Grins & Glad Tidings Won’t Cut It


Granted, this stream of consciousness is more about venting than revealing any fresh, significant insights into the American tableau / life itself. But, vent I must and vent I will. Hell, what have I got to lose, anyway, seeing how few, if any, will be clicking by.

The curse of stale politics, in particular, re the Stateside Two-Party System, has never been more glaring, unmistakable and inescapable.

This past November, ridding the American body of The Cancer, one Donald J. Trump, had left us little choice but to empower Joe Biden. And, seeing how Donny had set the expectations bar far, Far, FAR below rock bottom, to get elected, all Joe needed to do was smile and offer up an affable, “Howdy!”

That’s not to imply Joe’s road ahead will ever be smooth. Nope, not when all his nasty political foes offer is a roadmap (akin to a blank sheet of paper); or worse yet, role play the traffic cops from Hell; who pull him over to harass him.

Sadly, Joe had hoped to usher in an era of bipartisanship. But how, pray tell, can he ever expect to deliver on his campaign promise when he’s one of cooperation’s few advocates? Here’s the rub.

When the 18th century framers of the U.S. Constitution had established Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branch checks and balances, they, obviously, had never anticipated 21st century hyper-partisanship; i.e., the irreconcilable gridlock between the seditious, power hungry, greedy, devoid of all decency Trumper Republicans and the naïve and impotent Democrats.

Desperately needed are Action Hero Democrats; not the asses who meekly warm the very seats, which our legally cast ballots have awarded them.

That’s not to imply Dems‘ road ahead will ever be smooth, either. True they are, currently, the majority party in the Senate, however, that’s merely a razor thin mathematical advantage; their authority further compromised by two DINOs* (namely Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema). Beyond that, so long as the archaic filibuster rule still stands, any innovative, life enhancing / saving legislative changes (that We can believe in) will still require the approval of 60 (not 51) out of 100 senators.

More to the point, America’s Founding Fathers had expected true love of country / respect for humankind’s core values to always trump penny ante politics; this best summed up thusly:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Preamble • United States Constitution ratified on June 21, 1788

How can those who fail to live up to such standards ever, even dare to call themselves U.S. elected officials; let alone Americans; let alone, humane human beings?


*Democrats In Name Only



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RIP John McCain

To say that Cancer drastically alters human physiology… until everything becomes inconsistent with sustaining life… would be an understatement. Such was the case, this past Saturday, when 81-year-old, Arizona Senator John McCain lost his battle with the “Big C”.

To say John McCain’s brand of conservatism had been inconsistent with my liberalism would also be an understatement. However, now is not the time to dwell excessively on the right/left schism.

Now is the time to say something positive about McCain, the man. Now is the time to commend the late Senator for his spirit of bipartisanship and statesmanship… for his service to America.

My tribute begins with this video clip… recorded during McCain’s 2008 campaign for the White House. This is a respectability defining moment soundbite, where he defends his (then) Senatorial colleague and presidential wannabe rival, Barack Obama.

To contemporize, compare and contrast… had Donald Trump been running for prez in 2008, could you ever imagine him similarly correcting either misinformed supporter?

Well, within the decade that was to follow, in addition to my newfound respect for McCain, I had also grown to view him as a bold man fully capable of…

1. prioritizing the moral right over the political right.
2. elevating patriotism above partisan politics.
3. differentiating between genuine, heartfelt American patriotism and the mutilated, headstrong Trumpian bastardization.
4. detecting the stench of other Trumpian, fascism reeking policies.

To contemporize, compare and contrast… it’d be a rare Trumpster who’d possess either the spine or moral compass to publicly spurn political expediency and simply do what’s right… i.e, right… as in righteous.

Historically speaking, McCain’s Vietnam War experiences, inclusive of being captured and tortured by the enemy, had afforded him a perspective sorely lacking amongst the war profiteering, torture touting, chickenhawks residing within the U.S. Congress AND Oval Office.

True… such a perspective had failed to prevent McCain’s 2003 vote, which had authorized the war profiteering, torture touting, chickenhawk, half-cocked GW Bush to NEEDLESSLY, preemptively strike / go on a rampage into Iraq. However… from the following excerpt from John’s published 2018 memoir, one gets a sense that were time travel do overs possible, he would’ve never supported W’s folly…

“(Iraq) can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it.”

To contemporize, compare and contrast… it’d be a rare Trumpster who’d possess either the mettle or morals to publicly admit when (s)he is wrong.

Well… had McCain won his battle with the “Big C”… he’d have wound up returning to the U.S. Senate… perhaps even becoming the sorely needed calming, voice of reason during America’s tense, unreasonable times.

Without a man like John McCain to rein in the executive and legislative branch’s chickenhawk saber rattlers… with his likely successor being yet another Trumpian piece of… uh… work… well…

To say that America could wind up mindlessly, needlessly and endlessly fighting upon the battlefields of the fake prez’s own making, could easily become yet another understatement.

My heartfelt condolences to McCain’s family and friends.