Sweet Dreams Are (Not) Made Of This


Upon awakening from a lifetime of recallable dreams, I’ve frequently mulled over the feasibility of online dream journaling. However, I’ve resisted making my slumbering nightlife an open book, mainly, because I’ve deemed my content, by and large, to be akin to a bedtime story; in other words, a real yawner. Uh, that is, up till this early a.m., when my R.E.M. sleep story seemed a bit more worthwhile and interweb interweave-able.

It all boils down to a specific dreams’ recursive, bothersome nature; of late, the bizarre manner in which my unconscious mind has been prioritizing a particular narrative; has become unduly fond of (unproductively?) sorting out my time served within a peculiar, particular gated community, a.k.a. Retail Hell (initially, as a sales rep; later on, as an entry level manager).

The, perhaps, unsolvable mystery, here, is why there’d even need to be a nocturnal rehashing of this epoch of my life; these dreams ARE playing out nearly 13 years following my injury-forced early retirement. Additionally, I’d hardly categorize more than 5 of those 30 work years as worthwhile and satisfying. Hence, my headline’s negation of the 1983 Annie Lennox / David A. Stewart’s song title, “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This”.

Possibly, it’s my having pissed away nearly forty-five percent of my entire life within that milieu, which would account for this phenomenon? Might there simply not be enough of my other life experiences to draw on? My gawd, it’d be bat crap pathetic, indeed, were my so-called career the only aspect that had ever defined me.

Getting down to the actual dream details, they are, at best, phantasmagorical; the slew of farcical / surreal workplace settings, facial flashes of both wretched and wonderful big bosses and fleeting glimpses of the revolving door co-workers who’d been treated just as shoddily as I. Other mystifying dream elements include my neither showing up for work nor completing my assigned tasks on time, utterly failing to carry out the most mundane of work routines and, in the process, completely mucking up everything; all of which, runs totally counter to the actual facts; corroborated by my rock solid, top-notch, annual job performance reviews.

As for “the why” to my experiencing these (worthless?) dreams, the only working theory I can dream up is how that bygone era of my work life had been a walk in the park; when compared to staggering thru today’s zombie apocalypse.

Such an assessment of tough times, doth summon forth the 1967, James Anthony Dean / Paul Riser / William Henry Witherspoon, R&B/Soul musical masterpiece, “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”: these songsmiths’ lead lyric, “As I walk this land with broken dreams” aptly setting the world stage.

Once juxtaposed, such a sentiment is totally relevant to the coronavirus pandemic, which has devastated, debilitated and decimated humanity; to a society sickened by the plague of racial inequality, police brutality, gun violence and mass shootings; to the delusional domestic terrorist sleeper cells, who await their collective alarm clock to go off; to trigger the unleashing of their deadly and destructive plots; all of which could, someday, trump Trump’s own, wide awake nightmare; his fortunately failed January 6th attempt to hack America to death.

Indeed, Sweet Dreams Are (Not) Made Of This.


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6 January 6th Haiku



Depraved devotees
defying democracy
dethrone decorum

Determined demons
declaring decrees deceased;

DeeCee delinquents;
deepening dementia’s
decaying debris

Derangement’s details;
deplorable demeanor;


Decry devotees’
detestable destruction;
defeat and depose

Demand decency!
Deliver deliverance!
Deprogram depraved!



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Multidimensional Message (Acrostic)


Fascist flattery junkie, craves his lunatic fringe
Undue praise, from fans, fills up that addict’s syringe
Craven butt kissers, smooch his rear region’s dinge
Kudos from his TV toadies; on them, too, he’ll binge

Tyrant torches Democracy; won’t settle for singe
Rouses rabble & rebels; makes the virtuous cringe
Unruly ruler’s brain cells, both unravel; unhinge
Moneyed, yet bankrupt, sums up his selfish stinge
Pain in everyone’s ass, far exceeds the slight twinge


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Coup Collusion?


How could it possibly be that, yesterday, militarized United States Capitol Police officers had underestimated bully Donald J. Trump; i.e., downplayed the soft on terrorism fake prez’s ability to radicalize and mobilize his private army of domestic terrorists? You know, to the point where they wound up storming, invading, occupying and trashing the Capitol Building.

Mind you, what follows is pure conjecture, but, the theory could hold water considering how, prior to all hell breaking loose, these cops had been hobnobbing with these very insurrectionists [Watch Video / Read More]

Might it be that, not unlike many other militarized police departments, nationwide, this could’ve all distilled down to political allegiance; namely, these cops being diehard Trumpers who deem Donny to be their savior; you know, Da Man who would make damned sure that NO police department ever gets de-funded?

Reminder I: De-funding, generally speaking, is more akin to diverting funds to payroll new-hire shrinks; the professionals who are better suited to deal with suspects experiencing emotional episodes / mental meltdowns. Hmm, one would think cops would rather deal, exclusively, with the criminal element.

To be sure, Donny doth fancy himself the Dictator lording over a brutal Police State; one where power-tripping cops are allowed… strike that… are highly encouraged to indiscriminately crack open skulls (with impunity). No doubt about it, at the very least, such a scenario would certainly afford bloodthirsty cops job security; not to mention sate any unfulfilled sadistic tendencies.

If so, this would mean that, yesterday, the Captiol Police had intentionally stepped aside to grant Trump’s terrorists inside access; i.e., in the “hopes” that Trump’s troops would muck up the counting of Electoral Votes; so much so that, officially speaking, Joe Biden’s victory would not be a done deal.

Additionally, IF such violence, death and destruction escalated, perhaps even nationwide, then Trump could easily justify declaring Martial Law and, voilà, his overthrow of America would be a done deal.

Reminder II: Fortunately, not all cops are that self-serving / corrupt.

Reminder III: Aside from the story’s facts, the rest is pure conjecture.

Reminder IV:

Stay Publicly Masked!
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Lumbering Off to Mar-a-Lago?


Donald J. Trump could still reach into his bag of dirty tricks, one last time, to defy the will of the majority of American voters, who ousted him at the ballot box. How would his machinations go down?

Well, for starters, he’d ratchet up his rabble rousing efforts; further inflame the preexisting, psychotic passions of millions of his minions; enraged cultists all, who are already protesting, on his behalf, against essential Liberty and Democracy.

Seeing how too damned many of Donny’s subversives are also itchy trigger fingered, armed to the teeth domestic terrorists, sooner than we could utter, “Civil War”, we’d be witness to its endless battlefield carnage.

At that juncture, Trump would simply sit back on his Fascist fanny and laugh his rump off. He’d feel enraptured, too; mainly because civil unrest, of that magnitude, would instantly afford him HIS perfect excuse to maintain his chokehold on power.

Via his declaration of Martial Law, he’d mothball the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and postpone, indefinitely, Inauguration Day.

But, would tyrant Trump really be getting the last laugh?

Would Joe Biden even need to take his Oath of Office at the U.S. Capitol building? Could he not be sworn in anywhere? It’s true! As a nine-year-young boy, right on my TV, I watched Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in aboard Air Force One; on 11/22/1963, the day of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Seems to me that Biden, too, could be sworn in, oh, say, right at his humble home. And, from that point onward, he could carry out his presidential duties, straight from the resolute desk within his den; oh, say, over Zoom?

If there’s one thing Donny’s DIY pandemic has taught us all, one’s workplaces can materialize wherever / whenever needed.

Of course, Commander-In-Chief Biden would need to cover all bases, too; e.g., order the troops to cut off Donny’s supply lines, electrical power and, most importantly of all, sever every last damned White House, communication link to the outside world.

It would not be a bad idea to leave Donny a furled white flag on the welcome mat, too.

After all, once depraved Donny is deprived of his flat screen TV, Twitter / Internet connection and steady diet of fattening fast food, he’d soon be waving the flag of surrender and wind up lumbering off to Mar-a-Lago.


Stay Publicly Masked!
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Political Expediency & NRA A+ Grades Trump Public Safety


Considering how 2019 has been averaging more than one incident of domestic terrorism per day… most recently in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH… it defies belief that the powers-that-be are doing nothing… absolutely nothing to rein in these reigns of terror. To date, their tough talk of restoring and keeping the peace has gone flaccid. Indeed, their promises made / promises broken record remains unbroken… and society remains broken.

Just how can that Oval Office Occupant and U.S. Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell even claim to represent the will of the people, when they whip their middle digits at…

• 60 percent of Americans, who favor stricter gun laws
• 97 percent of gun owners… gun owners mind you… who support universal background checks

• How is it that the National Rifle Association (NRA) always gets to call all the shots (oft literally)?
• What ever happened to representative government and majority rules?
• How the hell did we ever wind up with such a dysfunctional government?

Such present-day woes can be traced, in part, to two recent betrayals…

• The Electoral College dropouts failed to do their patriotic and Constitutional duty to prevent an amoral, autocratic, corrupt tycoon from getting sworn in on Inauguration Day 2017.

• The U.S. Senate remains loaded with right-wing extremists who shamelessly prioritize partisanship, political expediency and their NRA “A+” report cards over public safety. Compromised and co-opted, they, too, flat out refuse do their patriotic and Constitutional duty to remove the fake prez.

Ergo, here we stand by, helplessly, as we watch the unchecked, brown-shirted, white robed and white hooded ersatz prez galloping off on his high horse… going off an his rampaging racist crusade… sowing the seeds that can only sprout into a crop of unfit for human consumption hatred… i.e., the KKK and Nazi magnitude hatred that can only breed domestic terrorism.

So there he stoops… the soft on domestic terrorism “prez” who muddies the collective American conscience… who rips the heart and soul out of a once-upon-a-time great nation.

Election Day 2020 does seem to be America’s last chance to restore respectability and accountability to the Oval Office and U.S. Senate… but… seeing how an unregistered, un-American, “voter”… one Vladimir Putin… remains unchecked, too…






Bolj ko mešaš sranje, bolj smrdi!


We’ll need to take it on blind faith that my above headline… translation courtesy of the www… is spot on. You see… throughout my formative years, within my multilingual family, Slovenian was frequently heard but rarely seen.

Of course, I cannot attest to who had coined that headlined wisdom, but… whenever the circumstances had warranted it… my own mother did mutter these very words. BTW, were it possible, you’d now hear me chuckling. You see… indelibly imprinted upon my synapses is the image of Mom’s sly grin when… for the very first time… she had provided me with her Slovenian to English translation.

My having taken Mom’s message to heart is what made me a better, wiser man.

So long as we’re on the subject of street smarts, I’m sure that most would concur that there’s a glaring worldwide shortage of better, wiser men… in particular… in leadership roles. To e.g. that…

We find the ego-maniacal, whining, bellowing, spoiled rotten, orange hued, mangy haired man-child play-acting that he’s the prez. In that capacity… (more likely) in that incapacity…  he’s been making a spectacle of himself by rampaging up and down the re-election campaign trail. Per usual… his dumb as a stump, screechy, stump speeches have a primary goal… namely… to further rabble rouse / radicalize his pathetic, xenophobic base… one bristling with Klansmen, Nazis, gun nuts and domestic terrorists. To that end… AMERICA’S END… he’s been serving up his typical smorgasbord of all you can eat, supersized portions of dripping with blood, raw, red meat racism… HIS xenophobic screed incessantly trotting out HIS DEPLORABLE UN-AMERICAN 1 – 2 PUNCH!

To e.g. that… he plots to…

1. Shut down the U.S. / Mexico border
2. Cut off U.S. financial aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

In reality… the fake prez has nobody else to blame for more resolute, northbound asylum seekers than HIMSELF! Ironically, it’s his own hostile rhetoric which has attracted them. Their being painfully aware of the violence, oppression and squalor, which devastates their “lives” and of how…. minus U.S. monetary aid… that can only worsen… they’re merely attempting to enter America before their chances for success also worsen.

The unanswered question:

Can the fake prez even begin to grasp these most fundamental of human cause/effect responses?

If he cannot… he is imbecilic.
If he can… he is barbaric.

Either way, the unanswered follow-up questions:

1. How much further down the evolutionary ladder will the fake prez crawl?

2. Would he ever bark out “open fire” orders to his already deployed along the U.S. / Mexico border troops… command them to maim and murder innocent, asylum seeking mothers and fathers clutching their babies and toddlers?

The fake prez’s psychological profile already amply exposes his intolerance towards immigrants. To e.g. that…

1. His brutal policies have unforgivably traumatized babies, toddlers and youngsters by wresting them… screaming, wailing and sobbing… from their loving parents’ cradling / embracing arms.

2. His excessively militant patrols have inexcusably teargassed similar border crossing families.

This would now be as good a time as any to return to my blog headline… and translate it to English. You see… the fake prez is in desperate need of the same, sage advice I had learned from my mother…

Bolj ko mešaš sranje, bolj smrdi!

The more you stir up shit, the more it stinks!

And there is no better real life example of that stench than a deplorable so-called prez who provokes a potentially deadly border war for mere political gain… and to that end… needlessly inflicts separation anxiety upon youngsters… traumatic memories that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

To be sure… come Election Day 2020… America will remain in deep shit if our electorate remains nose blind to that Oval Office stench… so much so… that they wind up re-electing that bonehead and/or barbarian.




The Antithesis of Society ~ 1 Quick Limerick #075


How to thwart the mass murdering creatures?
The dolt prez sez he’d arm our schoolteachers!
The butchers? The bakers?
The candle stick makers?
And our Pope? Rabbis? Priests? Clerics? Preachers?

Limerick lines 3 and 4 ATTRIBUTION

The irony here…

• While… to the best of my knowledge… arming theologians is not yet part of the fake prez’s preposterous game plan, the operative word is YET. Yep, nothing enforces, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” better than a pistol packing Pope, right?  (←btw that’s sarcasm)

• The notion of fighting fire power with fire power is idiotic. A nearly 100% armed to the teeth society could not even act as a deterrent towards mass murderers… a.k.a. terrorists. Considering how these gun nuts oft are suicidal and depending on first responders… in this case vigilantes… to shoot them, this might even cause an upsurge in terrorist attacks.

• The number of incidents of innocent bystanders accidentally getting caught up in the daily, ubiquitous crossfire and expiring would be staggering.

• The resultant Wild West, bullets flying anarchy would be the antithesis of society.



November BlogCast ~ Moments of Silence


Time again for another of our monthly musical get-togethers. This time around the video selections will reflect a melancholy mood. That’s about the most one could expect considering the recent, mere week apart incidents of domestic terrorism. More specifically…

• An anti-Semitic domestic terrorist, armed with Glock .357 handguns and a Colt AR-15 rifle, went on a rampage at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue (my heartfelt hopes that the 6 wounded folks recover as much as is humanly / medically possible. My wholehearted condolences to the families and friends of the 11 who perished).

∗ The USPS became the unwitting deliverers of a mindless, hate-mongering domestic terrorist’s pipe bombs… approximately one dozen IEDs designed to intimidate anyone who does not mindlessly march in lockstep with the mindless, hate-mongering, fake prez. Fortunately… none of these devices exploded.

In both cases that alleged prez refuses to own the violence which his willful hate-mongering has spawned amongst his devotees.

Considering how 11 gunshot victims have been silenced and factoring in how there have been multiple attempts to silence the Freedom of Speech of the liberally minded… well… the following imagery enhanced, somber selections are quite apropos…


Ernesto Cortazar ~ Piano Cover of Beethoven’s “Silence”

The Fall of 2018? The Downfall of America?

Shakira Elizabeth ~ Flute Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”

“Silence like a Cancer grows!” We mustn’t let the rightwing media noise machine drown us out!

Luca Valenti’s Cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”

Never allow anyone to gag your mouth / silence your liberal views!


I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you to click back here for my next monthly BlogCast… slated to hit the www during the first week of December 2018.

FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.