Life @40 k.p.h. (SundaySongSeries)


Our Week #113 stopover within the realm of Sunday titled songs, finds our tour guides, Blue Country, relating their lyrical tale re an experience, which most of us drivers can relate to; getting stuck behind a slow moving vehicle on a seemingly endless no passing zone highway. Check out their catchy tune, Sunday Driver.

If you can relate to the tune you’ve heard here, today, c’mon back for our next musical adventure; seven days from now.

Till then…

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





CC’s 3-D POV (Sunday Song Series)

Without coming across as inordinately preachy, Canadian country music songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Chris Cummings, repeatedly, cleverly, lyrically laments about an issue, which few theologians seem to ever openly address… namely…

How attendees of memorial services, at times, don’t really know why they’re there. Some don’t even know that they don’t know. As such, would they even have a prayer of ever finding out?

Today’s selection, Sunday Best, is a.k.a. our Week #103 stopover within the vast realm of Sunday titled songs.

Our musical journey is far from over. I hope to welcome you back, here, seven days from now.

Till then…

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Next Sunday (Sunday Song Series)

If you’re into Americana, Folk and Country music, you’ve arrived at the right site at the right time. As we continue to track through the vast territory of Sunday titled songs, we’ve now arrived at Week #88, where we’ll be crossing paths with singer / songwriters Laura Rogers and Lydia Slagle (née Rogers). These actual sisters, who hail from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, record as the Secret Sisters.

And while it’s no secret that they’ll be performing Next Sunday, you need not wait till next Sunday to give this track a listen (sorry… I couldn’t resist the wordplay).

To briefly “roll” the Next Sunday credits… uh… today…

T-Bone Burnett: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Zachary Dawes: Bass
Jay Bellerose: Drums
Keefus Ciancia: Keyboards
Gabe Witcher: Mandolin:
Jack Ashford: Tambourine
Laura Rogers / Lydia Slagle: Vocals

Be sure to pay a visit to the Official Secret Sisters Website. There, you can check out more of their videos, as well as get on the inside track to their 2020 album, Saturn Return. Be sure to peruse their bio / recording history over at Wikipedia.

I thank you for you clicking by and cordially invite you back for our next Sunday song. In this instance, you will need to wait till next Sunday.








The Troubadour’s Unexpected Change of Venue

Spirited lyrics once “served” by John Prine,
Could be “chased” with mere beer or fine wine,
His wry wit prompts our guffaws,
Profound thoughts give us pause,
His new stage, lit with heaven’s star shine.


When I first heard John Prine’s eponymous, debut album back in 1971, his vocal and lyrical qualities instantly invited comparisons to yet another singer/songwriter… namely, Bob Dylan. And, in our vast world of music, what better compliment could we ever pay him?

John’s death, yesterday (04/07/2020), was both tragic and ironic. This star magnitude country music folkie had fought, so valiantly, to become a cancer survivor… to reclaim the stage spotlight…only to be upstaged by coronavirus, which promptly, heartlessly, brought down the curtain on his show.

Even though he had attained star status, I think that most of his fans (I among them) could also sense his humble, down to Earth vibe.

Keeping that in mind, what better song for him “to go out on” than Quiet Man?

R.I.P. John Prine







I’ll Bet We All Can Outdo This Tune’s Dude!


While the Coronavirus Pandemic’s highly recommended, social isolation protocols (to say the least) have been trying and tiring, we must never take our eyes off the Grand Prize. After all, our being temporarily bored to death is an equitable trade off… i.e., seeing how the alternative could be inclusive of death, itself.

Every moment we spend in seclusion helps slow the spread of contagion and WILL buy precious time for the medical community to diagnose / treat / cure the ever-increasing backlog of patients and, ultimately, facilitate the healthcare professionals’ selfless, heroic efforts to contain / conquer this potentially genocidal pathogen.

Key to a happy outcome for humanity, is our helping ourselves to some pleasurable diversions. When left to my own devices, that involves two keyboards (computer and piano), hanging out at WordPress and tracking thru my CD, LP, VHS and DVD libraries. And should I ever tire of such star quality (actors and musicians), there’s literal stargazing, too (both naked-eye and telescopic). When left to your own devices, I’m confident you can easily outdo my own boredom fighting MO.

Now, speaking of musicians… this would be a great time to return to this post’s headline, thusly…

I’ll Bet We All Can Outdo This Tune’s Dude!


That dude would be the very character, which the Statler Brothers’ crackerjack composer, Lew DeWitt, portrays within the track Flowers On The Wall. As he presents his musical vignette, he sums up, succinctly, what has got to be one of the worst cases of cabin fever on record.

To quote Wikipedia’s storyline synopsis:

“The singer assures a concerned neighbor that, even though he rarely, if ever, leaves his home, he leads a full life: counting flowers on the wallpaper, playing solitaire with a deck of 51 cards all night and well into the morning, smoking, watching Captain Kangaroo and pretending to go out.” (read more here).

BTW, smoking would be ill-advised. Not really preaching… just saying…

As for anyone who now may be asking, “Who the hell is Captain Kangaroo?”

Well, to the very first generation of TV tykes (inclusive of yours truly) our idolized Captain (a.k.a. Bob Keeshan) was a kiddie show pioneer (akin to Mr. Fred Rogers). The clip below… as well as this Wiki Link… will help fill in a few more details.

If you still find yourself ISO a great diversion, why not follow up this blog’s vids with additional YouTube content. That platform’s library is as limitless as the ever-expanding multiverse above.


To all who’ve stopped by on this day, I wish you well! To all who are ailing, my hopes and prayers for a full, speedy recovery. Please stay safe by continuing to heed the following common sense, disease fighting advice…

[1] Practice good hygiene (scrub hands often at least 20 seconds), [2] Cover coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Social distancing (remain 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] avoid large crowds or (ideally) just stay at home and [6] if ill, self quarantine.







All Aboard the Train to Happiness! (Vid of the Day)


Howdy folks,

On our journey thru life, a happier train of thought is the way to go. There’s no better way to catch that train… that joyful buzz… than via some good-time music. This brief band bio will blog us onward…

“Rachelle Cordova, better known by the stage name Reina del Cid, is an American singer-songwriter and lead of the eponymous folk/rock band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.” [Read More HERE]

On this day, Ms. Cordova and bandmate Ms. Toni Lindgren will be performing the Hank Williams classic, Jambalaya.

Let’s hope they checked the train schedule prior to performing in this rather unique outdoor venue. That said…

All aboard the train to happiness!






Parmalee’s Performance: Par Excellence! (Sunday Song)

Fast Facts:

Program: Sunday Song Series
Episode: Week #50
Recording Artists: Parmalee
Selection Title: Sunday Morning
Genre: Country
Trivia: This is this Series’ 9th Sunday a.m. song title
Recommendation: Playback and unwind
Sunday Songs Archive: access @ site category “1-SundaySongSeries”
Invitation: Please return for another Sunday Song… seven days from now…



In Memory Of Gregg Allman


As stated on his official website… on Saturday, May 27, 2017, musician Gregg Allman, age 69, “passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia.”

In 1969, Gregg and (brother) Duane Allman, along with Dicky Betts, Berry Oakley, Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson and Butch Trucks had co-founded the Allman Brothers Band.

This ensemble’s unique sound had boasted a tasty blend of southern rock, blues, jazz and country music… the two main songwriters being G. Allman and Betts. And oh what amazing songs they had written! “Revival”, “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”, “Melissa” and “Midnight Rider” are just a few that instantly come to mind… that last listed tune featuring a lyrical sentiment, which every dedicated, touring musician can identify with…

“And the road goes on forever.”

Tragically, during the band’s early history, death had been no stranger to these men. Motorcycle accidents in 1971 and 1972 had claimed, respectively, the lives of both Gregg’s brother and Oakley.

Fast forwarding to the present, I spent the better part of yesterday, Sunday, giving a listen to the ABB’s considerable and durable discography, which could only confirm what I’ve known all along…

It matters not if you’re tracking through their toe tapping rock, a ballad of love lost or anything in between… these songs still sound as fresh and invigorating today as they had on their original release dates.

I also played back “Laid Back” Gregg’s 1973 solo album featuring the disc finale… his interpretation of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken?”… the 1907 Christian hymn originally penned by Ada R. Habershon and set to music by Charles H. Gabriel.

“Circle” having since lapsed into public domain, there has been no shortage of lyrical revisions… now inclusive of mine… which, of course is in memory of Gregg Allman…


Will The Circle Be Unbroken?


I was standing by my window,

On one cold and cloudy day.

When I saw that, hearse come rolling,

For to carry our brother away.


Chorus… Will the circle be unbroken?

By and by, Lord, by and by.

There’s a better, home a-waiting,

In the sky, Lord, in the sky.


I said to that undertaker,

Undertaker, please drive slow.

For this body, you are carrying.

Lord, I hate to see him go.




Oh, I followed, close behind him,

Tried to hold up, and be brave.

But I could not, hide my sorrow,

When they laid him in the grave.




I went back home, our world was lonesome,

Missed our brother, Gregg was gone.

Fans, friends, family, were all crying,

What a home so sad and lone.




We sang songs of, five past decades,

Rock and blues that made us strong.

Ones that brothers Gregg, Duane taught us,

Hear the angels sing along.


Chorus… Will the circle be unbroken

By and by, Lord, by and by.

There’s a better, home a-waiting,

In the sky, Lord, in the sky.


Perhaps our sorrow can lift just a bit? After all, in all likelihood, for Gregg Allman, “the road goes on forever” in the realm better known as eternity… he’s now reunited with loved ones and band mates who preceded him and… for we, who survive him… his vast, impressive body of work still lives on.

My outward bound, heartfelt condolences go to the family, friends and fans of Gregg Allman.