Watching Worrying Wondering


Watching the late summer sunset through the real world window
Ten nimble fingers commit black font phrases onto the white field
All is one mere copy and paste away from the launching platform
Notions, once liberated, attain light velocity all across the WWW.

Worrying overwhelms, knowing the misinformed, misguided sheeple
Pledge undeserved. unconditional allegiance to the surly absolutist
He’s their praise junkie hero; a zero who knows not, wrong from right
Trumps day with night, right with might; Tramples black with white.

Wondering, as fireflies, moon and stars strain through the darkness
How could anyone accept his diseased, decayed, devastated world?
As crossed forearms now cradle weary head, crickets sing a lullaby
Once dreams query reality, can a brilliant answer arrive with sunrise?



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Playing in the E Major Leagues

Shortly after awakening, I found myself greeting the dawn of the new day seated at the piano. In a Lennon / McCartney mood, my mini recital… performed before a backyard audience of birds and bunnies… began with All My Loving.

Unexpectedly… along about mid-piece… I began wandering off onto the musical road less traveled… i.e., by transitioning an excerpt from another E Major, Fab Four composition… and then another and another and another… at which point, I “brought it all home” by polishing off the All My Loving selection.

Medley Working Titles:
A 5-Movement Fab-4 Mini Symphony in E Major
The Beatles in E Major

Total Tracking / “Travel” Time:
5 minutes

Lennon / McCartney Compositions:
All My Loving
Nowhere Man
With a Little Help From My Friends
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Please Please Me

My Gratitude and Kudos to:
YouTube Piano Virtuoso Ryan(692)

Seeing how I had made this all come together so effortlessly, I began to suspect that my playing All My Loving just prior to last night’s golden slumbers had been of great help. It’s now my belief that… at some point during one of last night’s REM stages… I wound up experimenting with the juxtapositions of these five compositions… perhaps even playing out these abridged passages and perfecting their transition points on the keyboard of the subconscious mind.

Hence, my heightened belief in the positive power of creative dreaming.

While my own application of this phenomenon has been music-specific, there’s little doubt in my mind that what we all learn, while playing upon the REM field of dreams, can be applied, more generally, to many other areas of our lives.

“So long ago”, the late John Lennon, in his song, #9 Dream, lyrically posed two questions. Based on last night’s experience, I believe my answers to be valid…

“Was it in a dream?” My emphatic YES!
“Was it just a dream?” NOPE! There’s no such thing as “just a dream”!