BlogCast: Tom’s Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas: Song 10

On this occasion, once again, my BlogCast becomes more than a great venue for playing holiday music. It also affords us an appropriate forum to posthumously pay tribute to Rock ’n’ Roll pioneer, guitar virtuoso, cultural commentator / lyricist and recording artist, Chuck Berry, who at age 90, departed Wentzville, MO on 03/18/2017… soared upward to take center stage within that great spotlighted concert hall in the sky.

As mere mortals, we can only envision the journey he may’ve taken. He likely went into the light / attained the speed of light and, en route, whizzed way past NASA’s Voyager I and II space probes (which, at present, are cruising through interstellar space). As many of us know, thanks to the efforts of astrophysicist Carl Sagan, Berry’s recording, Johnny B. Goode, is aboard both of those spacecraft… among the multitude of tracks found on each of those Golden Records, titled: The Sounds of Earth.

As many of us easily recognize, Johnny B. Goode ties in well with this BlogCast’s holiday theme for it’s musically similar to Run Rudolph Run.

While ISO the perfect video to showcase Mr. Berry’s Christmas classic, I discovered oodles of BlogCast worthy musicians… both the famous and wannabe famous… who supplied their own unique interpretative covers of this track… inclusive of jolly ol’ St. Nick, himself.

Yep… Santa Clause sat in with the US Navy Fleet Forces Band during their 12/09/2016 holiday concert. Whatever our age may be, his kick-ass performance is sure to elicit our hearty, “HO! HO! HOs!” and bring out the kid in us all. Give ‘em a listen…

Since I found plenty of other BlogCast-worthy covers, I now offer you the option of checking them out as well…

Sheryl Crow
Abby Ahmad / Mark Marshall
Missy Lynn
Steady Rush

On a more somber note… in view of how our world’s present day, so-called leadership has become far, Far, FAR more politically and mentally unstable… more so than ever before… further considering the vast body of work Chuck Berry left behind and how that would not likely survive WW-III, it’s entirely possible the Voyager I and II Golden Records will afford him his best and only shot at living on through perpetuity.

We can only hope that whatever intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms may exist out there, they’ll be sufficiently hip to make Chuck Berry, Johnny B. Goode and The Sounds of Earth… respectively… their number one recording artist, song and album of the year… in whatever year they first give ‘em a listen.


I now thank you for spending your precious time listening to my musical mix featuring spiritual content, social commentary, secular and even some humorous elements. My plan is to get as many of us into the holiday spirit as is possible. Towards that future, I’ll continue presenting my selections… classics all… counting ‘em down one-a-day… from now until we reach #1 on the 25th.


So… be sure to stop back here again. If not daily, schedule your return visits as often as your time permits.


I’d also like to invite you to click back for my regular monthly BlogCast… one that typically features anywhere from 3 to 5 songs that, when segued, transform everything into an appealing theme… this program slated to hit the www “airwaves” on Sunday, December 24, 2017.


I wish all of you all the best throughout this Holiday Season… and Beyond.


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March BlogCast ~ Don’t Touch That Dial!

I swear to my Creator that there’s not a speck of narcissism involved. Just for the pure fun of it, this DJ is about to spin five tunes about DJs, radio stations, radio static, etc.

Synopsis: As our story begins Chuck Berry’s intent is to request a song… to “write a little letter” and “mail it to (his) local DJ”… followed by Bob Seger listening intently to the Heavy Music on his radio “when the big bad beat comes on.” btw, the song title below is a link to a video which features Fred Astaire dancing to Seger’s Heavy Music. A bit of a caveat, while the visual aspects are excellent, regrettably, the sound quality is poor… in DJ parlance the off center vinyl pressing created a mild case of the “wows”.

Soon after that, the Kinks supersonic rock sends us soaring up, Up and Away on our musical journey Around the Dial… however… at this juncture, there’s a bit of mystery unfolding… Ray Davies’ lyrical reportage claiming “one of our DJs is missing.”

Perhaps an alien abduction is afoot… as suggested by David Bowie’s Starman… lyrics about the late night ambient lighting set low and the listener leaning back on his radio… more to the point… “That weren’t no DJ that was hazy cosmic jive”. Oh, btw, many of you Sci-Fi aficionados will likely recognize this Bowie tune from the film soundtrack: The Martian.

Coming full circle… once again we’re back on terra firma, where the earthly static reasserts itself ala Ten Years After rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ us to wrap up this March BlogCast.


Chuck Berry ~ Roll Over Beethoven

Bob Seger ~ Heavy Music

Kinks ~ Around The Dial

David Bowie ~ Starman

Ten Years After ~ Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll You

If you’ve liked what you’ve heard, my next blogcast will be on April 1, 2017… no foolin’!


Four-Play (Week #2)

My blog experiment to feature a four track long musical set per week per post continues… this being Week 2 of my projected 13 week run. If you missed last week’s post, it’s archived in my “music” category.

As for today’s post, I’ve segued some music specifically themed to celebrate this Independence Day here in America.

Oh… btw… I had a rough time deciding which YouTube clip to choose from for Neil Diamond’s track… so… if you’d like to view the alternative version’s imagery, my typed in artist/song title headline, below, is also a clickable link.

Don’t expect any in depth musical analysis because I present the selections you hear, here, purely for the enjoyment of great music.

I do realize that tapping into my vast musical library can involve genres, which cannot possibly please all the people all the time. So… if today’s selections are not your “cup of tea”… do click back again… you never can tell what you’ll be listening to next week.

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Chuck Berry / Linda Ronstadt / Keith Richards ~ Back In The USA

Chicago ~ Saturday In The Park

Simon & Garfunkel ~ America

Neil Diamond ~ America