Halima Aden’s Attitude and Beauty Are Both Crown-Worthy

Congratulations to Somali-American Muslim, Halima Aden, one of 45 contestants during this past weekend’s Miss Minnesota USA Pageant… one of 15 advancing to the semi-finals… doing so in fine fashion as the very first entrant to wear the burkini during the swimsuit competition and the hijab throughout.

Though the trailblazing Aden didn’t win, her good looks / attitude and her spot on social commentary, as expressed below, have certainly proven her crown-worthy.

“Not seeing women that look like you in media in general and especially in beauty competitions sends the message that you’re not beautiful or you have to change the way you look to be considered beautiful. And that’s not true.”

But… what is true here… sad but true… these pageants are a clear-cut case of non-evolved males objectifying women… insensitive male pageant organizers coercing each contestant to pursue the unrealistic Barbie Doll body… male oinkers ignoring the total spectrum of female beauty… all of which oft needlessly leads to women’s negative self image issues and eating disorders.

While we can commend Halima Aden for smartly avoiding those pitfalls, how can we not be concerned for other women who have yet to do so?

99 Word Blog (#025) Burkini Ban Banned


The League of Human Rights petitioned the French Court to ban the burkini ban because it contravenes civil liberties and upsets Muslims and feminists.

The Conseil d’Etat agreed to suspend this discriminatory law… however smaller minds could yet prevail to reverse this decision.

In that event, millions of rational folks, inclusive of moi, will want to know, exactly, how anything expressed in my limerick, below, makes France any safer.


The nude beach patrol cops from France, Nice,

Enforce dress codes that disturb the peace,

Muslim women feel stress,

When they’re told to undress,

By the gun wielding fashion police!

99 Word Blog (#024) Banned Burkinis

Following a succession of deadly jihadist attacks in France, 15 municipalities overreacted by banning the burkini (Muslim swimwear). Lately, profiling cops have been knocking themselves out… strictly enforcing this discriminatory beach dress code.

It’s truly astounding that in a society where beachgoers publicly parade around in the buff, we’d find Siam, a harmless Muslim woman, getting harassed for being fully clothed.

The lack of nudity is the real distraction, here. Instead of investigating the truly life-threatening terrorist threats and trying to prevent attacks… here we witness four cops… FOUR ARMED COPS… squandering their time… ordering this woman to strip.