The “Presidential” Address’ Blooper Reel (Vid of the Day)

Full Disclosure… at present, I’ve been avoiding Donald Trump’s press conferences, “chopper talk” briefings and speeches, etc. in real time. I’d much rather rely on the subsequent analysis presented by my homeland’s TV talk show hosts.

In other words, I believe comedians… such as Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher and Trevor Noah to be far more credible sources. Bottom line, their truth to power presentations will likely save more lives than the so-called leader of the free world ever will.

And I only list Noah’s name last as a means to smoothly transition to our Vid of the Day set-up / presentation where he’ll be offering up his spot on take re… what else… the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Indeed, Noah is far more forthcoming and reassuring than Trump, himself. Most assuredly,  small-handed Trump’s underhanded and ham-handed approach has led to a self-made disaster that’s been going viral… in more ways than one.

Turning, now, to the blog nuts and bolts… our clip doth clock out at 9:22 but it’ll be time well spent… if for no other reason than to watch the blooper reel… which btw… begins at time index 6:03 (if you’d rather FF to cut to the chase.







99 Word Blog (#058) A Disorderly Transition of Power?


During the final 2016 Presidential Debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump… for the sake of national unity and out of respect for the orderly transition of power… would he’d graciously concede in the event Hillary Clinton emerged victorious.

Trump replied:

“I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, okay?”

While such evasiveness does arouse suspense… all worrisome… there’s no uncertainty within misogynist Trump’s “mind”.

He’d NEVER accept a woman defeating him.

Could Trump not conceding trigger rage amongst his more militant supporters… send these armed subversives on a rampage all across America?

Let’s hope not!