Whistle-Blower Pooches & Political Dogs (Vid of the Day)


If it’s, indeed, true that the world is going to the dogs, let’s hope our clip’s three featured pooches are leaders of the pack.

Granted, humankind’s best friends are not always well-behaved. However, unlike some humans, when confronted, they oft display a far more refined, superior sense of right and wrong… are far more willing to fess up to their transgressions… to feel the shame they have brought upon themselves.

That’s far more than can be said about politicians… namely…

• A certain, snarling, growling, lying through his teeth, guilty as hell, blatantly blameworthy, big-name political dog, who, stunningly, insists the never-ending, ever-growing list of his dirty deeds is “perfect”.

• The pack of rabid, howling wolves, who always have his back.







Fortune Cookie Blog (redemption)


There may be salvation for people who habitually do bad deeds; i.e. if they
are capable of feeling bad afterwards; understand how bad it is to spin bad
as good as a means to poison other minds; if they do not turn a deaf ear to
their inner voice & readily listen to the preachers’ and teachers’ voices, too;
embrace their life lessons, that speak of the vast diff between good and bad.







Fortune Cookie Blog (virtual morality)


The human mind houses our virtual morality ledgers; our good and bad traits
akin to credits and debits. Whenever we’re evaluating the political wannabes,
in essence, we’re auditing their books. So, be their pages stained in red ink;
be they doing their damnedest to bury their ledgers; never, ever elect them!