt to crisp… possessions scorched.


Commie witch hunt… McCarthy, Joe,

No need for facts… he says it’s so,

He who disputes… is a dead duck,

Think you can win? Good night. Good luck!


More recent America and onward…


Lessons not learned… new rivers red,

Korea / Nam… soldiers are bled,

Foolish theory… the domino,

Deploys the troops… where they shouldn’t go.


One – Nine – Six – O… the ballots cast,

J.F.K.’s win… doomed not to last,

One – Nine – Six – Three… a bullet blast,

Blew off his head… left us aghast.


Nixon… Reagan… Bush Times Two,

All Autocrats… with scruples few,

Unions busted… Freedoms shredded,

War crimes… torture… got embedded.


No place to hide… Big Brother sees,

We are all watched… by our TVs,

Landlines get tapped… we’re GPS’d,

Mouse clicks get logged… we all get stressed.


In the not too distant future…


In days ahead… deep trouble brews,

If voters vote… for Trump or Cruz,

Chickenhawks both… need I remind?

They lust for war… the nuclear kind.


Post bomb blast scenes… horrific fright,

Crawling amidst… the nuclear night,

The tough old bug… that now encroaches,

Our world overrun… by the cockroaches!

A Tale of Two Timelines (Part II)


To summarize Part I, John F. Kennedy’s America had been “the best of times” where “we had everything before us”. George W. Bush’s america [sic] had been the “worst of times” where “we had nothing before us”. Both former presidents had been temporal bookends to recent U.S. History… and looking (left to right) at that library shelf… we can still see JFK’s bookend steadily standing… while GWB’s has toppled to the ground. (All above quotes providing A Tale Of Two Cities, Dickensian assist to my political assessment).

While in Part I, JFK took center stage… Part II will zero in on GWB… the biggest ZERO to have ever taken the presidential oath of office.

True, we can never say, with any degree of certainty, exactly how our present-day America and world would be faring had JFK been our President for eight years… BUT… the one thing we can be sure of… because bullets, not ballots had prematurely removed this great man from office, we wound up with a void of truly liberal leadership and a catastrophic, alternate timeline ensued… namely, the Republican reign of terror… to name names, these are Oafs Of The Oval Office we got stuck with:

“I am not a crook” Watergate crook Tricky Dicky Nixon, the unpardonable Gerald Ford (who had granted clemency to his X-boss, the “San Clemente Kid”), B-actor / union buster / economy gutter Ronald Reagan and the Hitler disciples, Daddy and Sonny Bush.

The Lapdog / Lip Synched W ~ By far, the most revolting of this thoroughly nasty cast of characters was, and still is, George W. Bush. Of course, there had been a de facto prez holed up in that oft referred to secret, “secure undisclosed location”… that being Dick Cheney, who got off on pulling puppet W’s strings and throwing his menacing voice to put unconstitutional, un-American words into the ventriloquist dummy W’s mouth. Indeed, the brain-dead W had become malleable nutty putty in the hands of his own manipulative, malevolent VP. That’s why I now combine them into one entity and dub it Dick/W.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 ~ In short, because of Dick/W’s negligence, collusion or opportunism (or some permutation involving those elements) the 9/11 attacks went down / provided the perfect excuse for an Executive Branch power grab… of course, aided and abetted by the U.S. Constitution gutting, (mostly) GOP authored U.S. Patriot Act.

Our pointing the (middle) finger of blame at Dick/W is essential… as is our recognizing all of the crime scene fingerprints, which this evil entity left behind. Here’s the rundown of what this archconservative beast did to run down our nation… down into the ground…

PLEASE NOTE: While some of the charges I bring against this entity, strictly speaking, would not likely stick under the scrutiny of judge and/or jury, perhaps it is time that we do deem them crimes. It’s impossible to be eyewitnesses to the massive damages (incurred by We The People and Our Nation) and not think otherwise.

Furthermore, I’ve written about these offenses in the present tense… after all… while the Dick/W Executive Branch entity is long gone… all these crimes are ongoing… continue to be committed (on their behalf) by the Ugly Un-Americans… a.k.a. the members of the GOP dominated U.S. House, Senate and Supreme Court.

 The Dick/W/Accessories (after the fact) Rap Sheet:

Crime #1: An UNfair and UNbalanced MSM ~ the FOX/FAUX News juggernaut incessantly bombards the AM /FM/TV airwaves with elitist, extremist, GOP propaganda … facilely brainwashing and subjugating the masses. Once these pseudo-journalists successfully warp a simple majority of the simpleminded, the sheeple can no longer wrap their minds around common sense thinking… and worse yet… vote accordingly. In the absence of critical thinking ANYTHING becomes possible.

Crime # 2: Big Brother Tactics ~ GPS tracking of cellphone signals pinpoints our exact latitude and longitude… ubiquitous, terrestrial security cams record and watch our every movement (as well as measure / log our facial geometry)… electronic surveillance records our mouse clicks and every syllable of our emails, texts and phone conversations.

Our computer webcams can’t be turned off and the same can be said for those spying electronic “eyeballs” surreptitiously embedded within new digital flat screen televisions. Unless you’re the exhibitionist/aspiring porn star type, you might want to rethink having that second TV in the boudoir. Even our checked out library books, which we innocently read in bed, have likely been deemed subversive… our library card activity getting unduly logged in our bulging NSA dossiers.

Crime #3: Legalized B & E Goon Squads ~ Sans any search warrants, GOP emboldened government agents still stage on a whim home invasions… whether we’re home or not. And here’s the real kicker… they’re not legally bound to even inform us that they’ve been illegally searching our drawers… where we stash our freshly laundered “drawers”.

Crime #4: The God/Government Mash-up ~ Odd that the godless, anything for a buck capitalists / the “get big government off our backs” screeching GOP would give a damn about religion… and use it to get on our backs… but… after all… throwing “god” in our faces is just one more (d)effective / unconstitutional tool to use against the masses.

True, blurring the separation of church and state is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights. Equally true, Theocracy threatens each and every citizen’s religious freedom (inclusive of the freedom FROM religion).

Under those conditions, our two options could eventually take on the form of an ultimatum: EITHER show up for high mass each Sunday OR ELSE you’ll be stoned to death. Hmmm… kind of reminds one of the type of punishment meted out by intolerant Iranian Clerics, huh? Hmmm… now how could the GOP ever, possibly favor THAT when they claim to hate Iran with a passion? Or do they?

Crime # 5: Hatred of Women ~ Taking their cue (once more) from Iranian Clerics, misogyny routinely gets scrawled all over the GOP’s tainted with sexism legislation and SCOTUS rulings. These severely flawed laws (I have invented the contraction f’laws) all bleat out their beastly, sexist message loud and clear… “Keep ‘em barefoot and pregnant, DAMN IT!”

Under this male dominated, discriminatory system, women earn far less pay (for the same work skills, which men possess) and… as for woman losing their right to choose… well… that is one Iranian-minded, SCOTUS judge appointment away from becoming the new reality. In anticipation of that… no doubt… opportunistic right-wingers are scooping up shares of stock related to the manufacturing of wire coat hangers.

Crime #6: Ginned Up Xenophobia / Homophobia ~ The GOP does love to foment foaming at the mouth hatred among the rabid rabble. Added to the mix of seething rancor is the abundance of guns. Minorities, who successfully duck the flying bullets, can expect a prompt visit from the Republican Un-Welcome Wagon, its drivers under strict orders to boot out every minority group who clashes with the GOP’s mostly Wonder Bread™ complexions.

Hell, someday, they might even try to deport Lady Liberty / crate up the Statue of Liberty (perhaps because she’s French?) or, in lieu of that, douse her immigrant-welcoming torch with buckets of vile, archconservative bile.

Righties also embrace homophobia… after all… they do wish to project an image of inclusiveness.

Crime #7: Banana Republic Elections ~ True, the Citizens United / pro corporate citizenship ruling did occur post Dick/W but that’s because this entity had loaded up that supremely stupid bench with rightwing hacks. Emboldened Big Biz now, more than ever, bankrolls / props up figurehead puppet / ventriloquist dummy candidates.

Righties also suppress free elections by Gerrymandering districts, disenfranchising minorities, misdirecting voters to wrong polling places AND ensure unendurably long lines by limiting the number of voting booths, printing out confusing ballots and eliminating straight ticket voting.

Beyond that, there’s both low and high tech ballot box stuffing (e.g. conveniently misplacing liberal absentee ballots and by hacking into voting machine software). If all else “fails”? Well that’s where the U.S. Supreme Court’s crusty curmudgeon radical right, black robed bastards will thumb their collective nose at the voters.

Any of the above tactics will ensure the GOP candidate will be declared the winner… whether or not [s]he actually snagged sufficient votes to win.

Crime #8: Robin Hood in Reverse ~ The upward redistribution of the wealth is a.k.a. supply side… a.k.a. trickle down… a.k.a. voodoo economics. Time and time again, this proven economic policy flop has devastated and impoverished the middle class, driven the already down and out into abject squalor and tanked out national and global economies.

Adding to the average Jane and Joe woes is the GOP’s savage labor union busting and heartless perpetuation of a non-living, minimum wage.

Crime #9: The Hand Out of “Too Big To Fail” Security Blankets ~ The GOP deregulates Big Biz / financial institutions to allow them to recklessly engage in doomed to fail, bankrupt of ethics, corporate and Wall Street misconduct. Then, when these money junkie criminals wind up collapsing and crashing everything on a global scale, these crybabies come whining to Uncle Sam about their need to recoup their mega-billion buck losses. Such federal bailouts are a.k.a. shakedowns of the vastly less fortunate, average Jane and Joe taxpayers (those who can least afford to see their hard earned bucks wind up as welfare for the wealthy).

So… do these money junkies ever learn from their past mistakes? For your answer… well… just reread that above paragraph… over and over and over and over…

Crime #10: The Geocentric / Flat Earth Society ~ This is a.k.a. rightwing world’s flat out denial of nearly all time honored scientific principles… especially those which zero in on ozone depletion and climate change / global warming. To be sure, here, nearly everyone who shuns science is also clueless re the basic concept of cause and effect… cannot possibly understand that:

a. Ozone depletion causes excessive, harmful UV rays to strike the Earth, which causes cataracts and cancerous skin lesions.

b. Industrial thermal pollution spawns freakishly ferocious, killer wind, rain, snow and ice storms, which causes loss of life, limb, real estate and personal possessions.

c. Fossil fuels are linked to the buildup of excessive amounts of both atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane (the latter gas 84 times more damaging to our environment than CO2). In The End there will be a runaway greenhouse effect… one, which will melt our polar icecaps. And since all of that water will have to go somewhere… it will. It’ll inundate our coastlines / flood out our major metropolises… limiting our options to sink or swim.

d. Factory smokestacks belching out particulate pollution is making every breath we take hazardous to our health… sickening and snuffing out humanity all over the globe.

e. Industrial effluent (e.g. the lead found in Flint, MI’s tap water) is spilling forth into our lakes, rivers, streams and promptly filtering into underground water tables… poisoning all who consume this cocktail of nasty, body and brain damaging chemicals / proven carcinogens.

f. Industrial pollution, eventually, works its way into our food chain, severely sickening and guaranteeing early deaths for all creatures, great and small.

Crime #11: Renewable Energy… on the Fossil Fuel Fueled Backburner ~ Most righties are shortsighted… oh… what the hell… let’s just call ‘em stupid… for they fail to see how innovative, alternative green technologies would not only produce a smaller carbon footprint upon Earth’s fragile biosphere but also reduce (and eventually end) U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Their energy policy:

a. Encourages waste by discouraging the construction of green homes / offices, appliances and vehicles.

b. Domestically, fracks up everything… those fracked up regions now stricken by massive earthquakes.

c. Internationally, requires ceaseless meddling into the internal affairs of OPEC nations… just to ensure our oil “junkie” nation can continue to get its “fix”.

Crime #12: Violation of OPEC Nations ~ These Righties encourage encroachment within the Middle East… which fuels resentment and outrage… which fuels deadly terrorist acts… which fuels U.S. retaliatory strikes… which fuels endless no-win, blood for oil wars… which, in the end, only serves to endlessly recycle this vicious cycle. Around and around and around it goes… and when it won’t stop… the whole world blows?

a. Sans any trial, chickenhawk righties mete out sentences to indefinitely imprison POWs… file them away at Gitmo (Alphabetically? By height/weight? By nationality? By the Dewy Decimal System? Who the hell knows?). Then the sadistic “fun” really begins… the incarcerated are subjected to waterboarding and other forms of torture… uh… excuse me… I should’ve used that full of BS euphemism: “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

b. Chickenhawks also see nothing wrong in NEEDLESSLY putting our own courageous military personnel in harms way… maiming / mangling their bodies… messing up their minds with PTSD… sending them to early graves.

c. Once Middle East terrorist recruiters point the finger of blame westward… castigate the U.S. for its avarice fueled foreign policy… needless to say… al Qaeda / ISIS “management” can easily motivate / enrage prospective “labor”… talk them into signing up / showing up for duty… even if that duty is to blow themselves up or kamikaze jets into high-rise architecture.

Crime #13: Sucking Up to the NRA ~ Righties love this organization “loaded” with reptilian brained, knuckle-headed knuckle-draggers. The NRA has mutated our society into a road raging, Wild West, bullets flying warzone where even innocent elementary school children get blown away.

End of Rap Sheet? I must concede that, with the overabundance of Righty wrongs I may’ve overlooked a few. Since I firmly believe that we learn more while listening than while talking… I’d love to “hear out” whatever additions you may have to my list of 13. The comment box below awaits your input.

President Barack Obama’s Herculean Task ~ In Greek Mythology, the fifth task (out of twelve), which Hercules had to confront was cleaning up the Augean stables. This is an apt comparison to Obama’s cleanup of eight year’s worth of Dick/W’s eight-miles high figurative dung heap.

Our sitting POTUS, through no fault of his own, has yet to do so. That’s because (figuratively speaking) infantile Righties in the U.S. House and Senate / on the Supreme Court bench do give me (hopefully… you, too) the distinct impression that they’ve all soiled their Depends undergarments… that they DO fully enjoy sitting in the squishy warmth of their own doo-doo.

The BM / Expressionist Movement ~ Right leaning “legislators” also branch out into expressionism… i.e., resort to fecal painting all over their newly written f’laws… and like-minded SCOTUS judges do the same while interpreting them. Worse yet, they’ve been totally defying any grown up Leftie… flat out denying any grown up Democrat… even the slightest opportunity to change those loaded diapers.

Looking at this in another sense, DC gridlock is akin to a wonder drug resistant STD. I’ll just invent a new acronym… let’s refer to it as a PTD (Politically Transmitted Disease). And whether or not it’ll ever be curable depends on the American electorate.

On Election Day 2016 and every first Tuesday in November to follow (for as long as it takes) we must show the exit door to each and every sicko Republican who politically sickens our society and world. And to be fair here… we must also do the same re any Democrat who, in reality, is a DINO.

To Review and Reemphasize… Dick/W Never Really Went Away ~ I’d be willing to cut the GOP some slack if this were simply a matter of empty-headed men wearing empty suits AND/OR this involved the oblivious to reality hero worship of Reagan AND/OR was merely a case of unruly, terrible twos being trapped in adults’ bodies… after all… stupidity, fashion faux pas, superficiality, idolatry and immaturity are not actionable crimes… BUT

There’s something far more disturbing to this gridlock than radical Republicans being Dumber-than-Dumbo white elephants in need of a circus trainer, stick-figure figureheads in need of a finishing school / fashion makeover, wildly partisan cultists in need of a deprogrammer’s intervention or arrested development victims in need of a sternly intoned “go stand in the corner” time-out. A citizen’s arrest would be more to the point. Why?

It’s the serious, perhaps irreparable damage, which Republican extremists have already inflicted (and are still inflicting) upon our nation / world. They HAVE degraded / downgraded the U.S./us into “lowercase america” and, owing to these extremists’ uncompromising ‘tude, our nation’s dismal, depressing, gray tableau isn’t likely to get repainted in any permanent, cheerful hues anytime soon. Hell, we’ll likely remain in that dismal state for countless generations to come.

As for all, which Obama has managed to accomplish… i.e., whatever bright hues he has managed to paint upon the American landscape, for the most part, this has been brushed on with (executive order) watercolors… watercolors, which any cold, rightwing torrential rains could easily wash into our nation’s catch basins / storm sewers shortly after some GOP POTUS elect takes his/her talons off the Inaugural Bible… soon after the orchestral echoes of “Hail To The Chief” fade off into the dead silence… the odd, odious coda being some impending, Republican Dark Ages redux.

Drinking Buddy Candidates Need Not Apply ~ And if too many voters lack common sense, a radical Republican chokehold over all three governmental branches could ensue. Never forget that the next POTUS likely gets to appoint several judges to the Supreme Court… lifelong term wielding judges, who could do radical Republican dirty work / damage, perhaps up to three + decades after… oh… say… a Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush would be term limited out of power.

If too many voters, ISO a new drinking buddy, fail to see these ominous, churning storm clouds looming on the political horizon, all that radical Republican Dark Ages type “fit” could hit the “shan” as soon as January 20, 2017. We could wind up with a crude, retrograde “civilization” where not one single, solitary sunray of hope could ever manage to penetrate, warm and brighten our once great land.

Folks… considering all the grotesque twists and turns during this 2016 presidential election year, our chances for reclaiming that capital “A” for lowercase america are not good.

Case in point #1 ~ I cite the GOP “size matters” debates where these male would-be rulers are practically dropping their drawers and hauling out actual rulers to prove how they’d measure up as the next POTUS. In this case, one would hope they’d not be so well endowed… at least then, they’d not be able to “big time” screw our nation / world.

Case in point #2 ~ This past Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call, (allegedly) from a Bernie Sanders campaign worker who, upon my grilling him with my own Q’s, went off on a name calling, beyond the pale tirade to diss Hillary Clinton. He even claimed he’d vote for Donald Trump if Sanders didn’t win the nomination AND adamantly maintained that Republican Trump is more liberal than Democrat Clinton and, as such, could pick more acceptable SCOTUS judges than she (methinks this rude dude is a dirty tricking, Karl Rove clown/clone).

Is there anybody out there? Sorry for re-asking that Q… but… I’m still hoping to take my Quantum Leap into the alternate reality where JFK had never traveled to Dallas on 11-22-1963… had won a second term and still lives today (as a soon to be centenarian)… where his post POTUS resume boasts of ambassadorships, being America’s elder statesman, authoring dozens of books… where he still appears at book signings, routinely speaks at political rallies and travels the collegiate lecture hall circuit.

To that end… once more… I beseech anyone out on the WWW (in possession of such inter-dimensional leaping prowess) to leave me her or his contact info in the comment box below.

Even if, in my trying to get there, I were to wind up perishing, with my dying breath I’d still echo Mr. Charles Dickens’ “Tale” ending sentiments to say…

“It is a far, far better thing that I do than I have ever done… it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”