Georgia On My Mind ~ 11/20 BlogCast

Although America’s future as a Democracy, in no small sense, now hinges upon the outcome of two January 2021 run-off elections within the Commonwealth of Georgia, I’m not here to talk politics in these predawn hours of this surreal November Thursday.

Even so, there can be little doubt that this political hot spot, as of late, has been on my mind, so much so, that the “prompt word”, Georgia, became my first waking thought. Upon factoring in my lifelong love of music and 10+ year YouTube addiction, it was only inevitable that I’d free associate three aptly titled songs, track ’em down and promptly post ’em, below.

Hope you enjoy, as much as I do, the following Great Performances…


Shaneequa Cook + Unity Youth Choir ~ Sweet Georgia Brown

Usher ~ Georgia On My Mind

Randy Crawford ~ Rainy Night In Georgia

Seeing how YouTube clips are often here today / gone tomorrow here are some alternate clips that could, someday, add to this BlogCast’s “shelf life”. But why wait for that someday? If you’ve got the time (and who doesn’t these days), why not give a listen to ’em now?

Sweet Georgia Brown ~ Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington
Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles
Rainy Night In Georgia ~ Brook Benton


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A Rainy Night in ______ (U fill in the blank) ~ Vid of the Day

This being a rainy night in Michigan, it certainly did prove influential in selecting our Vid of the Day. I first heard Brook Benton’s cover of Rainy Night in Georgia on the radio shortly after its December 1969 release date. And appropriately enough, that was on a rainy night, too. Greatly enhancing my listening experience was how an actual rainstorm’s lightening flash and thunder crash had synchronized / mixed in perfectly with the song’s fade to silence… and soon to follow (what else?) several words from the DJ’s sponsors.

Give ‘er a look see / listen… be your weather rain or shine…