A To-Die-For Economic Recovery?


Preface: Free Speech rights don’t allow anyone to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, if no such conflagration exists. To protest in public, while willfully ignoring a pandemic’s fundamental health safety protocols, is tantamount to yelling “Fire!” Under such conditions one should not expect Constitutional protection.

Yesterday, we, the reasonable people of Michigan, found just cause to feel disgust. Once again, malcontents… perverting their 1st Amendment rights and parading their insanity… swooped down on Lansing to occupy the Capitol Building’s steps.

A sizeable portion of them were deathly ill with Nazi, KKK, NRA and Trumpian ideology. Many of these braindead individuals were brandishing weapons, ranging from assault rifles and handguns all the way down to an axe. Some even dangled hangman’s nooses.

They made their appearance in sycophantic deference to fake prez Donald Trump’s idiocy and in suicidal defiance of genuine Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s wisdom.

In essence… while bunched way too closely together… they were thumbing their collective, unmasked nose at her Stay-At-Home orders… i.e., her science based, concerted efforts to prevent COVID-19’s human suffering and death. Her naysayers’ overall message was as ass-backward as their ilks’ typical fashion-backward statement. As for the matter of the latter…

While nobody should ever encourage white supremacists to don such garb-age, it is hard not to point out that… purely in the interest of public health safety… these brownshirts could’ve reconfigured their swastika armbands into facial masks. As for the Kluxers, they could’ve donned their eyeholes-only KKK hoods as-is. Of course, who could ever expect such sickos to even consider doing anything for the common good of anyone?

So, here’s what we’ve got…

• In the process of screeching and spreading their sicko agenda, these dissenters were also spreading COVID-19… and will continue to do so once they goosestep back into their individual communities.

• The consequent coronavirus second surge will will bury hundreds of thousands… maybe millions… more.

• Ironically, they’ll further hamper the restart of businesses / delay their own return to work.

• An economic recovery where only morticians, coffin manufacturers and grave diggers will prosper.

And what the hell good is any of that?

Let’s hope they held onto yesterday’s axe. They’re going to need the blunt end to hammer nails into the economic and actual coffin lids of their own making.







Will Don Don Duds’ Duds? (One Quick Limerick #041)


Towards white supremacy, Don doth aspire,
His Klansman / Nazi base feels stoked, afire,
To coddle both sets of buds,
He’ll model both sets of duds?
‘Neath Don’s White Sheets he’ll don Brownshirt attire?


The so-called prez has a deplorable history of pandering to his hate mongering alt-right / white nationalist / Klansman / Nazi base. Even in the wake of the Charlottesville, Virginia bloodshed… vehicular manslaughter… where one of his goon pals deliberately plowed into a crowd of anti-racism protestors… murdering one woman and maiming dozens more… the soft on domestic terrorism, fake prez still categorized the sociopathic, bloodthirsty, deplorable alt-right vermin as “fine people”.

Ergo, it’d not be much of a stretch to consider the following (fortunately hypothetical) alternate timelines…

Had Donald Trump been “prez” during WW-II he would’ve been in bed with Adolf Hitler… had he been “prez” at a time leading up to America’s Civil War, he’d have sided with the vile slave owners… perhaps pissing off the northern states to the point of seceding from the United States.


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