Love and Letterman (Vid of the Holiday)

Darlene Love’s performance of Christmas, Baby Please Come Home became talk show host David Letterman’s holiday tradition (In the beginning, on his NBC Late Night and, later on, on his CBS Late Show). All in all, that tallied out at 28 out of his combined shows’ 33 year run… Watch Related Clip

Our above clip showcases Love’s grand finale on the Letterman stage… occurring mere days prior to Christmas 2014… mere months before Dave’s May 2015 retirement.

To have experienced this performance art… year in / year out… always afforded us a sense of continuity within our world gone nuts. It’s when we factor in how, year in / year out, humanity is still doing its damnedest to build boondoggle walls rather than blessed bridges between peoples… alas…

At the very least, this lack of progress oft elicits our long, exasperated group sigh.

Granted, we may not be able to, magically, put an end, overnight, to our global magnitude insanity / disunity… but… for the next 4:17, Love will be doing her best to be our guide… to get us to believe that there’s reason for hope.

And so… after a five year absence from the TV airwaves… if for no other reason than our catching that feel good buzz… it’s high time to revive and relive this Love / Letterman tradition…

To click that playback button will be tantamount to our virtually shouting from the Everest mountaintop…

Hey Darlene… Hey David… Encore! Encore! Encore!







Two MUST SEE Dress for Regress Videos!

Subtitle: Vid(s) of the Day

A few days ago, while chatting on the phone with my nonagenarian next-door neighbor, we soon discovered how we’ve both been ruminating re the sorry state of our homeland and world. More to the point…

We share the POV that the Trumpian / Dystopian cancer has been rearing its ugly head… indeed taking root… primarily because too many of our compatriots are absolutely clueless regarding what Real American Values actually are / what basic human decency truly involves. I could go into a litany of the particulars, but will reserve such a discussion for another blog… another day.

Anyway… after a few moments of silence… I realized we were both pretty much bummed out. So, to slightly lighten things up, I half joked that… considering our homeland’s plunge into Donny’s bottomless pit of ignorance (e.g., [1] his being all fired up on “clean” coal, [2] his flat-out refusal to respect time-honored scientific principles, etc.) it’d be wise for we, who debunk Donny… to… at the very least… visually fit in with his retrograde society’s motif.

And follks… most assuredly… I’m already on top of that! For starters, I’ve been letting my grey beard grow long and wild.¹ Indeed, I could already easily blend in amongst a gathering of Dark Ages men.

Hey, who knows? That, alone, could easily save my very life. Think about it. You never know when Nazi Donny will start rounding up the scientifically inclined folks, intern us in concentration camps, put us on trial for heresy and burn us all at the stake. Whew… now that’s what I’d call a witch-hunt! Yeah, yeah, I know I’m conflating the Dark Ages / Colonial / WW-II eras, but… that too… serves a purpose… namely… to point out that those who fail to learn from history, stupidly, repeat it!

Naturally, we, who hope to blend in, will also need to conform to a period-consistent dress code… so… to that end…

As a public service… and to further everyone’s assimilation into Donny’s Dark Ages… I’m providing the following two dress for regress videos… based on illustrations in the Luttrell Psalter

Ladies first…

As for the ploughmen…


¹ At present my beard measures out somewhere between retired CBS Late Show comedian David Letterman’s… but has not yet attained the ZZ Top range.



BlogCast: Tom’s Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas: Song 2

A holiday tradition can sometimes start where and when least expected.

Talk show host David Letterman certainly found that out. He presided over NBC’s Late Night from 1982 – 1993 and CBS’s Late Show from 1993 – 2015. From 1986 to 2014, he kept multiple millions of his loyal fans (inclusive of yours truly) tuning in, annually, to watch and be wowed by songstress Darlene Love… to hear her sing her heart out while performing the holiday classic, Christmas, Baby Please Come Home.

Letterman’s sidekick, music director and musical genius, Paul Shaffer, never ceased to top his previous years’ already superb musical scores… his efforts even further enhanced by stunning, festive decor, lighting and visual effects (e.g. simulated snowfall).

The lead video, above, features Love’s spectacular final Late Show performance in 2014.

I’m also including Love’s 2002 appearance for it has extra-special meaning to me. That year was my Mom’s last Christmas on Earth… the last time we had watched it together. Setting my sentimentality aside, this clip also provides us a really cool comparison of Shaffer’s scores.

For the real diehard Letterman fans I’m also including Love’s 1986 debut performance, as well. Sorry for the substandard audio quality but this clip is from a pre-digital TV era.

For those who would like to be wowed even further, check out the magnificent, post-production work of an editor, who mashed up several of Love’s performances.

Naturally, I’d never forget those of us who’ll enjoy ear witnessing the 1963, recording studio birth of this song.

A few days ago, my fave online news source, HuffPo, reported some great news! NBC Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon along with Anna Kendrick, Darlene Love & The Roots raised their voices in song… this very song… Christmas, Baby Please Come Home. With Letterman now in retirement, we can only hope Fallon’s talk show will become Love’s new venue… that she’ll be back for many more years to come. After all…

A (new) holiday tradition can sometimes start where and when least expected.


I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you back for the final installment of 2017’s Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas… where I’ll be presenting song #1 tomorrow… Christmas Day.


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all and to all a Good Night!


You’re also cordially invited to click back here for my regular monthly BlogCast… one that typically features anywhere from 3 to 5 songs that, when segued, transform everything into an appealing theme… this program slated to hit the www “airwaves” on Monday, January 1, 2018.

FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.

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My Letter To Letterman

Preface… David Letterman’s humorous, spontaneous talk show had brilliantly lit up America’s TV screens, spanning 2 networks and 1 score and 13 years. For the benefit of my international readers, followers and others who may be unfamiliar with his career… check out either the lengthy bio or brief synopsis below…

In the late 1970s, standup comedian Letterman got his big break by appearing on comic Johnny Carson’s, top rated Tonight Show. He would later become Carson’s guest host and on February 1, 1982, go on to debut his own talk show, Late Night. Following “King” Carson’s 1992 retirement, it only seemed natural that Dave would be heir apparent, but the NBC suits did not concur… instead, opting for host, Jay Leno. Consequently, on August 30, 1993, Letterman thumbed his nose at the NBC execs and launched his CBS program, Late Show, to compete, head to head, with Leno. Needless to say, Dave got the last laugh… indeed, generated millions of laughs all the way up to his final, farewell broadcast, which aired on May 20, 2015.

Unlike NBC, I had remained Letterman loyal, throughout, because I’ve always found his humor to be far funnier / less formulaic than Leno’s and I usually back folks who’ve been corporately shafted. Oh… there is one more reason, too…

There’s a remote chance that Letterman may’ve read some of my (hopefully) comedic writing, which I twice submitted to Late Show. With that in mind… I now submit…


My Letter To Letterman


Dear Mr. Letterman,

I’ve opted to go the social media / www route to let you know how you / your 6,028 broadcasts changed my life in a way, which  far, Far, FAR exceeded your entertaining me and keeping me laughing.

More to the point, it had been your ‘90s era monologues (loaded with Bill Clinton sex scandal jokes), which had heightened my political awareness and, thus, had inspired me to write multiple hundreds of similarly themed limericks. Since the volume of my poetry had grown to epic proportions, I decided to submit my manuscript to prospective publishers.

At that point, I got this wild notion. Since I had greatly valued and respected your keen comedic instincts (and still do), I just had to find out if I could get you and/or your comedy writers laughing. To that end, I decided to “test the waters” by submitting my best limerick to Late Show.

I had fully expected my verse to languish in the “slush pile” of eternal damnation and/or that I’d wind up being the recipient of a rejection letter. Well… imagine my astonishment when neither of those outcomes occurred. Instead, your writing staff sent me a letter requesting that I compose and submit three “Top Ten Lists”.

Experiencing a level of elation and inspiration, unlike any I had ever felt, I gave this writing project my all… finding it tough not to laugh aloud while watching my creative process materialize on my PC screen. Naturally, I also “sales pitched” my idea for a new Late Show segment, “The Letterman Limerick”. Upon signing the accompanying release form, I shipped everything off to you.

Shortly thereafter, I sent a follow up inquiry letter. But, instead of your next response appearing in my mailbox… my phone rang. I found myself talking to Late Show staffer, Lee H. Ellenberg. He confirmed I had correctly completed everything required of me and that my submission was securely on file.

Our conversation hadn’t lasted more than three minutes… but… those were, indeed, life-changing minutes!

Only after hanging up the phone did everything start to fully sink in. My writing had actually caused someone… in the employ of a big time network TV talk show… a program HQ’d in a major metropolis of our world… to drop all he was doing… just to talk to a totally unknown, aspiring comedy writer residing in “Smalltown”, Michigan.

Had circumstances in my life not necessitated prioritizing my urgent family matters first, I’d have booked the next flight out to NYC. Of course, since I hadn’t had the freedom to do so, nothing ever progressed beyond that.

But that does not alter the fact that your show’s phone call had been a validation of my work… caused me to believe in my writing abilities.

For that… I thank you, Mr. Letterman.

I also thank Mr. Ellenberg.

I’ll cherish this incredibly special moment in my life… for the rest of my life. On my last day… if I exit the world’s stage with a smile on my face, its likely cause will be my recollection of how, for a fleeting moment, our two worlds had merged.

While I certainly do miss and shall always miss your presence on the Ed Sullivan Theater’s Late Show stage / seeing you seated behind your talk show desk… while I wish there could be more of your jokes, Top Ten Lists, Celebrity Top Ten Lists, sketches and interviews, I can also dig how and why, (just like your friend and mentor, Johnny Carson), you had so wisely decided not to stay too long at the fair.

Thanks for the mega-laughs. Thanks for those memorable, contemplative and heartfelt moments, too, such as your 1st post 9/11 broadcast and tribute to Johnny Carson.

I wish you all the best life has to offer you and your loved ones… in all the years ahead.



PS ~ Enjoy this blast from the past clip… one featuring a musical collaboration between Doc Severinsen’s “Tonight Show Band” and Paul Shaffer’s “World’s Most Dangerous Band”