Pols, Pals & Foes


Let’s pick up the pieces; when humdrum Pols take tame stand
And stick to pedestrian speeches; bond to strike up lame band
Once slick admen join them; Pols and Pals both play game bland
They trick to paint tainted world; sell us a spiffed, spoofed name brand

Their nice ads roll ‘round the clock; spread thru the airwaves and stream
“Roll up your sleeves!” they beseech, “Please join vaxxed people’s team!”
While vaccine science, trustworthy, rolls out the Game-Changer scheme
“Jabs” can’t knock out / cure social ills; not at such nauseous extreme

Bottled up in ads’ ointment, the flies team / teem; galore
Trump troglodytes engage erudites; THAT no-win, endless war
Normal notions stump Trump; also his dumbbell / oddball corps
Freedom? Justice? Just buzzwords; they all buzz off / abhor

In most known negative “isms”; Trumpers sprawl, wallow, bask
To learn from pandemics’ hard knocks? They’re not up to that “task”
They won’t even thwart Covid; by simply donning a mask
Are they beyond all redemption? Need anyone ask?

Deep down in the deep end, of the primordial pool
Trumpers get off on their guns; nuff to make them all drool,
Some strafe houses of worship, the workplace, the school
Others are BLAM-BLAM bad cops, who flip off BLM’s rule

Trumpian race and class warfare, proves chronic infection
Dots Pandemic? Dots Climatic? Simps can’t make the connection
Freakin’ fools who can’t fathom the Free Fair election
These days, go on a rampage; foment insurrection


Granted, verses, above, tell the heart-rending tale
Of my homeland’s decline; beyond the pale / stale
Might “where there’s life there’s hope” wisdom, somehow, prevail?
Well, our Stars and Stripes still fly; Trump’s insurrection did fail!



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Wild ’n’ Wooly & Willy-Nilly Weather

Once this a.m.’s brief, sudden deluge had ended, I could not help but notice the deeply pooled rainwater surrounding the storm drain; flooding the road that runs past my humble home.

Venturing outdoors for a closer look-see, lickety-split, I found my mind flashing back to Michigan’s June 25, 1968 flash flood; a highly localized (right down to my own zip code) event. Had that particular, peculiar storm lasted much longer, it could’ve easily converted the most hardcore couch potato into some latter day, resourceful Noah; highly motivated “the robed one” to crack open his ark making tool box.

Having also recalled all the bygone associated property damage (inclusive of my boyhood Lionel toy trains), the back in the here and now, older, wiser, civic minded me suddenly got morphed into a Department of Public Works volunteer; ISO a tool to pull the plug, as it were. Duly inspired, I located, hauled out and repurposed my wintertime, pavement ice scraper.

Within a couple minutes, tops, I had broken up this massive accumulation of organic debris; the odd mix of shed Maple Tree seedlings, twigs and a neighborhood’s worth of power mower grass clippings; not to mention some in-car or on-foot passerby’s lost, silver barreled ballpoint pen.

Granted, in the grand scheme, the quick action of one (perhaps) over the hill man probably hadn’t amounted to a hill of beans.

However, upon factoring in how climate change turbocharged, wild and wooly, willy-nilly weather systems are becoming everyday occurrences… well…

Who knows what miracle some civically minded individual might work, someday; somewhere down the road?



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Mask-Up Now! Suit-Up Later?


Seeing how, there have now been over half a century’s worth of Earth Days and, still, not enough is getting done to combat global warming / climate change, let’s go the K.I.S.S.* route; i.e., cut thru all the hot air type of discussions / debates.

On one hand, we find a gaggle of boneheaded science deniers, who are at the crux of two humanity threatening problems; Environmental Ruin and the Pandemic.

On the other hand, learned climatologists are predicting that, as early as 2050, there’s the all too real possibility that our greenhouse gas / polluted atmosphere will render our home world uninhabitable.

Hmm, one wonders how today’s anti-maskers, who constantly make bogus claims that a simple, flexible piece of cloth, covering the nose and mouth, restricts their ability to breathe / causes them to gag, will react when, just to avoid deadly asphyxiation, perhaps winding up a fried to a crisp corpse, it’ll require everyone suiting up in a NASA / Project Apollo era, bulky moon suit?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!




* K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Straightforward




Bide-n His Time?


Wow! Mere days following Super Tuesday and long before multiple millions of primary ballots have yet to even be cast and counted, candidate Joe Biden can already count on becoming the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. The big question…

• Can Barack Obama’s ex-VP really, Really, REALLY defeat Donald Trump?

Joe had better be fully prepared to take on that Herculean Task. After all, Donny will be huckstering and rehashing a hoax… donning his tin-foil hat and trotting out his Biden / Burisma / Ukraine false narrative… i.e., the exact same way he successfully exploited this bogus issue throughout his legitimate House Impeachment and undeserved Senate acquittal.

• What does this all boil down to?

Well, instead of this presidential Election Year becoming a substantive, issues based campaign, the Trumpster… who neither has a firm grasp on the real issues nor shives-a-git about them… will, instead, be prevaricating and mudslinging his way to victory. Hell, that pathetic little man tells huge whoppers so frequently and fanatically, even he believes they’re the truth. Worse yet, so do the gullible masses, who’ll be reelecting him.

Even were Biden to, miraculously, win the White House, unless the Democrats also secure U.S. House and Senate majorities, his presidency will mean nothing.

•  What if vengeance seeking Republicans do wind up controlling both legislative chambers?

At the very least… Biden will be facing down ferocious obstructionism.

Net effect… the real issues… e.g., climate change, free elections, nuclear disarmament, gun control, women’s rights, human rights, fair immigration laws, living wages, an equitable tax code, affordable housing, healthcare and prescription drugs etc.… will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way.

At the very worst… sore loser, vengeance seeking Republicans will dredge up the Trumpian lies re Ukraine / Burisma / Biden and use this as the basis to unjustifiably impeach, convict and remove Biden from office.

Net effect… the real issues… e.g., climate change, free elections, nuclear disarmament, gun control, women’s rights, human rights, fair immigration laws, living wages, an equitable tax code, affordable housing, healthcare and prescription drugs etc.… will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way.

Of course… even in defeat, what’s to stop Donald Trump from holing up in the White House and flat-out refusing to turn over the keys to Joe Biden?

Net effect… the real issues… e.g., climate change, free elections, nuclear disarmament, gun control, women’s rights, human rights, fair immigration laws, living wages, an equitable tax code, affordable housing, healthcare and prescription drugs etc.… will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way.

RE climate change… failure to deal with this burning issue, STAT, will lead to humanity’s eventual extinction. Little doubt, the last people left (more or less) standing will wind up writhing around in such agony that… as they suck in their last gasp of super-heated, toxified oxygen, they’ll likely even welcome their own deaths.

Net effect… the real issues will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way. Of course, what would any of that really matter, anymore, once the cockroaches inherit the Earth?










No Man of Science is Dumb Donald ~ Vid of the (Leap) Day

The CBS TV Network incarnation of Match Game, which aired throughout most of the nineteen-seventies, introduced us to the clever staff writers who, in turn, introduced us to the totally fake character… Dumb Donald… a.k.a. the hapless man who stumbles clumsily and cluelessly through life.

At that juncture, it became emcee Gene Rayburn’s turn to introduce Dumb Donald to his contestants… in this instance… Paul…

“Dumb Donald is so dumb, once he
buried a bone to grow a ________.”

One can almost sense a mystical air floating about that days of yore TV studio… one which has even lingered onward into the here and now. After all, here I sit in 2020, blogging about an uncanny resemblance to the Real Donald… a similarly challenged character.

To flesh out my premise a bit… wouldn’t you concur that expecting anything to spontaneously generate from a dead as a door-nail, buried bone is not only scientifically far-fetched… it’s just plain dumb.

Upon factoring in a foolhardy climate change denier and coronavirus downplayer… a.k.a. the Real Donald… well…

It becomes obvious that neither dude has a particularly good grasp on science. The state of mind / mindlessness, which they have in common, would also be all-inclusive of abject disrespect for the entire scientific community.

What a dumb way to go through life, huh?

Anyway, let’s find out how well contestant Paul uses his smarts to fill in that blank… and how many celebs he’ll match…






Who’ll Be Minding the Store?

That Joe Biden is LESS CORRUPT than Donald Trump is not the issue.

That LESS CORRUPT would ever need to become the qualifying words, IS the issue!

There is no getting around the truth that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, benefited, financially due to nepotism… by snagging his $600,000-a-year job on the board of Burisma Holdings. And that does beg some questions…

How could We the People ever entrust a President Biden to drain the Trumpian, overflowing DC swamp, when Joe failed to advise his own son to reject that job offer? Whatever happened to leading by example?

And that makes Joe a POTUS wannabe with a BIG problem. Let’s say he wins the Democratic Party nomination and goes head to head with Donald J. Trump. True, Trump has no head, but since bloggers, everywhere, have already discussed this ad nauseam, why say more?

Anyway, throughout the entire 2020 campaign, Donny (no stranger, himself, to allowing nepotism to benefit his own brood), ironically, will be successfully hammering in his talking point that Joe is soft on nepotism / corruption… that he reeks of it. The voters will catch a whiff of Biden’s stench and even vote for the far stronger stench of Trump, instead (go figure, huh?).

While I’d still have to oust Trump by voting for Biden (sorry… that’s a regrettable fact of life with a two party system), prior to marking my ballot, I’d either need to spray the voting booth with Febreze™ or bring a clothespin for my nose. One would think that to encourage a bigger voter turnout, our local election officials would supply both products.

So, do the Democratic Party big shots actually believe Biden to be the candidate most likely to succeed? If he’s the best man they can trot out, why not simply tell Joe to deliver his Election Night concession speech, right now, and get it over with?

No folks, most assuredly, I have not defected to become a Trumpian blowhole. I’m just being brutally honest, here, because we need to reject Biden while we still have time to nominate a far superior, hopefully progressive, (wo)man.

Look, even were Biden to get elected, unless he could snag up to eight long years of Democratic majorities in both the Senate and House, he’d wind up facing down his immediate impeachment / conviction / ouster, “courtesy” of his savagely vindictive, Republican foes. And he’d have no one else to blame but himself.

To regain some respectability, it might serve Biden well to [1] “crash” Trump’s Impeachment Trial, [2] admit nepotism is wrong, [3] deliver a stump speech that’d also expose Trump’s own corruption AND [4] challenge Trump to show up / fess up, too. Hell, figuratively speaking, Joe could probably mop the entire U.S. Senate’s filthy floor with Trump’s mangy mane.

Let’s now Fast Forward to Election Day 2020. It’ll likely be Biden vs. Trump. And whoever wins, the people will lose… namely… because Trump helps nobody but himself and, once the newly empowered Republican majorities within the House and Senate impeach, convict and oust Biden his VP turned President will be left cowering in the corner… even though that’d be impossible in a oval shaped room.

Indeed, be the victor Biden or Trump, nobody will be minding the store to effectively cope with a slew of national / worldly problems… namely… Vladimir Putin’s land grabs, a destabilized Middle East / North Korea, nuclear proliferation, foreign and domestic terrorism, unholy holy wars, domestic gun violence, a wealthy folks driven class war, corrupt Wall Street / business practices, non-living wages, racial / gender inequality, drug / opioid abuse, an ailing / aging populace and, last but not least, climate change that, left unchecked, will render Earth uninhabitable.










Fortune Cookie Blog (“ology” vs. “ology”)


When debating global warming, we must ensure that hotheaded ideology
never trumps time-honored meteorology. If political hot air discourse and
tempestuous discord occlude science, the grave prediction, come true, will
be extreme, irreversible climate change and an unfit for human life Earth!







Fortune Cookie Blog (Hot! Hot! Hot!)


Once upon a time, discussions of the weather were a harmless way
to break the ice during social gatherings. But is this still true, today?
Let us hope this fortune cookie is not an accurate barometer of hot
under the collar, hotheaded, hot air fueled, political climate change!






Eight Reasons Why I Cannot Support Your Boy Trump


I. Donald J. Trump mollycoddles the elite with obscenely generous tax breaks, reckless deregulation and an undeserved, too-big-to-fail status. For starters, why do folks, who’ve amassed more money than they could possibly spend in 10 lifetimes, need more? Why are they so vehemently opposed to paying even one penny of income taxes? Where’s their gratitude for the “system” that favors / pampers them? Additionally, is it not economic suicide to embolden their business undertakings that are already quasi-legal, wildly speculative, astoundingly risky, guaranteed to fail and destined to lay waste to the American / Global economies? Lastly, why are the too-poor-to-survive taxpayers always expected to bail out the too-big-to-fail tax scofflaws?

II. Any male, young or old, living in America or anywhere else in our world, would be ill-advised to make a role model of Trump, a small man who wallows in muddy misogyny and perpetrates the crass objectification of womankind. Grabbing the attention of feminists (of all genders) was… still is… his Access Hollywood video “tutorial” which focuses in on his crude “grabbing” “techniques” (which he inflicts upon his conquests). Yet, in spite of that video’s self-incriminating aspect, he’ll still hotly deny the nearly two dozen #MeToo accounts re his (alleged) unwanted sexual advances / attacks. Even his “defense” reeks of offensiveness… namely his claim that his accusers are “not my type”… which can only make us wonder about his MO when a potential female victim IS his type?

III. The Trumpster hates Mother Nature, too… i.e., he summarily flips off climatologists’ dire warnings that Earth is rapidly approaching the beyond repair stage. He actually believes that all he need do to combat climate change / global warming is open wide and whoosh forth his hot air denial… best summed up as his unscientific, mindless Nuh-Uh! His frequently uttered, oxymoronic phrase “clean coal” amply proves that when it comes down to climatology, Donny stands on thin ice.

IV. When Trump isn’t off subjugating playmates and porn stars, he’ll be giddily schoolgirl crushing on his scum of the earth “superheroes”… tyrants all. His #1 bestie / beastie is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Most worrisome are their frequent, hush-hush, one-on-one meetings. At that point he’ll oft dismiss his American entourage… inclusive of his American translator! In other words, Donny implicitly trusts untrustworthy Vlad’s untrustworthy translators. And that could easily translate out as trouble with a capital T. What impact will these clandestine confabs between two tyrants have upon our world? Only Big Bad Vlad knows for sure.

V. Narcissist Trump conflates love of country with love of him. He bristles with hatred and intolerance regarding all citizen critics. His speaking so contemptuously of them has even incited deadly violence against journalists. Were it left solely up to him, he’d likely issue arrest warrants and… sans due process… order everyone’s imprisonment. So much for 1st Amendment rights, huh? You know… those “silly” “pesky” “little” guarantees regarding freedom of speech / press and “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

VI. Trump’s obsession with the 2nd Amendment and his convenient redaction of its “well regulated Militia” qualifier language make him the perfect NRA patsy. He obediently buys into their armed to the teeth America stance… inclusive of their weaponizing the mentally unhinged. Hand in hand they euphorically prance about the 21st century Wild Wild West of their own making. Busting such a “dance move” has rendered no venue immune from attack… be that our elementary schools, cineplexes and even our houses of worship. War zones pop up when least expected. Innocent bystanders get maimed and murdered by rampaging, seething with rage, hungry for the headlines sociopaths… gun nuts all… who, typically, possess firepower that might even turn the olive drab U.S. military a shade of envious green.

In the wake of these sieges, comes the secondary attack…namely… Trump’s on cue, target the survivors, “phoned in”, “thoughts and prayers” speech. Yet, nowhere to be found amidst his insincere rhetoric is his vow to convince his Republican congressional cronies to stand down… to stand up to the NRA… to get off their fat bureaucratic asses in order to make common sense gun control measures the law of the land.

VII. Trump’s insane nuclear ambitions have destabilized an already mentally unbalanced world. He fancies a tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Another foolhardy, international arms race is sure to follow. He saber rattles via his dangerous utterances / Tweets such as “If we have nuclear weapons why can’t we use them?” AND “Any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great and overwhelming force. In some areas, overwhelming will mean obliteration.” He has scrapped the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which, no yuge [sic] surprise, has resurrected Iran’s deadly nuclear ambitions. While it could be reasonably argued that Iran’s Hassan Rouhani is not mentally stable enough to have access to nuclear WMD, could not the same be said of Donald J. Trump?

VIII. Trump gleefully consorts with Klansmen and Nazis… deeming them in his own words, “very fine people”. And that is a slap on the collective face of the multiple hundreds of thousands of American troops who had so selflessly fought and died fighting against White Supremacysts [sic] during the Civil War and Nazis during WW-II. Donny unconditionally and willfully sticks up for and sucks up to his racist base. In turn, they are enraptured by his coldblooded, zero tolerance immigration policy… i.e., one which [1] barbarically targets asylum seeking Hispanic families along the U.S. / Mexico border, [2] traumatizes their youngsters by wresting them from their parents’ embracing arms and [3] warehouses them all in squalid detention centers. While that uncompromising, heartless, soulless Oval Office denizen remains impervious to the sound of the immigrant children’s anguished appeals for reunification with their mommies and daddies, we, the world’s humanitarians will forever be haunted by their anguished, heartbroken, never answered pleas for help.

To quickly review… here are my eight reasons why I cannot support your boy Trump.

Donald J. Trump is the architect of class war and nuclear war… the idolizer of Klansmen, Nazis, Putin and other tyrants… the suppressor of free speech / press / protest rights… the perpetrator of environmental ruin, heightened gun violence, misogyny and child abuse. For these reasons… and more… it is the duty of all true blue Americans to liberate the immense power of our 2020 ballots. We must usher in a restoration of decency and democracy to the Oval Office… and hope that these values will spread outward, all across America and throughout our world.




Don’t Dig Climate Change? That’ll Dig Our Own Graves!


Earth Day 2019 has come and gone… and as far as the UN-American, UN-educated and UN-educable UN-prez is concerned… long sigh… well… let’s just say he’s UN-concerned.

Day in / day out, that steeped in ignorance, know-nothing, know-it-all, pseudo-scientist sits on his “brain”, [1] bogusly flipping off white lab coated, steeped in time-honored science, learned climatologists, [2] erroneously debunking their decades long, studies and [3] inexcusably refuting (with his mere nuh-uh) their data driven, carefully considered conclusion that humans are responsible for life imperiling, climate change / global warming.

How dare he remain headless / heedless re nature’s retaliatory fury… i.e., the exponentially increasing incidents of damaging and deadly freakish heatwaves / droughts / firestorms… the planet-wide arctic blasts / ice and snow storms… the ferocious wind storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Of course such a ‘tude can be readily accounted for. After all, (in all likelihood) the fake prez has never read page one of even one environmentally themed textbook… or for that matter… read any book at all… not even the dust jacket blurbs from his own ghostwritten books which, typically, boast a $#!+ – load of his worthless, self-indulgent delusions.

Hell, the closest he’s ever come to wearing a white lab coat is whenever he (figuratively) dons his white KKK hoodie and robe.

What that all boils down to is that we… who are deeply concerned about securing survival for ourselves (for posterity, too) now find we are waging a two-front battle… [1] AGAINST the fake prez’s all too real ignorance and [2] FOR a cleaner greener planet Earth.

One would think that… at the very least… that lazy bum would know when to step out of the way to allow the tireless, genuine experts do his work for him. Of course, the only way that’d ever likely happen is if climatologists gave credit where no credit was due… i.e., stroked his considerable ego by promising him top billing on all of their hard work.

Look… even if anyone could offer conclusive evidence that humans are not causing climate change, just WTF would be the harm in our cleaning up our home world, anyway?

After all we are talking about the only known planet within our vast universe capable of supporting all life on Earth. Even if there were other habitable worlds, they’d be so distant, humankind might not ever survive the long, multiple millions of light-years journey.

For the sake of re-emphasis… we must accept the findings of our climatologist sleuths / CSI investigators… believe them when they tell us that the climate change culprits are none other than you and me.

Our being cast in that lead role… being the climate change villains / heavies means we must also lead the charge. Before it’s too late (if it’s not too late, already), it’s imperative to right out wrongs. To fail to do so? Well…

If the freakish weather doesn’t kill in an instant, we’ll wind up facing down the slow, time-release death of UV incineration, air pollution asphyxiation, polar icecap meltdown inundation / suffocation and non-arable soil / low crop yields starvation. Welcome to our eventual planet-wide graveyard? It does not have to be that way.

For the sake of brevity… let’s now shrink this post down to a more memorable, bumper sticker length catchphrase…


Don’t Dig Climate Change?
That’ll Dig Our Own Graves!