A Rogue’s Gallery of Contagions


OK, I get it. Adults, by far, are the most efficient spreaders of Covid-19. And that pretty much sums up the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s rationale for their recent ruling to HALVE the minimum social distancing guidelines within America’s elementary and middle schools. But, how wise was their decision?

Call me overly cautious, but damn it, I can still vividly recall my own early school days. And you know what?

We kiddies had been extraordinarily efficient at passing around maladies such as measles, mumps, influenza and rhinoviruses; the veritable rogues gallery of contagions.

Hell, had classroom throwing up been any more commonplace, it’d have been a regular feature during Show and Tell. I can still remember one kid, by name (Keith) whose vomiting “performance” could’ve won him an Oscar; i.e., had such a gory category for the Academy Awards existed.

Call me overly cautious, but, damn it, here’s my assessment. With June’s end of the school year mere weeks away AND the far more communicable and deadly Corona-V variants now in the pandemic mix AND the distribution of the vaccinations, so far, far from achieving worldwide herd immunity, I ask…

  • Is it really prudent for any of us to be taking needless chances?
  • Does not letting down our guard risk yet another pandemic surge?
  • Is not more human suffering and death the last thing humankind needs?
  • Would it really kill us to play it safe?

To not show Corona-V the proper respect is to flirt with disaster.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






“Barron’s Fine.”

“President Trump spoke on his son Barron’s positive COVID-19 test before departing the White House en route to Des Moines, IA. First Lady Melania Trump revealed Wednesday that her only son with President Trump, Barron Trump, tested positive for the novel coronavirus after the first couple was diagnosed but said he experienced no symptoms and has since tested negative.”

Clip and set-up courtesy of The Hill’s YouTube Channel • Oct 14, 2020 • 156,920 views

And that duly noted, it’s now my turn to weigh in.

Fortunately, “all’s well that ends well”, doth sum up the first family’s encounter with the sickening, oft deadly Corona-V.

Even so, we need to further consider our video vignette. The Hill’s wordless, visual op-ed doth speak volumes. Indeed, candidate Trump’s silence drowns out both the madding crowd’s mindless, “U – S – A” chants and Marine One’s / Air Force One’s idling engines.

If nothing else, the clip’s creator has showcased daddy Donny’s dispassionate demeanor. Throughout the entire two minute run time, I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat, fully expecting the president (in title only) to flesh out his “Barron’s Fine” cursory remark.

Perhaps after the cutaway from the White House to the tarmac scene? Yes? No?

Regrettably, but not unexpectedly, No was the outcome.

My God, for a politician (in every negative sense of that word) who’s never at a loss for words, to not offer up a bit more parental concern? Maybe toss in a few of his trade mark superlatives? Perhaps brag about the Trump Klan’s genetic superiority?

This comment left on the YouTube site could very well sum it up best:

“Poor Baron [sic]. All the money in the world can’t make up for what he has to endure.”

YouTuber Briarrose29

In closing, Barron is not only fortunate enough to be afforded the best medical care anywhere on the planet, but is also damned lucky to, at least, have a mother who cares about his well-being.

Stay well wishes to mother and son.

Get well wishes, too, to the inattentive (in title only) father.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!


Anyone in a shop-till-you-drop mood?


One would think that Confederate Prez Donny, who fancies himself the stable genius and consummate businessman, would be able to grasp onto the economic fundamentals… namely…

RULE #1: Unemployed, destitute grown-ups will not be in a let’s-shop-till-we-drop mood when [1] worried sick that COVID-19 will come home to roost [2] paying for the roof overhead and food on the table proves difficult, AND [3] the Fascist overthrow of America may already be a fait accompli.

That stark deficit of consumer confidence should come as no shocker to that science denier / autocrat who’s totally to blame for COVID-19’s physical and fiscal devastation and the dismantling of democracy.

Obviously, I cannot speak for everyone, but, under such grim circumstances, aside from paying for life’s bare essentials, the only way I’d ever go on a shopping spree is to [1] prepare for the worst by prearranging my own funeral and [2] hope for the best by booking a one way flight to the nearest progressive nation with outstretched, welcoming arms.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Pandemic Pandemonium Poem


Pandemic’s same old, new dawn; bad news stories playback
Trump’s truculence and treason; he bleats / Tweets his attack
I can’t resist online retorts; the tooth-for-tooth type payback.

“That bastard burned down our homeland!”, I shout and cry
In fetal ball I next curl up; bawl my eyeballs bloodshot / dry
By dusk, eyes bleary / head weary; dreamland’s worth a try.

Can I dream up exit plan, to someday soon, flee the coop?
Safely free all huddled masses, from our damned time-loop?
Or, awaken again, right back at my poem’s Line-One stoop?



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







An Overlooked Pandemic Panacea?


I sure hope I’m not the only one who’s been theorizing “outside the box”, re coronavirus / COVID-19. Check this out…

What if there are billions of us, who’ve been exposed to this deadly pathogen, yet, have remained absolutely healthy?

Might our plasma now be vastly superior to the convalescent plasma, donated by those who’ve recovered from this disease?

If so, that’d mean the abysmal lack of testing, especially stateside, is not only failing to detect the magnitude of The Problem but it’s also overlooking The Solution.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Headshrinker Head of State


Amidst the backdrop of his raging pandemic, man-child Donald J. Trump now fancies himself a shrink… now toys with the notion that not providing K-12, in-person education will prove emotionally detrimental to young people.

While there may be a milligram of truth to such conjecture, here’s what that quack has failed to consider…

Emotional health will prove fleeting for any COVID-19 carrier kid who sickens her / his parents to death, winds up in an orphanage and gets haunted by a lifetime of guilt.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Not Catching that Bug and Buzz


Here in Michigan, it’s Primary Election Day. It’s also the first time I won’t be showing up at the polls… i.e., seeing how I had already hand delivered my absentee ballot to City Hall this past Friday.

While I am relieved that I won’t have to show up at my precinct’s… YIKES! NO MASKS REQUIRED!… polling place during a global pandemic… where I’d risk catching that nasty COVID-19 bug…

Nonetheless, I will be missing the physicality of it all… the process of signing in… standing in the fast moving line… being seated at the partitioned voting table… catching that national community buzz.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!