Not worth a plug nickel?

Right from the pandemic get-go, anyone whose mind is rooted in science / logic, could, in a heartbeat, sense the worst was yet to come. After all, the very novelty of Corona-V had sent our epidemiologists into OJT mode; the ideologues / Führers into a CYA furor; the propagandists into (what else?) their bury the truth spin.

And being eyewitness to THAT had rendered me doubtful that humanity could even survive the year.

Such a sense of doom doth walk hand in (small) hand with the likes of my totally unlikable homeland’s IN TITLE ONLY, leader, one Donald J. Trump. At least publicly, that has-been has been the inveterate science denier, while, in private, he can easily morph into the not so nutty professor.

My gawd, we actually got to earwitness astounding, taped phone confabs where the lucid(?) Trump was actually “schooling” the already schooled journalist and author Bob Woodward. The very fact that Oval Office occupant has known, all along, how ferociously contagious and deadly Corona-V is, only makes his conduct all the more incomprehensible and reprehensible.

One certainty, here, when one’s leader doesn’t give a shit about the people he swore (on the Holy Bible) he’d protect and defend, I began to reevaluate my life / chances; distill that down to these five words:

Not worth a plug nickel.

Another certainty, I owe my very survival / making it to this New Year’s Eve to my own pandemic take charge ‘tude; my common sense, insightful conclusion that nearly everything that Trump utters, mutters, bleats and Tweets (or has yet to do so) can be regarded as absolute BULLSHIT!

Yet, in spite of all that, we mustn’t overlook the ever-increasing rays of hope; namely the vaccines and the likes of the likeable, rooted in science / logic of Dr. Anthony Fauci, his learned colleagues and the soon to be sworn in, intellectually curious, responsible, honorable American President, one Joe Biden.

Oh, there’s one more ray of hope, too.

My being a numistmatist, for nearly sixty years, my eyes widened, instinctively, two scant days ago, when the supermarket cashier handed over my change. You see, the Thomas Jefferson nickel had a very special struck date on its obverse side.

Right next to the word “Liberty” was / is the year of my birth.

My newfound, treasured keepsake has managed to liberate me; has served to cancel out my early-on, erroneous, premature, “not worth a plug nickel”, not so brilliant deduction.

While this far from mint condition 5¢ coin, which has been in circulation for as long as I have, would not fetch me more than 10¢ from a coin dealer (who’d have little, if any, interest in buying it), nonetheless, in my mind, it IS priceless and not, repeat, NOT for sale!

I view receiving it to be a good omen and, for the rest of humanity, a harbinger of 2021’s better days to come.

Till then…

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Sneaky Li’l Sh-ts

Back in 1980, during the Iran hostage crisis, on behalf of POTUS wannabe AND sneaky li’l shit Ronald Reagan, the private citizen and sneaky li’l shit William Casey, in flagrant violation of the 1799 Logan Act, undermined sitting President Jimmy Carter’s authority, by cutting a secret, quid pro quo deal with Iran. The Terms: Iran agreed to hold their American hostages until after the elections; thereby causing the voters to punish Democrat Carter and reward Republican Reagan. Soon after Inauguration Day, fraudulent president Reagan presided over the big payoff; namely, arranged for Israel to ship badass weaponry to Iran. The End!

Back in 2000, a corrupt, conservative bloc of U.S. Supreme Court judicial hacks blatantly denied Democrat POTUS wannabe Al Gore his legally requested recount of contested Florida ballots. Yep, the net effect was sneaky li’l shit judges had illegally elected sneaky li’l shit Republican George W. Bush. Scant months later, W, who was far more interested in the POTUS title, itself, than in actually doing that job’s heavy lifting, promptly flipped off his 08/06/2001 Presidential Daily Briefing, which had ominously forewarned of Osama bin Laden’s intent to nine-eleven America. Post attack, it was left up to W’s eager beaver handlers / image consultants to, somehow, rebrand / mutate that stick-figure, figurehead loser into some sort of caped, leotarded Super Hero (complete with codpiece). As such, little Georgie had risen from the Ground Zero ashes / rubble by 2004; at which time the voters had actually forgotten how W had let America down. Consequently, they rewarded that muck-up with a second term. The End!

Fast forwarding to 2020, bear witness to the sneaky li’l shit Republican and Fascist wannabe Donald J. Trump. Courtesy of journalist / author Bob Woodward’s phone interviews with Donny, we now know that the fake prez clearly understood, as early as January 2020, that the coronavirus pandemic would lay wholesale waste to American lives and livelihoods! YET, he repeatedly downplayed this deadly threat to humanity; didn’t even do the easy lifting to protect any of us (e.g., issuing a nationwide mask-up decree). His willful neglect allowed COVID-19 to go on a rampage; to the point where now, even HE has become infected by this scourge. So, will he hoodwink the voters into accepting the 215,000 Americans (and still counting), who’ve died on his watch? Will America’s electorate actually reward sneaky li’l shit Donald J. Trump another four or more years? Will this be The End?

History suggests such an outcome is more likely than not.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


Postcard Parable (Pandemic Panic?)


Once upon a time, a rational DEMocrat, Couageous-C, ISO an ovoid
shaped workplace, won the Popular Vote, yet lost, due to her rival,
the radical Coward-T, acing his E. College “math test”. Owing to his
mucked up priorities, he opted to erect a Wall along his homeland’s
southern border, yet, 3 years later, opted NOT to Wall off Corona-V!
Due to his failing that test, his DIY panDEMic sent 200,000+ people
to their early graves & buried prosperity, too! Worst of all, was how
he deliberately downplayed the grave threat that highly contagious
bug posed, because he didn’t want to “PANIC” the people? The End!
Moral: To prevent PanDEMics & Panic, in earnest, elect DEMocrats!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home/publicly mask-up to stay Healthy!