An Idiomatic “Where Am I” Riddle


Straight from the horse’s mouth, I feel like an interminably socially isolating, lone wolf who’s going stag to nowhere; the pandemic’s fish out of water, mad as a hornet, sitting duck; trapped like a lab rat in that weasel leader’s bereft of science, field experiment; condemned to waiting out the uncertain results while sweating like a pig; whipped up into ants in the pants magnitude agitation; succumbing to bats in the belfry mindlessness; driven to go on a homebound, till the cows come home bender where I’ll suffer a bad case of the spins, while pirouetting with pink elephants; the morning after finding me looking like something the cat has dragged in…

Where am I?

Aboard the pandemic era Noah’s Ark


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Fortune Cookie Blog (2nd Genesis)


The proliferation of interracial relationships now factors into the female / male
equation. The inherent genetics will do what they do best. In time; In the New
Beginning; humanity will be blessed with the birth of a racially blended society
and burial of our bigoted past. There’ll be tears of joy, yet, tears of sorrow, too.
Some will miss the distinctive, innate beauty individual races once could claim.