Screwdrivers Turned (Into Drinks)


The motivation behind this post is my discovery, on this very day, that my new polling place has become an off in the distance church. Stunningly, I can no longer cast my ballots at the public school that’s situated, LITERALLY, right next door to my home!

I suppose this should not be all that surprising; seeing how, ever since Donald J. Trump’s Big Lie was allowed to take root, voter suppression has been rabidly, rapidly becoming the unbecoming (illegal) law of the unAmerican homeland.

  • Looks like I will be voting via absentee ballot from now on.
  • And I will miss copping that, in person, Election Day buzz.

Such a development caused me to consider other maddening, saddening past occurrences; how I’ve been witness to similar annoying changes within my own hometown’s “four corners” / business district; the type one can count on making life both inconvenient and unaffordable.

Little doubt, this is owing to the vast, personal wealth of our past / present City Fathers and Mothers; all of which has not only mutated them into poor city planners but has also rendered them utterly insensitive to the needs of untold, everyday citizens (such as moi).

And seeing how their knack for knuckleheaded decisions even wound up shuttering our local hospital / ER, we are speaking of a LITERAL life and death matter.

To further flesh this out, these high and mighty, empowered dolts think nothing of routinely thumbs upping…

  • Developers who, rather than build affordable housing, joyously erect (starting at) $500K mansions; and butt ugly ones at that! Worse yet, once farmable, fertile soil is getting permanently encased in concrete and asphalt; is now sprouting acres upon acres of useless, picture perfect, manicured, excessively chemicaled grasslands; lawns so toxic the homeowners wind up “pushing up daisies” decades before their time.
  • Big box stores / urban sprawl which has driven out of town (or out of business) many an indie entrepreneur. Absent from our main drag’s business district is the charm of the apparel, shoe, hardware and mom and pop grocery stores. Long gone, too, is our public library; relocated is our Post Office. In their stead, there’s no shortage of swank eateries and cocktail lounges.

Alas, nowadays, at the very heart of town, screwdrivers do not get turned; they get drunk!

Long sigh… all (dis)courtesy of those who get and stay drunk on political power.




Be people Vaxxed OR Unvaxxed, We
can still shed and spread the batcrap
crazy contagious coronavirus which,
in turn, spawns new variants; which,
in turn, could, eventually, render the
available vaccines worthless; which,
in turn, will drag out the pandemic’s
needless suffering, illness and death!

HENCE… this easy as pie, cover your
nose and pie-hole/hole-up heads-up:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Desperation Sits Behind the Wheel


Another act of mass murder. Once again the “latest rage” terrorist MO… vehicular manslaughter. This time in lower Manhattan / NYC.

My heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the 8 victims who perished and my best wishes for speedy recoveries to the 11 injured… to fullest extent that is humanly / medically possible.

This latest incident begs many questions…

WTF would drive anyone to commit such a heinous crime against humanity? Is it simply a matter of waking up and saying…

“Hmmm… what shall I do today? Where should I go? Oh I know! I’ll hop into my vehicle, turn the key, start the engine, shift it into gear, lead foot it and mow down everyone in my path! Wheeeee!”

Long sigh. I’m sorry to say this, but…

Once again we’ll read the harrowing particulars and our hearts will grow heavy. And then… within mere days… we’ll have little choice but to get on with our busy lives. Sadly, we’ll repress the memories… we’ll have to. Self preservation will kick in. It’s either that or go nuts.

And that begs follow up questions…

Is the sheer frequency of such attacks having a detrimental effect on us? Are they desensitizing us? Will such stories in the news wind up morphing into something resembling sportscasts… the death and injury statistics akin to the “final score” in each “game”?

While I could never, actually, feel that cynical, I am only human. I need to hold onto my sanity, too.

Obviously our society in decay needs to be dealt with STAT! We must put an end to the class warfare perpetrated by those who wallow in obscene wealth… whose unconscionable, oppressive business practices relentlessly beat down, screw over and frustrate ordinary, everyday people… e.g., never, ever pay them living wages, force them to endlessly slave away in poverty… perhaps even in squalor.

Whenever a person’s efforts to get ahead get crushed every step of the way… no matter how hard they try… it can drive them to the point of desperation and outrage. Some will literally take their fight to the streets.

Hopelessness and desperation are the cancers eating away at our society. That’s what’s driving vehicles into crowds of pedestrians.

Meanwhile, back at the latest ground zero, last night, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo weighed in with some tough talk…

“Tonight we are at a Halloween parade to say, ‘You didn’t win. And you didn’t affect us. We’re out and we’re celebrating and we’re doing what New Yorkers do. And we’re living our lives because we’re not going to let the terrorists win. Period!’”

While I admire the steely resolve of Cuomo and the good people of NYC… would never rain on their parade… would never deny anyone their pursuit of happiness, we must never be unaffected. True, we must not cower. But until we right the wrongs of this ceaseless, avarice driven, class warfare which is at the root of these evil terrorist acts, terrorism will rear it’s ugly head again and again… likely someday soon.

Additionally, I cannot help but wonder if any would-be terrorist, within earshot of Cuomo’s words, would ever feel intimidated. Indeed, he would likely interpret that as the Governor throwing down the gauntlet… would counter with his own tough talk retort…

“Oh yeah? Well… we’ll see about that!”

He’d then casually hop into his vehicle, turn the key, start the engine, shift it into gear, lead foot it and mow down everyone in his path while saying, “Wheeeee!”

What then?

Another act of mass murder. Once again the latest rage terrorist MO… vehicular manslaughter. This time in ____________.

Fill in the blank… perhaps, with your hometown’s name? Perhaps with mine?



99 Word Blog (#015) Society Needs Sobriety

A WordPress blogger I follow recently discussed how beggars, who reject food and “too small” monetary offerings, likely need big bucks for booze / dope.

The undesirable effect identified… let’s examine the cause

Today’s tightfisted corporate monsters flat out refuse to pay a living wage. The resultant blue-collar blues and scourge of substance abuse are but two sides to the same coin.

How to best help? Be they stoned or sober, bypass the panhandler. Donate directly to existing soup kitchens and vocational / psychological counseling centers… help fund more as needed. A CEO attitude readjustment is in order, too.