Paying Attention To Detail


I’m not here to bog you down with yet another detailed rundown of the ecological, ideological and virological crises that stubbornly continue to confront contemporary society. Suffice to say, the feverish, triple comorbidities of man-made climate change, invading incendiary Vlad, and the still “hot on the trail” coronavirus / variants amply speak for themselves.

Rather than rehashing any of THAT I’ve opted to discuss one particular, deleterious side effect, which this triple whammy has been having on me; perhaps you too?

I’m referring to how unproductively worrying about all that crap can easily plunge our biorhythms into a state of utter chaos; in particular, the sleep cycle; thereby plunging us into a rundown condition.

More to the point… we all must be on the lookout for the telltale symptoms; in particular…

Not Paying Attention To Detail

That I have such a prob does go way beyond my yawning a lot. That became all the more evident upon reviewing my April, WP posted content. To my astonishment (and mild embarrassment) I discovered word usage anomalies, sloppy syntax, spelling errors, typos etc.

To e.g. just one of my blunders… the usage of “chose” when I had intended “choose”.

Granted, within the blogging world, this tends to sound trifling, however, what happens when sleep deprivation fogs over the real world?

To e.g. that… consider the quality (or lack thereof) of tasks being carried out by the surgeon, commercial airline pilot and air traffic controller; hell, even the rush hour motorist? What of the nuclear power plant technician? The general keeping a watchful (bleary?) eye on the radar screens ISO (Vlad’s) nuclear missile launches?

Best advice, as each day draws to an end, we must all…

  • shut up all who air and stream bad news
  • shut down our device’s bright screens
  • shut our eyelids
  • shut off our minds and bodies
  • secure 8hrs of shut-eye (same time each day*)

* preferably night

Who knows? During our REM phase, we might even wind up dreaming up ways to shut down that ecological, ideological and virological mess we’re in.

At the very least… the odds of our working toward society’s betterment can only get better when we’re fully rested and…

Paying Better Attention To Detail!




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









RU a Groggy Blogger, too?

No yuge surprise, I’ve not been sleeping well ever since Hillary Clinton’s Election Night, 2016 concession speech; ever since Donald J. Trump placed his dainty hand on the Bible to take his Oath of Office; ever since that fake prez began laying waste to the U.S. Constitution, morality, equality, civility, the environment, etc.; ever since Donald’s pandemic has drastically complicated even the simplest of in-public tasks.

However, this post will be more medically than politically oriented.

I’d like to remind everyone that, to stay healthy in mind and body, we must get 8 hours of sleep each night. Not being alert can lead to problems great and small.

Speaking of small, let’s rehash a post, which this groggy blogger had published, all across the WWW, yesterday… a post I believed I had proofread to perfection. Well, after taking a nap, I reread it and was shocked that I had used “their” instead of “there” within the phrase, “Are we their yet?”

Worse yet, I had copied and pasted that very error THREE additional times!

At first, I chuckled and muttered, “OMG how the Hell did I ever miss THAT?

But, then I started to consider the potentially serious side of sleep deficits.

Sure, groggy blogging only damages one’s credibility, but what if you’re a groggy nuclear power plant operator or brain surgeon… or a groggy motorist cruising down a heavily traveled, major thoroughfare?

In other words…

Hey everybody! Get 8 hours of sleep every night!






The Rest of My Life


To preserve my R.E.M. world; with imagery rife
I’d have eagerly slept onward; the rest of my life

The dream I awoke from; so stunningly real
Surroundings familiar; I could see, hear, smell, feel

My years younger self leaning; upon my window sill
Upward gaze at the full moon; light tranquil, so still

One early bird’s chirping; awakens another; another
As well as my sister; my father; my mother

Our four legged friend; of shepherd / lab stock
Is also attuned; to our circadian clock

He arises from floor at the foot of my bed
Nudges my elbow; on knees rests his head

The kitchen clatter, commotion provides the next clue
As does heaven sent scent; of the coffee pot’s brew

Then just as mom shouts out; “Our pancakes are ready!”
Reality returns; so unsure, unsteady

All who remain of our family: just sister and brother
Shuffled off mortal coil; went our pet, father, mother

Real world woes; with a vengeance, commence to flood back
Right where they had left off; resume their attack

To preserve my R.E.M. world; with imagery rife
I’d have eagerly slept onward; the rest of my life