Mueller’s Trump Card? ~ [Bumper Sticker Blog #002]



Trump insists he has done nothing wrong and is always
truthful. If so, why is he lawyering up, scared to answer
all of Mueller’s Qs and worried about perjuring himself?




99 Word Blog (#062) Was It For Kicks Or Kickbacks?


c1980, my father permitted a family friend, “Henry”, running for City Council, to post his campaign sign in our front yard. Subsequently, somebody destroyed it.

It’s a fair bet that somebody had been our moneygrubbing, narcissistic neighbor, “Lou”… Henry’s only competition.

Since, most assuredly, Lou didn’t shive a git about bettering our municipality, his running such a dirty campaign for such a low paying job likely meant he EITHER needed to feed his ego OR he planned to feed the ubiquitous, under the table, dirty money into his bankbook… a commonplace occurrence within small towns devoid of investigative journalists.